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Kiona's Korner - Slow Loser Guide #9 and a recap of the first 8!

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  • Kiona's Korner - Slow Loser Guide #9 and a recap of the first 8!

    Originally posted by Kiona 11-29-2009, 06:57 PM
    I know I haven't been on as much as of the last couple weeks. I was totally buried creating NEW T-Tappers at a flury of events. I had THIRTEEN new students in one week and have been digging out since then. I am glad to be back. I just sent out the last slow loser tip, all the misc we may have forgotten and a recap of the first 8.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Slow Loser Guide Tip #9 - Misc. We's all about FOOD!

    One of the things that I have seen in the last month or so with a couple of my slow losers and has also been addressed on the T-Tapp forums in a couple places IS our interaction with the food we eat and how well we lose. I have shied AWAY from this topic for MANY YEARS as many of you know. This was because my focus has always been the workout which allowed me to find the inner strength and confidence to get OFF the diet roller coaster and win my personal struggle with my eating disorders. I never ask my clients to do anything that I am unwilling to do or not a believer in and have held very true to this philosophy for many years with slow but VERY steady results. However, I would be hard pressed to say that changes in eating habits have NOT effected me on my way. Once I learned NOT to "eat like a crazy person" as I always said, I DEFINITELY saw faster results. I also have the dubious distinction of being basically allergic to EVERYTHING so hidden food allergies are a bit of a non issue for me because almost everything makes me bloat, sluggish and struggle to digest.

    That all being said however, one of the more recent things I have been working on with clients is to look at hidden food allergies if they are doing everything right and STILL can't achieve the inch loss they want. Rosanna who is currently one of my biggest success stories at over 7-INCHES off her waist alone since starting with me over the summer is the poster child for this. With some diligent work with her doctor looking at all her health issues, one thing she discovered was a WHEAT allergy. As soon as she cut wheat from her diet, and VERY intelligently replaced it with fatty fish such as Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna she REALLY began to lose! In fact SO fast they had to re-touch her book cover because she had lost so many inches in the TWO WEEKS between the shoot and mock of the cover! Visit Rosanna on Facebook to learn more about her successes, just look under my friends for her!

    If you are suspect of a food allergy, T-Tapp recommends removing that food from your diet for at least 10-days and as many as 4 weeks, then replace it slowly and see what changes you notice. Do you have more energy when you eliminate it? Do you suddenly seem to lose inches? Do you FEEL better? Your stomach have less upset? When you try it, do you bloat? Do you feel sluggish again? Do you have interruptions in your sleep patterns?

    From our resident Hom-E Raquel, from her original teachings at Trinity for Homeopathy, one factor that they also looked at was the season you were born in. This relates somewhat to the foods that are naturally readily occurring during your infancy, and there have been many studies on how eating LOCALLY is the most supportive to your body because it truly UNDERSTANDS what you are eating and is prepared for it. So a quick guide for this is as follows:

    Winter (Dec - Feb) are allergic to wheat.
    Spring Babies (March-May) are allergic to Soy.
    Summer (June-August) are allergic to Rice.
    Fall (Sept - Nov) are allergic to wheat again, but not great with rice either, so they should really focus on eating corn as their main carb.

    And one last note on food because I have also seen this working with Raquel this year on helping clients reach their goals. Raquel has seen AMAZING results with people opening up their GI tracts as outlined in our second tip, as much as 10lbs in DAYS. However with many of our slow losers who continue to struggle, what she sees is very poor eating habits. While T-Tapp IS fantastic with helping you lose, I had to be honest with MYSELF about my binge eating to lose more than a size or a few inches in my first year and a half. We have had junk food junkies, candy eaters and regular fast food and soda consumers asking us WHY this year they can't lose. The answer is right there in your hand, in your candy dish or what have you, however, people are often UNCONSCIOUS of this behavior. Again, from my days of dieting and obsession the LAST thing I ever wanted to do or recommend again was a FOOD DIARY, however for some it IS a necessary tool to looking honestly at what you are doing. So often we bury our stress in food and don't even REALIZE we are doing it, that we sabotage our own best efforts. So if you have worked out faithfully for a long time but still seen little inch loss, grab a pen, a notebook and carry it with you for 2 weeks and just write it down. And this time of year is a GREAT time to do it. You can really see what happens at the worst time of the year and empower yourself to start fresh with SMALL changes in the new year. I would never advocate nor will I ever, abrupt changes in diet, but noticing and then starting with one thing at a time to substitute to change until it becomes a new healthy habit.

