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Shoulder Roll, Back and Down!

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  • Shoulder Roll, Back and Down!

    Originally posted by Dantheman 05-19-2006, 12:52 PM

    To all,

    I know we all see this move on the DVD’s and it’s well illustrated in T’s book. But how are you Executing this move? Go ahead, in the T-Tapp Stance and Tucked, try it now! When you completed this move, did you feel the alignment in the shoulders and did your Lat’s almost far automatically into the engaged position? What I have seen in experienced and newbie Tappers doing this move is they unknowingly are getting SHORT CHANGED every time!

    Here’s a helpful TIP. To obtain the full benefit of this move; to eliminate the Trap muscle dominance, alignment of Shoulder’s over the hips and to set-up for Lat engagement, try this:

    Stand in the T-Tapp Stance and Tucked. Be sure that you are not leaning forward or backwards. Raise your Rib Cage. Now here’s my two-cent tip! When raising your Shoulders straight upwards toward your Ears do it with exaggeration. Raise them using relaxed muscles. When the Shoulders are at the very top then slowly roll your Shoulders back and down. You may hear some POPPING coming from you back, I do. As your Shoulders approach the back and down position, try to feel and recognize your Lat’s starting to engage. When you have your Shoulders in the back and down position Lock in your Lats. Your arms are hanging down to your side, using Jazz hands, roll your thumps to the back wall. This move with your arms will assist you in holding your Shoulders in the back and down position. Also note, your Trap’s are relaxed. Then move your hand into their position on your back hips below the waist and press them into your body. Maintain your bent elbow so that your Shoulders don't raise and Lats are still engaged.

    Give it a try.

    Middletown, De.
    T-Tapp Trainer

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    05-19-2006, 01:13 PM

    Terrific tip, thanks so much! I've had a hard time engaging my lats even with thumbs back, but by pulling the shoulders up higher and raising the rib cage before rolling back and down I can definitely feel them now. Woohoo!


    05-19-2006, 01:29 PM

    Yupper, heard the snap, crackle and pop! Going to print this out to read and reread.