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    Originally posted by Cherissima 11/26/2004 : 12:07:11 PM

    For those of you that wear these, do you wear them in your workout shoes?

    Answered by Esther 11/26/2004 : 12:24:55 PM

    Nope! The KLT stance w/ no-big-toe (NBT) rehabs your feet. You do not need to wear orthodis w/ T-Tapp.

    I've lost 1/2 shoe size since T-Tapping. My arches kinda rebuilt themselves. HTH.

    Esther a/k/a Doova
    T-Tapp Trainer, Los Angeles, CA
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    Posted - 11/26/2004 : 12:40:33 PM
    I am hoping to accomplish a rebuild myself. But right now am in a lot of pain with and without the orthotics. Doctors look at my feet and shake their heads and give me a pitiful look. So therefore, I hope that I can manage the klt enough before the pain gets too bad, to accomplish this "miracle".
    Posted - 11/26/2004 : 3:14:51 PM
    I wear mine in my W/O shoes. I can say it makes it a little harder for me to feel KLT stance, but my feet & back are more comfortable for the time being.

    Posted - 11/26/2004 : 9:01:10 PM
    I initially wore them in my workout shoes, but later it didn't work for me unless I was needing rehabbed after some bad foot event. I initially started with the TTT and hoedowns on the website and they helped my feet (esp. KLT) I actually ordered the tape for BWO+
    I do not know what your specific problem is, but the weighted shoes have helped me (almost ALWAYS without orthotics) the weight functions almost like support, because it pulls the squished parts apart.
    Also from this link
    this quote from Teresa
    A. – When doing T-Tapp I suggest NOT wearing any insert in your foot. The movements and the KLT stance are designed to retrack the knee in correct position and to strengthen the muscles in the feet/ankles to hold correct alignment of foot muscles and bones.

    You can still wear the orthotics during the day....many however, have reported that they don't need them after doing t-tapp 3 - 4 months....each person is different.

    Do, however, omit the "drop lunges" for the first 30 days...concentrate on the side and front lunges getting the knee at least once inch past the little toe....tuck the butt and push the knee to little toe right before coming up against gravity...keep pushing and tucking all the way up, then tighten the thigh muscles at the top and return back down in klt position (do NOT relax muscles at top of lunges...unless you want bigger thigh muscles)....then on the front lunges, concentrate on it being an "up/down" motion with emphasis on the back foot staying in a straight line (common error is allowing it turn out at angle)...really lift the heel up as high as possible, then lower as you come down....don't forget to keep the front knee in klt position (one inch past little toe)....and then once you get some strength, tuck the buns as you come up against gravity and you'll really feel the difference! (Teresa Tapp)

    Peanut Butter
    Posted - 11/26/2004 : 9:55:33 PM
    Funny that you asked. I had to wear them in almost all my shoes. (knee surgeries, Q angle etc)

    I started out tapping using them but now I don't wear them at all in regular shoes or sneakers. I do still wear them in my hiking boots. Those are for the 12 to 16 mile hikes. I also switched to Skechers in July.

    So now I don't wear them and I don't feel as if I need them either (except for hiking). I love the freedom from the arches.

    Kirsten gave me the same advice about the lunges that junebug has from Teresa.

    Peanut Butter
    Posted - 11/27/2004 : 07:43:05 AM
    Thanks for the insight ladies. I will see how far I can go without the inserts. Unfortunately, I do not have any cushioning left in my ankles due to excessive overpronation and have bone grinding on bone. Hopefully, these movements will help to alleviate the pain that I have.
    runner girl
    Posted - 11/27/2004 : 5:01:09 PM
    I think it depends why you wear orthodics. I wear orthodics because I had reconstructive surgery on my big toe joints. My arches never hurt but I was told by my doctor that I trust that I need to wear my orthodics as much as possible to help keep my joint and tendons aligned otherwise I could end up needing surgery again. I have no problems keeping KLT and have had great results with T-Tapp.

    I also have the problem of building up scar tissue so I have been told whenever possible to really walk / run over the big toe joint to keep it moving.
    Posted - 11/27/2004 : 10:11:43 PM
    that's the problem I have with my right foot!
    Until T-tapp I was very limited as to what I could do.
    PS Cherissima is a beautiful screen name!

    Posted - 11/28/2004 : 07:49:43 AM
    Junebug, thanks for the compliment. My best friend gave me that nickname years ago. It goes where I go.