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Kiona's Korner - Awesome Arms WithOUT Doing Arm Sequence!

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  • Kiona's Korner - Awesome Arms WithOUT Doing Arm Sequence!

    Originally posted by Kiona 5-16-2011
    When people have met me in warm weather I frequently get great compliments on how sculpted and strong my arms look. Which is just a great thing to hear, but when I tell them not ONLY do I NOT do weight training for these beauties but don't even REALLY do the portion of the workout designed to TONE the arms...they are even MORE curious. So are you? Read on to find out HOW I get these great arms by avoiding the arm sequence...

    There are a couple fundamentals with T-Tapp that have to be applied if you are going to skip portions of the workout and get great results. The most important of which is the isometric contractions during all your movements. This important and hard to maintain portion of the workout is what really gives awesome arm results! In every move that you do in the Basic Workout Plus, if you hold the isometric contractions, especially in the arms you will get amazing results. The Plie Sequence is amazing for your arms when done focusing on the contraction in the arm. Now, for a lot of us, to think of that contraction becomes difficult, so all my students in my classes know that I teach with more of a visualization technique for students to have images to hold in their mind that cause the muscles to respond with isometrics. The first is in the shoulder rolls, you have to make sure once you have rolled the shoulders back into alignment over the hips that they STAY there during all arm movements. As soon as the shoulders come forward you lose the activation at the joint and all the rest of the arm muscles will have some slack in them rather than moving with tension as if pushing or pulling water or heavy mud around. The visualization that I tell my students is to imagine a bring colored bow on their back. This bow is attached to each shoulder blade and that wraps around the spine and pulls tight! The bow image allows students to not just thing of their shoulders as being back, which can often cause them to lean back OUT of alignment, too much in the other direction, but also of pulling INTO the spine which deepens the activation of the spinal erector muscles that provide more core. At the same time, no matter HOW complex the arm movements become, and in the plie sequence they can become pretty complex it’s easy to keep thinking of a big bow on your back staying tied!

    The other major thing I tell students to think of is that all the arm movements no matter which they are doing, are from Spine to Fingers! This is easiest in the Butterflies and MORE Jumping jacks, but as they improve at it, it applies to ALL movements. Again, a visualization can help with this, if it’s the ribbons off the bow being tight, springs or magnets attached at the spine and then again at the fingers or even just laser beams that start on the spine and shoot out through the fingers. Whichever images helps students to keep fully extending their arms through all the movements.

    So in Plies this is most beneficial, but also on Reach Scoop and Jazz Twist where you can REALLY feel the triceps if you maximize this form and technique. In T-Tapp Twist you can create more activation by pushing the hands together or into the last set of knuckles and Lastly in Basic Plus on HoeDowns, make sure you REALLY have the arms in alignment with the seam of your shirt, pressing the elbows forward and hands back in alignment, stretching the palms of the hands or pulling the thumb back and folding the fingers to maximize muscle activation. You can also add an impulse of the elbow forward hand back even MORE on the side leg lifts, this will not only amp up your cardio but give you even more awesome arms!!

    So try it all out and don’t fear warmer weather!

    Koach Kiona- Senior T-Tapp Trainer
    The Dancin' Senior T-Tapp Trainer,Certified in Everything T-Tapp - Total,Floor,More, Ladybug WOs, YYC and CRT System

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    05-17-2011, 09:17 AM

    Okay, I just used the bow visualization doing LB BWO+ and for the very first time I can see why pulling the weeds tones the arms. I felt it through and through and WOW.

    I amped up this workout with that alone added through all the moves and THANK YOU.