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Kiona's Korner - Slow Loser Guide #8 with LOTS of SH09 notes!

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  • Kiona's Korner - Slow Loser Guide #8 with LOTS of SH09 notes!

    Originally posted by Kiona 10-21-2009, 08:02 PM

    In my continuing commitment to be providing my notes to everyone as I move along with things here back at home. I did my regular newsletter this week and have included the article here. A little back ground the end of 2008 I promised my local students, many who were sturggling to lose at the rate they wanted, that I would do a SLOW LOSER GUIDE in January's newsletter. Well when I sat down to write it and actually put ALL my thoughts together on my VAST knowlege on this topic gathered over 7 years of being a slow loser myself and working with others AND my health care practitioners I realized that ONE arctile would take me about 8 hours to write and everyone ELSE 3 hours to read! So I made it a series, this installment is #8 of the series, but it was SO appropriately timed after the retreat because it was ABOUT this very without further DELAY....

    Slow Loser Guide Tip #8 - Control Inflammation to Cinch it all IN!

    This year at the Safety Harbor Retreat we learned a LOT about inflammation. As Teresa begins to develop the Senior Fit program with T-Tapp, she has become even more focused on inflammation responses within the workout and how we can prevent it while we are working out as well as additional support for inflammation we can use. I definitely think that this approach made ALL the difference in my HUGE 21" loss over the retreat because I was far less swollen by the end.

    First a technical look at the Inflammatory Response as explained by Jim Lofthouse at the retreat. I took a LOT of notes on this subject in an attempt to better understand it all, and I THINK I have a good grasp but if things look amiss, please don't hesitate to send me feedback for corrections, I'm sure our doctors, homeopaths and others had whole CLASSES in this, I got about 3 hours of lecture so here goes! First off, any inflammatory responses or illnesses are directly related to the immune system. This is because it is that system that actually responds to everything that the body takes in. The immune system attaches anti-bodies to any damaging foreign objects and that begins the inflammatory cascade. It starts with anti-bodies that attach to the object so that they can be "found" in the body and ushered out. The anti-bodies then require directions out of the body and more current research is showing that cytokines such as fibrin are mainly responsible for this movement. Some will bind and create a mesh for formation of scars and clots, but not all. Fibrin is one of the most plentiful substances in the entire body and is recycled near the end of the immune response. A substance abbreviated as A2M (or similar compound) then collects the fibrin so that it can be ushered into the leukocytes and ultimately the white blood cells. These are collected by the lymph system and eliminated from the body through movement such as T-Tapp exercises. However, if the A2M is not present in the body in high enough amounts then the fibrin can't be collected and it begins to perpetuation inflammation responses. Prolonged inflammation, known as chronic inflammation, leads to a progressive shift in the type of cells which are present at the site of inflammation and is characterized by simultaneous destruction and healing of the tissue from the inflammatory process. An every day occurrence of this that many of us are familiar with this time of year is allergies which is usually inflammation of the lungs or nose and throat. Enzymes to help the body produce A2M are very helpful for inflammation responses because if the body is lacking A2M it will form scar tissue. You want a general enzyme known as Protolytic Enzymes because they act within the entire body instead of JUST Digestive tract which is where we are often most familiar with enzyme use. Products such as InflammenZ, Rotozyme, Zymogen and Wobezyme are all great support for this system. There has been extensive research done on muscle inflammation and relationship to training responses and how muscles heal. So you can see this would be VERY important to have under control. Make sure to check with a professional for the correct and appropriate enzyme for you. And note that after the ages of 40-45 your circulating A2M reduces by as much as 50% so that support can be very necessary. Make sure to take your protolytic enzymes on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

