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    Originally posted by smiley1 02/19/2003 : 9:01:26 PM


    I have to know...what specifically does the move "the box" do for us? Is it just the OIP action? Why do we bend forward, to the side, and back? I think about this every time I do this move.


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    Posted - 02/19/2003 : 10:58:29 PM
    I'm no expert, and I don't know all the things it might do, but I do know that after several weeks of this move, I can really FEEL it in the muscles around my waist, and I would guess it contributes to the soreness I feel around my waist after a workout. I think it's one of those "waist-whittling" moves!

    T-Tapper with MS
    T-Tapping: Next Best Thing to a Cure
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 4:18:02 PM
    I would like to know what the box does too!

    Gina Taylor
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 4:57:57 PM
    When you're doing the box, you really have to tighten those butt muscles, and not only that... the abs!!! When done right, you should feel the sides of your abs stretch in a good way, working yourself to a slimmer waist! Really KLT and tuck tuck tuck.. that lower body should NOT move

    Happy tapping ladies!!

    Smile, it makes people wonder
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 8:03:09 PM
    Yep, Right on Gina,

    The stretching and strenthing of those muscles are slimming the waist line.

    Each bend to the side, and back is using your abdominals - NO MOMENTUM - really feel and use your muscles to move you from side to back to side and pulsing down.

    Concentate on your isometric contractions of your abdominal muscles during this movement and soon you will be aware of them doing the work.

    T-Tapp Trainer in Training - IOWA
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 11:12:01 PM
    Okay ladies, the purpose of "the box" is to recenter the spine. We just finished doing the reach scoops to align the upper back and the jazz pushes right? So we need to recenter the lower with knees bent deep, a KLT, and a tuck to keep a tight butt...we realign the lower back due to the isolation of the lower body.

    But wait there is more! We are also utilizing large muscle groups and isometrics so our heart rate is still up (good for the largest muscle in the body, the heart) so you are getting the cardiokinetic effect.

    But why stop there? Teresa wants to get our lymph system a workout as well, so the pulses pump the lymph, especially when we do the torque to the back to drain those armpit lymph nodes....but also in the groin with those pulses due to the tucked fanny and lower body isolation.

    Finally because of the lower body isolation you are strengthening the pelvic floor, which is why we put our organs in place first. AND we are strengthening and trimming the waistline by utilizing our transverse abdominus muscles while the lower body is isolated (tuck even harder!).

    T-Tapp Mommy Fitness Trainer
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 11:51:43 PM
    One of the best responses I've ever seen re the box, Stephanie. Just thought I'd add on some of the less important stuff.

    The box is strategically located to continue lowering the heartrate after plies in addition to all the good stuff Stephanie mentioned.

    Think about it. Any move where the arms are overhead is hard work and raises the heart rate. After plies, jazz twist is next with the arms lowered to shoulder level. Then comes the box with the hands at waist level. Finally, we add oil wells where the arms are below waist level. This particular sequence flows perfectly!

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor
    Posted - 02/20/2003 : 11:54:09 PM
    Hey, Stephanie, thanks, that sounds great! And to think the only thing that came into my mind was trimming the waistline!

    T-Tapper with MS
    T-Tapping: Next Best Thing to a Cure
    Posted - 02/22/2003 : 12:21:40 AM
    But why stop there? Teresa wants to get our lymph system a workout as well, so the pulses pump the lymph, especially when we do the torque to the back to drain those armpit lymph nodes....but also in the groin with those pulses due to the tucked fanny and lower body isolation.>>

    What I want to know, is how did Teresa figure all of this stuff out????? It is sooo amazing!

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      Posted - 02/22/2003 : 12:24:57 AM
      Yeah, you know, I was having EXACTLY that thought today as I was reading some of the posts. I was reading some of the form comments that the trainers had written thinking to myself, how did Teresa come up with this. Way too cool for me.

      "You are the master of your life, paint yourself beautiful."

      Posted - 02/22/2003 : 2:33:15 PM
      I would have loved to have been in the room with her when she was creating this workout. Did she say to herself: "Let's see, I think there should be certain basic form points that should be remembered at all times. Hm, tucking should be one of them..." I know, I'm being silly, I know that she did a lot of research and study and that there are REASONS for all the moves and stances.

      (But how did she do it? )

      T-Tapper with MS
      T-Tapping: Next Best Thing to a Cure
      Posted - 02/22/2003 : 6:12:46 PM
      Believe it or not she started because she wanted to find relief for the pain she had in her back. She tried different things and discovered KLT and it brought a lot of relief. Then she kept going. Her medical background and rehab. knowledge filled in a lot more.

      I hope everyone gets the chance to hear her story in is amazing and so inspirational.
      Posted - 02/23/2003 : 8:35:57 PM
      Thanks, Renee! Fascinating...

