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Kiona's Korner - EXPAND to Shrink doing Oil Wells!

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  • Kiona's Korner - EXPAND to Shrink doing Oil Wells!

    Originally posted by Kiona 1/10/2011
    So last week in Belly Camp Class #1 with the Timonium, MD students. I was working on their form for Oil Wells when I noticed that EVERYONE had AMAZING form on the move based on the explanation I gave for the move. I was SO excited because it frequently seems very difficult to help students GET all the small nuances of the move itself so that they can really feel and understand this move.

    First before I talk about the move itself, I am going to give a bit of an explanation on what I feel are the important facets OF this move. I have always taught that this move really has FOUR distinct parts to it that serve four different functions with in it. The first piece is the dive between the legs portion, this part is designed to stretch the spine and allow the vertebrae to stretch and fall back into proper alignment through a very small, very simple use of upper body traction. The second piece, like in the LadyBug workout is to tighten the lats along the entire spine in order to increase muscle activation and therefore fat burning. The last piece is to do the shoulder roll which resets the lats, moves the lymph to increase elimination of fat and release tension building up in the neck and back from tightening the lats. So the move CAN and frequently when I teach it IS done as more like three distinct movements....the Reach...the Flat Back Stop/Tighten....and the Shoulder Roll. Now this is very effective and a great way to do the move that served me and my students very well for many years. However, the retreat where I lost 18.5-INChES in those 3 days, I learned a NEW way to do the move. It was to do the shoulder roll AS you are swinging back UP into the flat back position and tightening the lats at the same time. WOW!!!!!! What an amazing difference I felt doing it that way! So now comes the challenge, how to TRANSLATE that to the students.

    When looking to do this move, what you want to remember to do is lift your ribs as you are doing the move itself. Very much like you would do while standing in typical T-Tapp stance. However when the torso is already in motion it is very difficult to visualize lifting the ribs to the ceiling which is what the term seems to imply. While standing one thing I do to talk about this is to put one hand on the solar plexus at the bottom of the rib cage and the other on the lower belly below the belly button, then have students INCREASE the distance between these two hands so that their ribs lift straight up to the ceiling they are not just arching their back to expand the room in the front. This has worked very well, and can also be done while over to a flat back to help feel the distance increase and the activation of the lats much more deeply while holding the torso level. The way I explain it is that you should feel like you are EXPANDING your ribs toward the front of the room while you are at the flat back. While you are in motion you can still visualize or feel like you are expanding your ribs forward. This allows you to engage the lats much more quickly as you return to a flat back AND do the shoulder roll at the same time without confusing the brain trying to keep track of a gazillion muscles! Visualizations like expanding the ribs are great for getting the body to do what you want it to do without needing to know every muscle.

    The great thing about expanding the ribs as you do Oil Wells is that it will burn off bra pudge even FASTER. Plus the extra lat engagement will ultimately lean all of you out faster as the body burns more sugar and then even more fat faster. So release and relax the head as you dive through on the Oil Wells to get good neck traction, then EXPAND the ribs to SHRINK all of you!

    Koach Kiona- Senior T-Tapp Trainer
    The Dancin' Senior T-Tapp Trainer,Certified in Everything T-Tapp - Total,Floor,More, Ladybug WOs, YYC and CRT System