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    Originally posted by 03-05-2007, 03:26 AM

    I’ve been t-tapping for a while and also reading older threads. I’ve been also looking for some change and challenge and I think I finally got what I wanted! I'd like to do a Mini Model Blitz as described by Lannette. In case somebody is interested to join me please read this thread carefully as it gives some variations of the theme. Below I am just giving the basic scheme:

    Daily: PBS (if possible morning and night) HD, TTN

    Days 1-5: BC with one workout a day.

    Day 6: rest other than PBS and a set of HD

    Days 7-12: Single WO EOD. On “off” days do PBS, OW, TTT, and TTN in a.m. and HD and TTN in the afternoon, PBS before bed.

    Days 13-19: Single WO every third day with the “Off” day schedule as above on the alternate days.

    Days 20-22: Your choice of a three day BC or a three day blitz.

    I am alternating TEMPO Torso and TEMPO Arms

    Trainer-in-Training, Tbilisi, Georgia

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    03-05-2007, 01:33 PM

    Great idea, I'm in, I'll update with my schedule


    03-06-2007, 02:29 AM

    Great, NatashainRI

    Days 1 - 5: BC with one workout a day
    Day 6 - Rest

    1) Sat, 3 Mar - TEMPO Arms

    2) Sun, 4 Mar - TEMPO Torso
    These 2 days there were no additional moves done as it was only in the evening of day 2 that I decided to go for a mini-blitz

    3)Mon, 5 Mar - TEMPO Arms + PBS, HD, TTN
    I was real hard to say the least, but I felt great after I had done the WO. I was bobbling like crazy when doing HD & TTN in the evening[:I]

    4) Tue, 6 Mar - TEMPO Torso + PBS, HD, TTN
    Feeling great! It is really funny how much easier Day 4 is as compared to Day 3!

    5) Wed, 7 Mar - TEMPO Arms + PBS, HD, TTN
    Cannot believe I am done with this part I feel absolutely great and at the same time I know that tomorrow's off day is just in time!

    6) Thu, 8 Mar - REST

    tapping in Tbilisi, Georgia

    03-06-2007, 10:50 AM

    This sounds GREAT![ ] On another forum, I was wanting to Blitz, but found no "Buddy"
    When are you starting? Have you started... (I noticed you have W.O.'s posted for 3 March, Sat..) (?)

    Many Thanks!!!!! [8D]
    Amy[ )]

    03-06-2007, 12:03 PM

    Hey Funathome & Tamra,

    I am actually starting my blitz tonight. I am really thinking through my work out choices and alternates (just in case ) I am still recovering from one of the worst colds I have ever had, and I am one of those folks who never gets sick [xx(] so I am very uncomfortable with this run down, achie feeling[|)]

    I have joined a few challenges and have not completed one , so I try try again. I have a big motivation as SPRING IS COMING & my 42 birthday is on April 26th ( I plan on continuing the blitz through Sunday April 22nd.. then 4 days off and measure, Hopefully I will have a great Birthday present to offer myself. You can't imagine how much I need to complete this challenge !!!!!!

    Tamra you are off to a great start ! Go girl Go !

    I'll bet back soon with my plan as I have to run

    Welcome funathome!


    03-06-2007, 12:41 PM

    Is BC boot camp? and if so what are you using for the boot camp workout? This sounds interesting, but I think I'd have to back it off some, I don't feel up to that busy of a comitment just now. I'm definatly keeping it in my files to complet in the future!

    03-06-2007, 02:14 PM

    Amy, yes, I’ve already started and tomorrow is my day 5 already. But I think it is perfectly fine if you join now. The main thing is that we are doing it and support each other

    NatashainRI, thanks! And you just listen to your body as the last thing you want is to get exhausted and end up unwilling to do anything. Take a good care of yourself and join any time. Or, follow whatever schedule seems best to you at the moment.

    Norma, yes, BC stands for boot camp. Use of this or that WO is just a matter of personal choice. I am alternating Tempo Torso and Tempo Arms

    tapping in Tbilisi, Georgia

    03-06-2007, 02:58 PM

    THIS SOUNDS GREAT!!! [ ][8D]

    I suppose I could count my Instructional 1 and 2 that I did yesterday as BC day 1!
    Today ~~ ? May just do Tempo. I love the flow of that so much better, but yesterday 13 yr old DD wated to do T~TAPP with me... so we did the Instructionals. DD got frusterated at times with the moves. Mainly the Balance sequence and the TTN, TTT. Towards the end of Inst.2 where Teresa is positioning you for the Step side and leift leg (? on name ov movement?) DD said "You KNOW your in trouble when Teresa has ONE arem out to the side!!!!"

    I will have to keep refering to Tamra's first posting ~~ to know what I am supposed to do for today!!! HEE...HEE....

    Natashain ~~ Hope your get to feeling better. I find T~TAPP has actually KEPT me from getting my "annual" flu/cold upper resp.... kinda thing this yr! first time in over 8 yrs!! WOW! HEY! I am turining 42 this yr !!![8D] Let's do this together and we will be...[ ][ ]

    Amy [ )]

    03-06-2007, 03:53 PM

    Ok.. Here is my BC schedule for days 1-5 and REST day 6. You'll see I have given myself an alternative incase I feel I have bitten off more than I can handle. I also changed-up the daily P.M. as I need to focus a little more on the torso & abs.

