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    Originally posted by brngckn 05-16-2007, 06:59 PM
    We are always told that to get results we should go to our “personal max” with each and every T-Tapp workout. But, what on earth does that mean?!
    Let’s start with the conventional approach. According to the Merriam Webster (online) Dictionary, “to the max” means to the greatest extent possible. So, it stands to reason that personal max means each individual going to the greatest extent possible.
    Applying this to our T-Tapp practice, it could mean:
    *Being fully present in your workout (no distractions, “in the zone,” immersed)
    *Paying attention to the “basic five” (toes straight under hip bones, bent knees, tucked tail, lats back and down and KLT)
    *Applying full fiber isometric activation
    *Utilizing your full range of motion (REACHing, EXTENDing, TUCKing, TURNing)
    *Pushing your form to the point of fatigue and failure
    *Challenging coordination and balance (thereby challenging “the core”)
    *Growing your personal max over the long-term
    *Giving yourself a well-deserved “Atta girl!” for moving your body
    Notice what is NOT included:
    *Completing all 8 repetitions of every T-Tapp move
    *Using someone else’s performance, personal characteristics, or results as a personal benchmark (You know those T-Shirts that say, “It’s all About Me”? Well, it is!)
    *Having perfect form (There’s no such thing!)
    Let’s take it a step further. What would happen if we lived each day of the rest of our lives to the greatest extent possible, opting for the best in everything? Of course, that’s going to mean something different for each of us. Sometimes, your personal max might be getting out of bed in the morning (and that’s ok, by the way). Or, it might be really enjoying a meal. I was on the telephone with my father a while back (Hi, Dad!). He and his wife had been out to dinner for his birthday to their favorite Italian restaurant. He said, it was, after all, the last 71st birthday he was going to have. He opted for the best! On very special days, your max means achieving something you once thought impossible.
    So, right now, this second, this minute, this day, is the last one exactly like this that you are going to have. What can you do with this time to the greatest extent possible? How will you opt for the best?
    Kirsten, Senior Trainer
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    05-17-2007, 12:39 AM
    Wow Kirsten, I wished I would have read your post this earlier this evening.

    I came home early fully intending to do my workout and for some reason, I just couldn't get it mentally together. I started with Instructional #1 and at Plies, I was just could not continue as you call it "fully present in my workout." I decided to give myself a "mental break" and with the understanding that I was going to do it later regardless of what time and how tired I was. It definitely was a mind game.

    I took a nap for about 30 minutes and did a few things when I realized that an hour and a half had elapsed. I put the Instructional #1 in and it was as though a switch turned on in my mind and I was finally "in the zone." I completed #1 went on to #2 did the stomach exercises from the DVD in the book (not sure what to call them) and finished with Awesome Legs!

    Now I feel great but exhausted. I'll give myself a little while to cool down and get to bed.

    Thanks for your insight. We need to be more in tune with our mind body connection.


    05-18-2007, 03:32 PM
    I just read your post and enjoyed it so much that I sent the link to my three children. I have used t-tapp off and on for years but have never really been "in the zone". I don't understand what happened in March but my body and mind are working harder than ever before. I enjoy working out now and have concentrated so much on my form. I started working out on March 27th and by 7th of May I had lost 20 pounds and 19 1/4 inches. My children had not seen me in that 6 week period and were amazed at the changes.

    The best part of all is that I am loving the workout now. I can't wait to start each day knowing that not only is it changing my physical apperance but that it is also changing the inside. My blood pressure is down, my cholesterol has not been checked yet but I'm sure at the end of the summer when I do have it tested that it will be down. I'm not having allergy problems and am also sleeping so much better at night.

    Many thanks for all that you do for us on the forums. I've never had a question that I couldn't ask and it was answered and advice given. (Thank you Michelle) I can't say thanks enough for Teresa and the trainers.

    05-18-2007, 08:55 PM
    ::woot, woot:: Applause! Excellent post Tuck! [:X]

    Michelle Barbuto - Senior T-Tapp Trainer

    05-19-2007, 06:22 PM
    Kirsten, thanks for the great post!

    Regina, you are speking my mind! Congrats on your fabulous results!

    I've also been on and off t-tapping for quite a long time but it seems that it is only now that I am in that zone which makes things change a great deal on the outside as well as on the inside. Long way to go but I am moving in the right direction.

    06-02-2007, 11:40 AM
    I have a question about my personal max and joining Habit Formers.

    I plan to buy the BWO+ soon. I KNOW that I will be unable to do the whole thing for a while. I just had a baby, and she was born after 17 weeks of bedrest. So, needless to say, my muscle strength and energy levels are shot. When I start t-tapping, I may be able to only do 1-2 reps of each move. While I do plan to work up to the whole thing, that would probably be my personal max. Would I still be able to join the Habit Formers, as long as I did the best I can at least 3 X's a week?