    So get out there, make a positive and strong relationship with food and keep in mind, it takes no more than TWO DAYS to process any allergens, trigger foods etc through your system, so have your favorites every third day so you never feel deprived!

    A Quick Review...
    Since this is the last tip, I thought I would put the summary of the first 8 in this letter as well. If you have missed any, stay tuned and look for them posted on my website, blog and T-Tapp forums as appropriate! Things with public information around T-Tapp are changing so stay tuned. Also there may be some additional information on MANY of these topics based on the learning I have continued to have through this year of change!

    Treat your liver right and your gall bladder
    One of the most important organs for detoxinig the body is your Liver and if it's clogged up you have a hard time losing. If you are stuck this may be a good place to look and also learn how the gall bladder supports the liver and it has to be healthy along with the liver to really lose.

    Open up the GI tract
    Often in the homeopathic world when someone is struggling with weight your homeopath will look at the GI tract for how clogged up it may be. The most famous example of this is the reports that when he died, Elvis Presley had a 60-lb colon!!! This is scary to think of but in working with clients I have found that this seems to be true. We will talk about how to support a healthy GI tract from top to bottom, scarring and adhesions that may be holding you back and MORE!

    Adrenal/Kidney exhaustion...reduce that STRESS
    When the body is stressed it WILL NOT lose. I have experienced this myself when I was first Tapping because I was so close to Adrenal exhaustion. As I reduced my stressed, balanced out cortisol levels and MORE the weight just began to FALL off. we will look at supporting the Adrenals that are the main driving force behind our stress responses and also the kidneys they sit on top of because you can't have one healthy without the other!

    Getting that Lymph system MOVING
    The lymphatic movements in the T-Tapp workout are part of the reason why it is so effective so quickly. But if it's NOT effective for you, what else could be going on with your lymph system and what can you DO about it. We'll talk about other supportive therapies and things you can do to make sure your lymph is REALLY moving!

    Thyroid Issues are just making it SLOW!
    While this will be one of the hardest things to get over and you will definitely need a trained health care practitioner and probably a prescription to get over, there are TONS of things within the workout that support your thyroid and other tips on keeping it healthy and rebuilding it!

    Hormones in balance....ahh easy losses
    Women more than men will be subject to this issue of hormonal fluctuation, but given that INSULIN (not Estrogen or Testosterone) is the most powerful hormone in the body and EVERYTHING will cue off it, learn how you can get THAT under control and start to lose...lose...lose!

    Are you REALLY activating all those muscles
    One of the best ways to get result through the T-Tapp movements is total muscle activation. But what is you are just a clutz?! Well this set of tips will help you connect the brain better to the muscles so you can get full fiber activation of the muscles and REALLY start to slim down!

    Reduce Inflammation
    Inflammation or swelling...shouldn't have to say too much more about how that can make your size swell at all. But this can be a big problem not just all over the body, but if it causes aches and pains that stop you FROM doing the workout that will slow you down too. We'll look at simple easy tips for reducing inflammation and how important this step is!

    Koach Kiona- Senior T-Tapp Trainer

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    11-29-2009, 08:57 PM

    Thanks, Kiona. I am definitely a Slow Loser and I have been on a plateau for many months now. I am definitely going to start testing for hidden food allergies. I have a sneaky suspicion that dairy is a no-no for me. I don't have it regularly but every so often I give in and enjoy it, even if there are consequences such as bloating. And rice? Wow, I never would have thought that rice could be a culprit. I did have turkey/rice and veggie soup today, though, and it did cause stomach problems. I just assumed it was all the veggies but maybe not. After all, my birthday IS in July!

    Thanks so much for the great information!

    11-29-2009, 10:06 PM

    No problem at all for the advice. It is a bit odd I know, but I have a June birthday who was really struggling and it made a difference for her as well. I would be a Soy person and of all my food allergies it WAS one of the first I became aware of so hey, whatever seems to fit!

    Keep me posted on how the elimination works!