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  • The progression of T-Tapp

    Originally posted by Cheryl Dodd Coale 09-10-2006, 09:19 PM
    ItÂ’s important that you donÂ’t skimp on the basics in order to build a STRONG foundation of T-Tapp basics before you move on to more advanced workouts.

    There is a reason for EVERYTHING when it comes to T-Tapp. The sequence is important. Teresa believes in utilizing comprehensive muscle movements that fatigue not only the large muscles that like to do ALL of the work but ALSO the small muscles that typically donÂ’t get utilized in traditional exercise. Layer by layer the muscles are fatigued.

    So what does this mean - - the use of more muscles at the same time means more inch loss, more muscle strength and more cinching in of the natural girdles that exist in the body which results in more inch loss.

    T-Tapp works by first rebuilding the internal functions of the body – better assimilation, better digestion, better removal of toxins, hormone regulation, blood glucose regulation, increase in metabolism, and my favorite neuro-kinetic flow. Inch loss is a bonus. Tappers have reported:
    • better feelings of well being,
    • increased metabolism,
    • increased energy,
    • increase in using the bathroom,
    • better regulation of menstrual cycle
    • decrease in mood swings,
    • decrease in depression,
    • reduction of painful periods,
    • reduction of chronic pain
    • reduction of PMS symptoms,
    • rehabilitation of weak back, shoulder, wrist, arm, knees etc.
    • regulation of blood glucose levels

    Neuro-kinetic flow is when the body is in natural linear alignment which allows the neurons to open up “channels” from the brain to the extremities. It un-kinks the body just like when you un-kink the garden hose. This is when you feel the heat or the tingles down your arms or legs or an extra wave of sweat just pour off of the body.

    T-Tapp is efficient because it incorporates strength training by way of maximizing the body’s own resistance to fully engage and incorporate isometric contractions to fully pull on all of the muscle insertions which help to develop those lovely long lean muscles we all adore. T-Tapp incorporates stretching as we move through the workout to not only pump out the toxins that have been pushed out into the lymph system but in addition helps pull the lactic acid out of our body (via the lymph system) so that we get that “ah, I worked out hard feeling” without that “I can’t move for 4 days” feeling because my muscles are so full of lactic acid.

    T-Tapp is a progression. There is no music so that you can fully engage your MIND in the workout. It is truly a mind-body workout. You need to think what Teresa says on the workout and repeat it in your mind so that your brain can signal the muscles to respond accordingly.

    The pace of the instructional workouts is slow for a purpose. In the beginning you have so much to think about - - getting your body contorted in the right position and then Teresa wants you to move HOW????

    First, you try and copy what you see Teresa doing and then you can work on your T-Tapp stance and as you get stronger you work on a little deeper knee bend which allows for a deeper and better butt tuck - -this is why you never need more than the Total Workout and you never need more than 8 reps. Your personal max changes every day and that how the workout continues to challenge the veteran tappers.

    Now that you have “copying” Teresa down - - you need to work on your T-Tapp stance
    Toes forward hip width
    Knees bent until you canÂ’t see your toes
    Butt tucked
    Belly button to spine, Abs engaged
    Ribs lifted (stretch your rib to hip)
    Chest lifted (yep, ta-tas out)
    Shoulders rolled back and down (yep, that pencil is between your shoulder blades)
    Lock those lats into place and squeeze them tight
    Now aim Knees to little toe (KLT)

    As you move from rep 1 to rep 4 - - are your toes still forward, knees still bent and butt tucked, etc. These are all things to check as you move through those reps. Reset as needed. Pause the workout and get that form correct. Mirrors are great tools to help with this. Check your alignment - - no one else can whi

    Cheryl Dodd Coale BSN, RN, CCRN, FCCS
    T-Tapp Trainer, Maryland
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    Lori French
    09-11-2006, 12:02 AM
    Great post! woo Hoo, Cheryl!

    Just because you've *owned* the instructionals for a while or done them in the past does NOT mean you don't need them! Greatest inch loss seems to be achieved from doing the instructionals. Especially if you've been away from them awhile, whether you've been away from T-Tapp or just haven't revisited them in awhile They get lonely, revisit them often


    09-11-2006, 12:03 AM
    Thanks - this is just what I needed. I'm just getting started and it is so easy to want to jump ahead of myself.

    Lori French

    09-11-2006, 12:15 AM
    quote: They get lonely, revisit them often
    Hey, it's the truth, how about a little compassion around here???


    09-11-2006, 05:52 AM
    Ya, the progression is so hard, I used to be able to do Beg/Rehab and think it was easy, so I moved to Tempo Intermediate. Now I cant make it through Tempo Intermediate and am back to Beg/Rehab and it just kills me. Pretty soon Beg/Rehab will get so hard I'll have to go to MORE.

    Seriously though, SATI got my heartrate up to 170 yesterday. When I first started doing SATI my heartrate only got up to 120. I'm also feeling it in my lower abs now during the plie sequence. How wonderful is that.

    09-11-2006, 06:21 AM
    Wow, thank you for all of that good info and those reminders! I am one that has a hard time getting through even the MORE instructionals and was embarrassed about it, thinking I'm just an uncoordinated dork, but I will try to remember that every bit of training counts over time.