    In addition to enzyme support now that we understand the inflammation cascade we see that the ultimate end of it is into the LYMPH system so our T-Tapp moves will make a HUGE difference in reducing inflammation. We also tweaked a LOT of our form this year to reduce or eliminate the beginning of the cascade which can be caused by OVER pressing, pulling, stretching or straining our muscles in our attempts to get MORE out of MORE. Remember it's LESS is MORE with T-Tapp, a difficult lesson for us "Type A T-Tappers" to learn I assure you! Some tips I wrote down at the retreat in NO particular order include:
    1. Pulling the thumbs away instead of making fists or pinching fingers on any number of moves.
    2. Relaxing NBT during the Balance Sequence and also pushing the palm away instead of thumb back on balance which is great for inflammation around the wrists. I have been using it, with the addition of a curl of the tips of the fingers to help my carpal tunnel for years!
    3. After arms sequence, instead of doing the clap-pull-clap-behind, do a sequence of clap-pull thumbs back to increase to clap in front-clap behind and finally ending with clap in front and keep palms open to the side and just swing back so the backs of the hands are facing. This is not only fun, but also moves a lot of lymph!
    4. Keep your "W" in Plies WIDE, too close to the body increases inflammation.
    5. On T-Tapp Twist, instead of pushing the hands together, push the fingers into the last knuckles of the lower hand in the direction of the first two pulses of the move.
    6. Don't push the knees WAY past the little toes, this causes inflammation. Instead work on the next levels of the stance by twisting out at the hip joint opening the legs more at an angle and press ball joint, pulling up big toe to track knee back over the foot and still keep all leg muscles active.
    7. And of course Hoe Downs are anti-inflammatory because they move so much lymph, but make sure to keep it to a reasonable number of sets, because I can tell you that 55 is DEFINITELY NOT anti-inflammatory for the hip flexors! And for variety you can also do the Step-Lift-Step-Together Sequence.

    Remember to support elimination in the body with lots of water especially after a detoxing workout. The water will help the body drain inflammation before it can settle back into the Lymph nodes. And remember that what you eat can also have a big effect on inflammation. A and AB blood types are particularly sensitive to over acidic conditions that can cause inflammation. Some anti-inflammatory foods that Mary Schoman suggested during her talk included avocados, fish and olive oil.

    So get out there, work with your body, it's enzymes, your food AND your workout to reduce inflammation and watch those inches MELT!

    Happy Tapping!

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    10-22-2009, 07:07 AM

    Great Kiona! thank you! could you please clarify #5 ? Not quite sure I'm understanding that one esp since I've always wondered if we are supposed to switch which hand is on top or bottom depending on which side we are twisting to. I've always switched but never coudl quite tell if T was alternating which hand was on top/bottom


    10-22-2009, 07:21 AM

    Wow, great post, Kiona!

    I measured Kiona at the retreat and was absolutely AMAZED at her inch loss. Believe me, I'm experienced at measuring and she is experienced at being measured, so it was true inch loss.

    The woman understands muscle activation and the tweaks to relieve inflammation, so get thee to her classes!!

    **Charlotte Siems**

    10-23-2009, 10:14 AM

    Thanks SO much for the encouragement of everyone Charlotte!

    I am SO glad everyone is enjoying my information! Please share and I know it's taken me long enough to get my act together and share with everyone the info that's been in my newsletters for YEARS! Such a blonde that I hadn't thought of it sooner!

    And Lucy...For #5 You ONLY switch which hand is on TOP when you change which side you are twisting to FIRST. SO if you start the move doing the 2 pulses to your LEFT side then the RIGHT hand is on top. Pulse Left for 2, then come all the way around to the right and roll down, the right hand will still be on top for the roll down-roll up portion. The nice thing is you can USE the left hand for leverage if you WANT to on this side. Wrap your RIGHT thumb over top and around the pinky finger outside of the left hand and you can pull your shoulders around more. THEN when you have done Pull the Weeds and are then pulsing RIGHT first, put your LEFT hand on top and repeat.

    The only time you would switch which hand is over top DURING the move is in the MORE workout where you don't roll down and up and you stop in the middle before switching sides anyway.

    Hope that makes sense!