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    Originally posted by Cheryl Dodd Coale 04-08-2006, 02:46 PM
    Teresa posted something earlier this week that really hit home with me and I can’t get it out of my mind because it really rings so true with me and I think it is something that can be missed or misunderstood in the beginning when you are new to tapping. I pulled out the key sentences to me from Teresa’s original post that I wanted to elaborate on.

    T-Tapp is a progressive wellness workout. It takes time for everything to re-connect...that time frame varies from person to person.

    Everyone wants results it is, T-Tapp results seem too good to be true.....BUT less IS MORE with T-Tapp because of how you work your muscles.

    A person cannot just "go through the motions" of takes focus and concentration to maintain isometric contractions at same time of doing each of the exercises with all the other T-Tapp techniques and in sequence.

    T-Tapp is a progressive wellness workout. It takes time for everything to re-connect...that time frame varies from person to person.

    I believe that most people struggle with this one at various times. Why is that person having success and not me? How come they are losing inches so fast and I have to fight to lose one inch or 4 inches etc. etc. You get the idea.

    It is a progression and it does take time to re-connect. T-Tapp helps to re-build from the inside out and depending on how much work needs re-built on the inside will effect how quickly you will “see” visible results on the outside. This starts will re-connecting and re-building the neuro-kinetic flow in the body.

    Neuro-kinetic flow - Neuro means neurological "nerve transmission from the brain" Kinetic comes from the kinesiology - "the study of muscle movement and deals with fiber function". Neuro kinetic flow is the pattern of nerve transmission from the brain through the spine to the extremities. With any muscle movement, our brain gives the initial signal for nerve transmission to stimulate the muscle fibers to contract. Contraction of muscle fibers allows the muscles to move the bone as desired. Our spinal cord is the primary vessel for all nerve transmission. With time the natural aging results with less muscle mass and strength and the skeletal structure start to shift - especially in the hips, knees and shoulder joints. You'll notice that most women stand with the weight on one leg into their hip or cross their legs or we cradle the phone between or head and shoulder and our spine gets us all kinked up. So in addition to tense muscles, when our vertebrae are not in alignment our spinal cord can become compressed and decrease of stimulus can occur (neurokinetic flow). It is common sense then if there is a decrease in flow of nerve stimulation to the muscle fibers the less glucose/glycogen will be used with involuntary muscle movement and then less fat will burn with active muscle movement. So when neuro kinetic flow isn't clear it is sort of like watering a flower garden with a kinked hose, it will get watered it will just take longer. Same principal applies our spinal cord or our core. When neuro kinetic flow is clear more muscle mass receives stimulation so more glucose/glycogen/fat is burned even at rest. Resting glucose utilization rate is a big part of the success to weight loss management. Full neuro kinetic flow enables the body to have higher glucose usage at rest. How do you open neurokinetic flow, with Primary Back Stretch which stretches the spinal column into correct anatomical alignment and will burn off any excess stored glucose. In fact they did a study on Teresa at Cooper Aerobics clinic in Dallas where Teresa was connected to monitors, etc. and the results were astonishing, in the first 7 minutes of the workout her glucose reserves were expended, in the first 12 minutes she was in fat burning and had met 90% of her target heart rate and sustained it throughout the workout. Basic aerobic exercise generally takes 20 minutes before you start burning any stored fat, with T-Tapp and Primary Back Stretch you will start to burn fat

    Cheryl Dodd Coale BSN, RN, CCRN, FCCS
    T-Tapp Trainer, Maryland

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    05-22-2006, 12:31 AM
    Cheryl, thank you for taking the time to so eloquently explain why I need to be more PATIENT. I've been t-tapping for almost two months now, and have lost exactly ZERO inches. It's hard to stay motivated, and it's hard to stick with it when I have very little to show for my efforts. But, I suspect that I haven't been truly engaged in the workout, and I'm positive that I haven't been tucking my butt like I'm supposed to. So I will redouble my efforts, try harder, and TUCK HARDER.

    06-02-2006, 08:26 PM
    Wow. Thank you!

    This morning I was thinking about t-tapp. I have had my best results after a time of frustration. When I went from a full work out to the basics and worked myself slowly back to a full work out again. I am in that process building again. It is frustrating to know it works but it is not SEEMING to be work for you.

    Thank you for you very elegant words of wisdom.



    08-11-2006, 12:42 PM
    Yes, thanks Cher Cher. It's so true though. I remember when I first started tapping I wanted results NOW! It didn't happen that way though. The results were gradual. Not just inch and dress size loss, but just the way my whole body looked, the way I carried myself, the lymph drainage in my glands in my neck, no more pain in my knees going up the stairs. It truly is a wellness program. Since I've started back tapping (since beginning of July) it's been a wonderful journey. I haven't lost any inches but I know it's working. I look different and feel different. Even if I didn't lose any inches I would still tapp because it's just what Teresa said it's a wellness program.

    Melanie Truesdale

    07-05-2008, 02:39 PM
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for bumping this post. This is what I needed to hear. I've been tapping for just over a month. A friend of mine lost nearly 10 inches after boot camp and I've struggled for every inch I've lost, modified my diet..blah, blah, blah. It's good to hear that I'm not alone.

    I *have* noticed that I feel better, my hormones are in better balance, my sugar cravings are gone and my muscles are becoming more defined. In helping my husband work through Instructional #1 I learned some ways to improve my form.

    It's good to remember that this is a process and that dedication will pay off one way or another. Thanks for the encouragement!