    Your post reminded me of something funny/odd. I once saw someone refer to TTapp as -- wait for it -- way too boring. I know that people have different preferences and all, but bored!? How anyone could possibly find time or energy to be BORED with TTapp while actually doing it is beyond me, lol. I barely found time to breathe or remember my own name during the instructionals, they require so much concentration and involvement! I guess the lesson is that if you're finding yourself making a mental grocery list or noticing dust on the tv, you need to try harder![ ] Something I will keep in mind as I start this new journey...

    Thanks again, Cheryl.



    09-11-2006, 03:52 PM
    Great post Cheryl! I'm on of those "impatient" people...can't wait to try the next hardest thing. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the PROGRESSION. to get out Inst. #1 for 5 days of refreshing

    Renee-mama to 6 little lambs

    09-11-2006, 10:39 PM
    Cheryl, I've just ordered the TWO for 5 friends. With your permission I am giving each one of them a printed no nonsense "T-Tapp guide" by Cheryl, along with ther DVD's. This should be required reading! Thank you so much for putting it so succinctly, your post has been as informative for me (an old hat) as it will be for newbies!


    09-11-2006, 10:44 PM
    Sonja - - Wow! - you ordered TWO for 5 of your friends?? They are lucky to have YOU and that you shared T-Tapp with them!

    Yes, you certainly may share this thread with them and you certainly don't need my permission. I'm just so glad that my words resonated with you! [:I][:I]

    Cheryl Dodd

    Lori French

    09-11-2006, 10:49 PM
    Man, Sonja, I'm sure you have no ulterior motives, as I would, but you'll be having your own personal T-Tapp buddy any day of the week! Way to go!



    09-12-2006, 02:00 AM
    (((loud applause))) Bravo, Cheryl, Bravo!!! [:X] It's post like this that help keep me tapping... of course after my (eh-hem) brief hiatus I'll obviously be revisiting my instructionals starting tomorrow. Thanks again for a brilliant post.


    03-08-2007, 11:13 PM
    And thank you, thank you, thank you for doing so.

    While my figure is improving, my inches aren't budging, and I think I've been trying to move too fast. No reason I can't go back to the instructionals and focus, right? After all, TWO has gotten progressively more difficult as I've emphasized my form, so slowing it down might not be a bad idea.

    Now, question: how often can you do the instructionals? Would 1/2/1/2 (etc) back-to-back be too much?

    Thanks in advance!


    03-08-2007, 11:18 PM
    Allison -

    No time like the present to go back to your instructionals. They are truly your "best friend". The stronger your "basics" are the better your T-Tapp workouts will be

    You would want to use the instructionals in an EOD (every other day) pattern unless you are doing a bootcamp.

    You need to wait at least 4-6 weeks after a bootcamp before attempting another one.

    Also if you are looking for more info on this subject of progression. I added another thread which elaborated even more on this subject click here for more info.

    Cheryl Dodd

    04-08-2007, 08:02 PM
    Ohhhhhh my goodness

    My muscles are catching up with my brain finally, plus I can see I've gained greater flexibility which from Cher’s wisdom, equals “Muscles that are TIGHT, ENGAGED, QUIVERING from exertion - - these are the ones that will slim, trim, tone, tighten, and lift.” Kirsten even had my hiney (yes, literally my arse), quivering yesterday in her class yesterday.

    ItÂ’s pretty darn exciting as an advanced T-Tapper to see such a huge spurt in flexibility and neurokenetic flow all at once, but IÂ’m sooo sore today after a week of what feels like a huge growth spurt in progression. I hope a huge spurt in inch loss follows, hehe.



    05-28-2007, 06:02 PM
    Way to Go Kate!!!! Glad you are seeing a difference!!

    quote:Muscles that are TIGHT, ENGAGED, QUIVERING from exertion - - these are the ones that will slim, trim, tone, tighten, and lift.”
    Cheryl Dodd


    06-05-2007, 05:42 PM
    PRICESLESS Words of Advice. Thanks for the help. I learn something new every day! This is one of the best!
    Muscles that are TIGHT, ENGAGED, QUIVERING from exertion - - these are the ones that will slim, trim, tone, tighten, and lift


    06-05-2007, 09:19 PM
    Just this morning, I realized how much I wasn't engaging everything!! Being a combo leaning towards short torso doesn't help! [ ]

    Thank you for this, Cheryl!



    06-06-2007, 12:58 PM
    Okay, Cheryl!!!

    This morning I did SATI and thought of all you shared...BOY! Did I FEEL it!!! [:0] I could work on form until adding the cardio portions!!! Then....oops! There goes the "tuck", or oh, no! I'm not straightening my knees! Ack! There goes that tuck again! [ ]

    I really did appreciate everything you shared--I could feel it in my abs and thighs, especially! Hopefully I'll see more fat burning!!!

    Bumping this up for more to see!



    06-06-2007, 01:44 PM
    Glad my post helped you. Keep working on it and you'll be amazed at how much you progress with T-Tapp!!!

    YOU can do it!

    Cheryl Dodd
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