      T-Tapper with MS
      T-Tapping: Next Best Thing to a Cure
      Posted - 02/24/2003 : 09:13:57 AM
      She does this move so fast that I dont' get anything out of it. I'm st and this move and lawnmowers are two moves that I have a hard time with because I can't feel or understand what part of the body it is that I'm working. I'll try Stephanie's suggestion of really bending my knees and see if that works. I think I will pause the tape and do it my own speed, too, until I can feel it.

      Posted - 02/24/2003 : 4:39:13 PM
      les, I think it's a great idea to do the moves at your own speed. There are several moves that I do much slower than Teresa. I don't pause the tape, though... I do fewer reps! I don't think that has hurt me, though (doing fewer reps)--I have gotten results that please me very much. I do believe that it is more important to get the form right than to get in all the reps.

      T-Tapper with MS
      T-Tapping: Next Best Thing to a Cure
      Posted - 02/24/2003 : 5:33:18 PM
      Les, I'm also very ST, but doing the box and lawnmowers are 2 of my favorite moves.

      Try really tucking and doing KLT from your hips (not just your knees) and I think you'll find that when you bend your torso to the side and your at your max, you'll begin to feel those muscles above your waist. I know I must be getting somewhere with these moves, because I feel them so deeply when I do them. You may also want to make sure that your hips and shoulders both are squared to the front, and you're only bending from the waist up.

      Feel Those Buns Burn!
      Posted - 11/06/2003 : 9:21:29 PM

      I, too, hate this move. My frustration comes from a relatively new realization that my toes start to slip outward during the workout. Now that I've been made aware of this and try hard to keep my toes pointing forward, I CAN NOT balance well enough to do any good on this move. She goes so fast, I can't bend in any direction, and for some reason it annoys me to pause the tape. When you truly keep your feet hip distance apart, and you truly keep toes facing forward, and you're a short-torso, it's a true disaster in the making. I really didn't hate it so bad when I ignorantly allowed my toes to eek out in either direction a bit. I also don'd understand how anyone can put organs in place that fast, standing up. It all just goes way too fast on the tape. I certainly hear your frustration (as I'm sure you can hear mine!)

      angie miller
      Posted - 11/06/2003 : 9:47:09 PM

      Don't let it get you so frustrated! I am a very short torso, and I can do this move now without too much trouble. It has taken several months, but I can do it! It's not something that can be take your time, and it WILL become easier. I also have to not get my legs so far apart on the lunges, or plies or I totally loose the tuck. But I have learned not to get my legs out any farther than I can tuck, and that is where I need to be. Because Teresa isn't anything close to short torso, she can see our frustration, but she can't experience it....lucky her!! But she knows how to get us thru it and that is what makes this whole thing so darn special!! So don't give up, and don't think you will never do it, because you time.

      Posted - 11/08/2003 : 3:10:55 PM
      Hmmm...Maybe I am just carrying over from my ballet days here, or maybe it is from my days in physical therapy trying to rehabilitate my back, who knows, but I do get benefit from "the box" and I also am a VERY short torso. If I have an inch between my ribs and hips it's a lot, and that's when I am sitting or standing up as straight as I possibly can.

      When I do the box, in addition to the KLT and butt tuck, I also concentrate to contract my ab's (helps keep the tuck) and stretch my spine up up up while keeping my shoulders back and down. When I was in ballet, the teachers used to always use the metaphor of an elevator or a marionette along with the concept of "center of gravity".

      Think of your navel being somewhere around where your center of gravity is. Get your feet, hips, knees and shoulders all into alignment the T-Tapp way, then concentrate on contracting your ab's to keep the tuck and pull your center of gravity into the center of your body. Now, think of your body as an elevator shaft that your center of gravity will travel up. This should help to straighten and elongate the spine. The marionette reference they used to use was similar. If you were a marionette with a string running through your body and coming out the top of your head, think of what would happen if the puppet master pulled up on that string. what would happen if he let go a little and left you slack? You would be able to slouch down. To keep proper alignment, envision that puppet master always pulling your string up. I'm reading through what I just wrote and I have NO IDEA whether or not it will make sense to anyone else.

      My main point however, is that I think all of that while I am doing the box. When leaning to the sides, I remember my center of gravity is in the middle, I think to pull that UP while the rest of me leans over. It really helps to improve your balance. (It's how all those ballerina's are able to bend over when they are way up on their tippy toes!) And the leaning to the back also helps to stretch the extension of your lower back. For me this move helps take pressure off my nerves and stretch me out while at the same time I can feel my leg and torso muscles holding the contraction.

      Don't know if this will help anyone, but wanted to throw my two cents in there anyway.

      Posted - 11/08/2003 : 5:53:19 PM
      Jhaele, wow that IS helpful! I could feel it more in my abs after utilizing your description.
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