    I noticed that it says that your "personal max" does not include repeating all 8 reps of every move, and it does include growing it over time, which I plan to do, so it seems like I should qualify. It really would be a motivation to get started as soon as I can!


    06-02-2007, 01:52 PM
    I applaud all efforts toward good health. Therefore, anyone is welcome to join Habit Formers at any time and report their workouts. You would not accrue Habit Formers points, however, until you are completing workouts as defined for Track 1 or Track 2.

    Based on the fatigue and muscle weakness levels you described, the MORE workout might be a better fit for you at this time.

    Kirsten, Senior Trainer

    08-27-2007, 10:48 PM
    Great post Tuck! I don't know how I missed it the first time around!!!

    Cheryl Dodd, RN BSN

    08-28-2007, 11:26 AM
    So true~

    I love the thought that the first requirement is to be immersed. That's one thing that T-Tapp has done for me--there is so much to focus on that my mind can't wander. Exercise has always been a total bore before, and so far I haven't had that experience with T-Tapp. My kids don't understand why they can't chat with me while I exercise, but I simply cannot do this and think about something else. That's kind of a problem when hubby is leaving for work while I'm tapping and I want to focus on him for a second , but it definitely keeps the workout from becoming dullsville.


    08-30-2007, 05:40 AM
    Thanks Kristen,
    I just did what you said and wow yesterday workout was the best I have done so far.

    08-30-2007, 07:41 AM
    Great post. I did the Tempo Intermediate last night and since there are two extra reps per exercise, I take a moment around rep 4-5 to go really slow and check my form. Or, you can take a little more time at the very beginning to really tuck, klt, check lats and shoulders. Then you have better form and still get in 8 reps per exercise.

    Teresa's form tips at the end of the video are thoughtful too.


    09-26-2007, 03:20 PM
    Great topic, Kirsten! I find myself working to my max for a while, getting results, then "relaxing" a bit and results stall. I need to print this out and post it on the wall above my workout area!

    Barb, Colorado Trainer-in-Training

    10-08-2008, 11:48 AM
    Thanks for the bump. You've said some thing that are really clicking with me. I've gained 20 pounds in the last year and have been so defeated and unhappy with my body. When I reached my first T-Tapp plateau, I just gave up and started phoning my workouts in...if I did them at all.

    I'm rejuvinated...ready to go to my max...I'm tucking, looking in that mirror while I Tapp and trying my darnedest to engage my lats!


    03-01-2011, 03:39 PM
    Kirsten, you don't know me but I thank you many times over for this post! I have been T-Tapping for about a year, and only last week did I realize that my knees tend to un-bend. Since striving to keep knees bent, I have felt my inner thighs burn and tremble like never before, and I now manage just 4 reps in the plie sequence of BWO+. I consider this a "Eureka!" moment in my T-Tapp journey, and I look forward to many more!

    03-04-2011, 12:19 PM
    Hi! I've been lurking on here for quite a while, feeding off all the wonderful advice and positivity. But finding this post today has finally inspired me to speak up. I have been phoning it in for the past couple of months, convincing myself that my form was "just fine," and consequently experiencing lots of fat shift and muscles tightening, but no inch loss results. This week, I finally decided to take the advice of so many of you and go back to the Instructionals. Oh, my! It is amazing! I can barely get through Instructional 1! I start sweating halfway through PBS (and my thighs are burning, too, RuntheTapp) and don't stop. And that euphoric post-T-Tapp feeling I used to get is back. I'm so excited!

    So, a big thank you to all of you who share so regularly on the forums. I don't think I would still be on this t-tapp journey without you!


    03-04-2011, 03:28 PM
    Thanks for sharing, Siobhan. Now I don't feel so wimpy for feeling the burn so easily!

    03-10-2011, 09:32 PM
    It appears that kirsten wrote this a long time ago . . . . but I just discovered it and it is so powerful! It really helped me understand going to your max.


    03-12-2011, 04:33 PM
    And she's right, max is a different thing each and every day. I am just healing from a two week flu. I haven't had the flu for over 20 years and I've taken D3 religiously for over a year. I had one kind, recovered and came down with an entirely different one. I even had to cancel a class I was to attend last Saturday.

    I went over two weeks without a workout. I hated it, but I could barely lift one foot in front of the other.

    I started back in the routine with More and have done FMHTY twice. That first MORE was like starting all over again, but I did my best and my best got better then the next day it got even better. My best the first day back was mostly just keeping my big toe up and knees out!

    I can't wait until I have first workout that makes me melt into a bowl full of jello again. I think it may happen next week.