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Feet improvement w/ t-tapp?

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  • Feet improvement w/ t-tapp?

    Originally posted by Annette 12-11-2002, 10:22 PM

    There have been more than a couple of posts touting the benefits of Tapping and creating arches in once flatten feet; reducing shoe size; and overall strengthing of the feet - that (though somewhat embarrassing)I thought I'd share my experience.

    I suffered for years with corns on my little toes. They were so severe!! that an accidental bumping into something would send me double over with pain (no exageration here). I had been to several foot doctors over the years and they always blamed it on my choice of foot wear, which I know was not the case. I knew the reason I continued to get corns on my little toes was because they were practically turning side ways, which was making them rub on the sides of my shoes - I just didn't know why they were turning that way - Well, they now face straight up, just like they should and I 100% attribute it to T-Tapp creating proper alignment.

    We all know how T-Tapp re- a lines our bodies and teaches us to stay in alignment even when not working out(one of the VERY many benefits of T-Tapp) and I am happy to say that after Tapping for a length of time -- my BABY Toes have been CORN FREE for over a year now (scares are there, but the corns aren't)and I know it is because of T-Tapp realining by body, thus improving my gait and placing/distributing the weight of my body correctly over feet.

    In addition to the corns, I had also prior to Tapping periodically suffered tenderness, burning, (and yes the occasional bumping pain) of bunions to - NO MORE and again I attribute the 100 % to Tapping and keeping the body in alignment.

    Is there no END to what T-Tapp can do?!!!!

    T-Tapp Trainer in Training - IOWA

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    12-12-2002, 07:11 AM
    Hey Annette!! The building of arches in my feet were quite a surprise for me! Tapping has not only improved my overall health and fitness but in addition Tapping has built muscle around my hip.. I used to truthfully suffer a lot of sleepless nights due to pain.. in my hip and legs .. I had fallen several years ago.. and it left me with pain in my left hip.. it kept me from doing a lot of walking and other activities.. but Tapping has helped me in so many areas.. some very unexpected. The improvment in my arches was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise! Isn't Tapping great?


    12-12-2002, 08:42 AM
    Now I know I'm going to cry.

    I have very bad feet (no surprise to anyone who's ever read my posts..) and when I lay on my left side at night, my left hip goes numb, so I usually have to turn again within an hour or less. (even with Chiropractic care for many years..)

    Between the posts about the CS shoes and reading this thread, I am truly a basket case right now. Hearing improvement about not only this but other things throughout the threads (that I never thought was possible..) well, I'm just astounded.

    Thanks Teresa! You are the bomb.



    12-12-2002, 04:26 PM
    Wow Annette!
    I thought it was my imagination BUT: for years I have suffered from corns on the last two toes of each foot. Since t-tapping, but in the last few months especially, I have not had to use corn pads at all and my feet have become narrower. So it must be a matter of realignment.......Cool!