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"Beef" up your CRT brushing for a better buff!

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  • "Beef" up your CRT brushing for a better buff!

    Originally posted by Lani 06-02-2002, 02:36 AM

    This has been in Teresa's instructions, but I often notice when reviewing technique in class or in discussion with others, that this has been missed or perhaps just forgotten. This is a simple element to add, which when I implement I notice a marked difference in the feel and look from body brushing.

    This is the instruction to tighten the muscle isometrically beneath the area you are brushing. It increases blood flow to the area and gives a little more resistance to the brush. I particularly pay attention, for instance, to when brushing across the front ot the "pit", from bicep across edge of pectorals on the chest, to have the elbow bent, stretched open and back at chest level (as in pec press on plies) and TIGHTEN beneath as I brush from upper bicep and across into pecs.

    You can get creative with other areas, too. Sometimes for inner thigh I'll squat down (like the holding stretch we do on our feet after the floor portion of gymnastic stretch), tighten through inner thigh and brush from mid to high inner thigh in toward hip join. Fabulous!

    These tips are not necessary to get good benefit from brushing, and I believe Teresa even mentions them as something to try after you've mastered brushing basics, which I also recommend. But for the adventurous or those who might want to try another edge, give it a whirl and maybe you'll see some new changes!

    your brushing buddy!

    T-Tapp Teacher