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What does a bootcamp do?

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  • What does a bootcamp do?

    Question Originally posted by QE3 04/13/2004 : 02:19:24 AM

    Why do a bootcamp? Is there some specific benefit of 4 plus days? I do a full workout 3 to 5 days a week but never in a row. I seem to miss a day here or there, am I missing out on better results?


    Answered by Lani 04/13/2004 : 08:37:07 AM

    The value of the boot camp lies in, primarily, the building of neuro-kinetic links that can take place when the brain-body pathway with form and isometric movements is continually reinforced and practiced in a telescoped period of time. It's like practicing anything; repeated focus without lots of time away from the task in between reinforces proficiency.

    During the course of a BC, you can feel this sense of mastery and the body working in concert growing each day. At retreats this is especially powerful, because usually you are doing more than one workout a day and you have such a focus of attention on the task without lots of distractions between sessions. This is one reason many people lose so many inches at retreats; their form is focused and the neuro-kinetic load barrier is broken. The typical "Day 3" is difficult not just because of the physical demand; the brain is asked to push beyond a complacency of sending messages at a certain level.

    When we meet in SD well be doing 2/3 of a BC so you can add a workout on a day before or after and you've got it!

    go QK8!

    Head T-Tapp Trainer