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Kiona's Korner of Retreat 2009 Notes - Oil Wells

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  • Kiona's Korner of Retreat 2009 Notes - Oil Wells

    Originally posted by Kiona 11-03-2009, 04:06 PM

    I know, I'm a bit's HARD to believe it has been a MONTH since the retreat already! But this is actually really great for ME, because each time I re-read my notes to put together something logical for the discussions, I am reminded of like 3 things I WASN'T doing to incorporate them into my workouts and continue getting results. So this week it's Oil Wells, Read on and ENJOY!

    Notes from Safety Harbor on Oil Wells and What I've Learned SINCE!

    It seems like this would be an ODD move to start with from my notes from the retreat a month ago, however, I have sprinkled things in as I have gone along on lots of moves. But the real reason I am starting here is because I think I have learned the most about this move not just at the retreat itself but since coming home and working with students on it to get BIG results. My notes from the retreat are actually relatively short. The biggest change that Teresa added for this move during execution was to wrap the thumbs together and pull back slightly on them, while pressing the index fingers together. This tip is really awesome because you do feel additional muscle activation with less inflammation from the spine to the finger tips during the entire more. The other note that I have is during the spinal roll up that you keep the thumbs pulling and fingers pressing until you reach about the belly button, then flip the fingers over each other, pressing the fingers into each other, but keep the pull at the thumbs. During the arm pumps over the head keep the pull of the thumbs away keeping the hands close to the head, do 4 pumps over the head hand over hand, then keeping the tension in the thumbs, reverse the hand over hand position of the remaining fingers and repeat 4 more pumps. This will keep muscles balanced.

    Now additional things I did not actually write down on this move include that we did the Reach-Pull version of the move (with no shoulder roll) for the first set during EACH workout at the retreat. This is similar to the way it is done in LadyBug Workout, but has not been included in general workouts previously. I LOVE this because my students have experienced a similar structure for a while including the first 4 reps of the first set to include ONLY the lat pull but not the shoulder roll. This allows us to find our lats and increase mind to muscle control for these VERY important muscles. The second set of each at the retreat included the shoulder rolls. Since I began teaching the lat pull technique I have also taught the move as two separate pieces, the lat pull to set the correct height of the move, THEN the shoulder roll to relive muscle tension and move lymph. During one of the last workouts of the retreat, Teresa said something that caused me to do the move as one continuous motion instead of broken up and I experienced a HUGE personal break through! I could REALLY feel the extension of the lats stopping the torso's movement up. Thus creating our OWN resistance and strength training with T-Tapp! What I have been honing since my return is how to TRANSLATE this feeling to the students in class. It has really started to click, even for the newbies and less mind to muscle connected. Once you have completed the dive between the legs as you are bringing the torso back up to the flat back position, you should think to LIFT YOUR RIBS, obviously because you are only coming to a horizontal position this is very different than when you are standing. So what I think of is reaching my chest and collar bones FORWARD to the front of the room as the torso raises up as I begin to pull the shoulders toward the ears and roll them to the ceiling and around. The KEY I have seen with students is to think of really lifting the chest up and forward so when they stop at the top, the clavicle (collar bone) is pointing to the front of the room. With this visualization I have seen Rank Beginners landing at a PERFECT flat back on their first rep with a shoulder roll. The tendency is to come too high when doing the shoulder roll, or stopping in a slumped position.

    Hope this helps YOU get kick butt results with your shoulder rolls!


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    11-03-2009, 04:46 PM

    Thanks Kiona, I really have trouble with this move. It seems so innocent, and then I went and watched super slow. Yeah, not so innocent now!
    The more I learn, the more I learn I'm doing wrong


    11-03-2009, 07:36 PM

    Thanks for sharing your great notes and realizations, Kiona! I know I need to finish getting my notes together (it's been a crazy few weeks the end of October!). You have done a thorough job!

    I love the new tweak with the hands and switching for muscle balance!

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    11-04-2009, 05:58 AM

    Yes, Kiona, a big thanks! Just printed out for my TH notebook! I'm like Butterflymama and thought it was a very "innocent" moves, as if Teresa would know what an "innocent" move was!!!! Just teasing, she's the best!!!!

    Gotta go do TWO! Can't reach that little "help" icon or I'd use it here!


    11-04-2009, 01:59 PM

    No problem all! This is one of my favorite moves and it took me years to perfect and of course it still always gets tweaks when I see Teresa. And no, there are NO innocent moves. I'll never forget as a beginner Trainer Lani once said to me of Head Rocks "The ONE break we had in the workout she [Teresa] JUST took away!" And how true it IS at all times.

    I am working slowly through my notes, it will take TONS of time but as long as I just keep up wtih it, just like my T-Tapp journey, consistency will get me there!


    11-04-2009, 02:02 PM

    We certainly all appreciate the time and effort to not only take the notes in the first place, but then to organize them and share them with all of us.

    You're awesome!


    11-04-2009, 07:50 PM

    It's great for me because each time I have to re-read my notes and find all the nuggets on one more over another, I remember something ELSE I learned at the retreat!

    Keep your eyes peeled for next week, I haven't picked a move just yet!

    12-03-2009, 05:52 PM

    Wow, I can tell just by reading that this is going to change my shoulder rolls a whole bunch. I have just sort of flopped through them any old way before!