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Having Trouble with Flat Back in PBS?

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  • Having Trouble with Flat Back in PBS?

    Having Trouble With Flat Back in PBS?

    06-19-2012, 12:07 PM

    I remember having troubles with this when I was bigger and my belly got in the way! Well, now that everything is smaller, I have a new problem--I am a bit hypermobile, so when Teresa says to arch buns to the ceiling, I am going too far the other way! I realized in January how I was letting my abs off the hook. So when I pull belly button to spine (not tuck--you can't tuck in the flat back position!), it ends up keeping me from hyperextending the back and causing backaches. I do remember working on this when I was bigger--it's hard to feel it's doing any good, but obviously it was as I got rid of my backaches for a long time until I got sloppy about form. Before, I think I was trying to focus on the tummy in general--I didn't really get the connection aspect until last January!

    Today, as I did PBS before HTF, I thought about how several trainers have talked about elongating the spine while in the flat back position. As if you were trying to reach your head to the opposite wall simply by elongating the spine--"lift ribs" in the horizontal position, if you will!

    As I was doing this and focusing, I realized that by concentrating on elongating the spine, my tummy automatically tightened a bit! Woo-Hoo! I love how we are so interconnected!

    If we can focus on form, we will get the max out of each and every move!

    Want just a bit more?!

    Be sure when you are all the way over in head rocks that you don't let the tummy go. Easy enough to do--especially with gravity working against us! You can still pull the belly button to spine, even when you're upside down!

    HTH someone today!

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    bevibrant Veteran Member

    • 06-19-2012, 12:47 PM

      Love it Trisch!!! I always cue people to pull in everything below belly button during head rocks--it's only then that they can activate on the pelvic floor enough to get the "tight butt" that so many people have trouble cool how the body is interconnected!!

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    • nanburr
      T-Tapper Member

      06-19-2012, 12:53 PM

      Interesting that you brought this up. I was thinking about it as I was taking my walk this morning, working on no ducks, lats engaged and shoulders in proper position, no big toe and KLT (as much as possible), tummy in, elongating the spine, and - how do you do no-kidney-bean at the same time you are have tummy in, ribs up, and are trying to take a slightly longer step while straightening the back "push-off" leg? T-Tapp is so comprehensive. It keeps getting harder. You get the tummy right, and the butt starts going out. You flatten your back, then realize your ribs aren't up enough. Aaaugh! Ideas?

      Oh, yeah, I try to do a modified "Donna Arms" move as I walk, too! (One arm at a time, though. I still remember your video!)


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      06-19-2012, 01:29 PM

      LOL Nancy! I totally understand the "get one end fixed, the other goes out" part!

      When you walk you won't be able to "tuck/curl" as much. It helps me to focus on belly button to spine and ribs up. By pulling your belly button UP and BACK to the spine, that helps lift things and get them tight, as well as protecting your back.

      Yes, it's tough to "turn off Teresa's voice" when I'm walking! And you're finding out why we don't need more more more--because as we get more activated and connected, it gets TOUGHER!


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    • Nancy replied:
    • 06-21-2012, 11:12 AM
    • Walking and self-talk

      A follow-up to the walking question: I just got back from today's walk (Thursday) a couple of days after this discussion. I included "belly button to spine" in my self-talk, and yes, it does seem to make some of the other points easier to hold onto. Notice I didn't say easier! It does seem that I have to keep readjusting every few steps. You know the way Teresa says "retuck, re-get-the-shoulders-back"... well, I'm re-everything-ing all the way down the street! I know I look ridiculous doing this, especially with the thumbs away, straight arms pumping backwards, etc! But better to look ridiculous while sweating away, and then look fabulous later!


      06-21-2012, 11:23 AM

      You got it, Nancy!

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