    Daily: A.M. PBS, HD, TTN - Done Before work~I found I am doing this on my a.m. break at work
    P.M. PB, DVD from FNF - Done before Bed

    Alternative on “bad” days: A.M. PBS
    P.M PBS

    Days 1-5: Bootcamp with one workout a day. During BC will only do PBS in p.m. - done immediately upon arriving home from work !

    BC: B/R Alternative: More

    Day 6 rest other than PBS and a set of hoedowns


    03-06-2007, 04:04 PM

    Tamra I thought your style looked nice, neat & concise, so I copied it, hope you don't mind [ )]

    I'll just have to figure out how to edit a previous post (hence the spelling errors in my other post)[:0]

    Days 1 - 5: BC with one workout a day + Daily planned A.M. & P.M.
    Day 6 - Rest

    1) Tues, 6 Mar - B/R

    WooHoo ! I did it WOW I forgot how challenging this WO is.. can I just say Lawn Mowers~amazing

    I do have to confess I did not do the P.M. work~ was up late and just crawled in bed

    2) Weds, 7 Mar - B/R I'm very proud of me, I did my PBS, HD & TTN, Completed my B/R but I did modify a little I did the More DVD through lunges and then jumped in at lunges on B/R... still struggled a lot towards the end but sweat was dripping !

    3) Thurs, 8 Mar - B/R~ PBS, HD & TTN done~ I have a planned short WO tonight I will be doing MORE instead of B/R~ meeting a girlfriend for dinner ~Completed MORE~it felt marvelous

    4) Fri, 9 Mar - B/R PBS, HD & TTN Complete~completed my MORE through lunges and then B/R from balance through to the end!

    5) Sat, 10 Mar - B/R~ Again I did MORE through lunges and then B/R from balance thorugh to the end !

    6) Sun, 11 Mar - REST~ God I felt great today~SOOO much energy

    Let's get the party Started !!!!


    03-06-2007, 07:24 PM

    I did my W.O. for today!!! [ ]

    I did TEMPO standing and floor....[:0][xx(] The floor work is very challenging!!!!!! NO way I could do ALL the rep's that Teresa does... but I did what I could with proper form. Defiantely a work~in~progress for me!![8D]

    BC day 1: Instructionals 1 and 2
    BC day 2: TEMPO standing and floor (78 min)
    for remaining BC will just plan on TWO as time is at a minimun, here! [^]

    Thanks Tamra for getting ME going!! Just what I needed! [8D]

    Amy [ )]

    03-07-2007, 02:48 AM

    Amy, your DD is such a sweet! When Teresa has ONE arm out to the side I am also in trouble, starting to bobble like crazy. But bobbling is good became my mantra

    Amy, when referring to my first post, pls keep in mind that the original thread (link is also given) should be read as it well I loved that so much when I found/read it!

    BTW, which Tempo are you doing? Guess it is Tempo Low Body? It is really really tough and I cannot even think about doing it at the moment, especially the floor part. Some time later perhaps (hope dies last )

    NatashainRI, the thing I liked about Lannette’s blitz is that it is pretty flexible and can be adjusted to all level/needs. There is still time before your BD when I am sure you want to look your absolute best!

    To [u]edit a post</u> is simple. On top of your message you will see a row of icons. Just click on the one with a pen and your message will open in the edit mode.

    tapping in Tbilisi, Georgia

    03-07-2007, 09:06 AM

    HI Tamra!!

    I did TT Tempo (the shorter version of TWO ~ NOT so many water breaks or instruction's) and then There is a floor option also on that DVD and I also did it! [xx(]

    I keep telling my DD that yes! Bobbling *IS* OK! She is such a perfectionist (like her dad!)[^]....sigh....

    I have read the posting by Lannette ~~ she is such a cutie! I FIRST talked with her on another Forum...she is very helpful with T~TAPP things there.[^]

    Today will be day 3 of BC for me... a challenge to work in as we GO! GO! GO! all day with our Homeschool Co~Op! But that is WHY I LOVE this "challenge" as it keeps me MOTIVATED!![8D]

    thanks for the editing tips ~~ i am ...uuumm... COMPUTER/MODERNTECHNOLOGY[B)][8] CHALLENGED, as well!!! [:0]

    HI NatashainRI {{{waves}}} we CAN do this!! "Yes! You can!" [8D]

    Amy [ )]

    03-07-2007, 11:59 AM

    Oh Man !! I had a nice post going and one wrong click on the computer and its off to Cyber space

    Tamra, YOU DID IT !! Enjoy your rest day

    Amy you are kicking butt, 42 is going to be our best year yet.. HOT MAMAs I say.

    I am feeling better, but I have to admit getting through the B/R was tough, I am sooo out of shape [xx(] after lunges I had to really modify, which basically means I did one set of each exercise (sometimes 2, whatever I could).

    I'm looking forward to watching myself improve.

    Quesiton [?] did you all measure ? I am bummed cause I wanted to measure last night before I worked out, but I was so excited to get started I just jumped right in. I am going to measure tonight and I am hoping to take some pictures in my WO gear this Thursday, if my friend agrees to take them.

    Norma are you joining us ? I am only on Day 2 you wouldn't be that far behind.


    03-07-2007, 03:07 PM

    Actually I both measured and took pics[:I] Hate to see myself on them though[:I]

    Guess it is better to measure oneself in the mornings, preferably at the same time. This way the results will be more realistic. IMHO

    tapping in Tbilisi, Georgia