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T-Tapp Learning TOOLS! PART II

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  • T-Tapp Learning TOOLS! PART II

    Originally posted by Dantheman 04-28-2006, 05:58 PM


    So you have tried READING Teresa’s DVD LEARNING TOOLS and you have found so many new tips that she was saying VISUALLY to you all the time but you just didn’t have the skills to process them. Good JOB! Now, you know that you have it down pat!! RIGHT.

    OK, CLICK CLICK the remote on, HAY,,, It Teresa Tapp our favorite Leading Lady and NOW DVD and BOOK Author. DID you say you READ this DVD already? DID you read it WORD for WORD!! I don’t think so. Let’s become better DVD readers OK!
    Same example: Teresa is moving thru PBS, she is at the point where her right leg is just beginning to straighten, NOW…. READ EVERY WORD! FOCUS, LISTEN and her right leg is becoming straight, her shoulders are still back, her elbows are pointing up, her hips are level, her back is flat, and her left heel is coming off the floor as her right leg comes all the way back. Yep that’s what I remember, but she did say More this time, RIGHT. Did you catch it? CLICK CLICK re-wind.. CLICK CLICK Play.. Yes… her feet are hip width apart and point straight ahead, and they look a bit Pigeon-Toed, her left knee is still bent in KLT while her heel was moving upward, Wow, her hips did not shift at all when traveling upward, left and right hips moved in Perfect unison and for the first time I saw her say that the hands position was still just below the waist and still pressing in. And she did say “look down at the floor” in flat back with her head still perfectly inline with her Flat-back and her shoulder and hips they too stayed in alignment even during the raise…

    Now… you have Completely READ the PBS, Right leg straight move.
    You all get an A+ on this Learning.

    Every DETAIL,,,, Feet, Knees, Shoulders, Hips, Back, Head, Arms and Hands, READ IT ALL!!

    Great Job Everyone!!! Now your reading DVD skills are SCREAMING to fine out now the heck is she ever going to get her Right Leg back to KLT.

    It’s a Great Read… ENJOY!!

    Middletown, De.
    T-Tapp Trainer