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    Originally posted by Sherry 12-28-2003, 05:38 AM

    The latest Women's World article is out for subscribers and it will soon be available everywhere. So, now is the time to tell the world about our incredible secret called T-Tapp.

    Please post your results in inches, weight, clothing size, emotional well-being, hormone balance, etc. Just do it in your words in terms of what really mattered most to you. There will be thousands looking for information from real people who have had real results. By golly, lets give that information to them!

    As for me, I lost 34 to 36 inches in about 18 months. The real cincher (literally!!!) was losing 2 inches in the lower abs in two weeks. As a mother of twin sons AND a short torso, I've always fought mid body fat. Thanks to Teresa, I have flatter abs than I ever dreamed possible ... and I understand how my body structure impacts what I can realistically obtain. (A short torso will never have a tiny-tiny waist ... but can have great legs well even into middle age ... whatever that is!)

    I do T-Tapp exclusively at least 3 to 4 times a week for about 45 minutes. Others combine T-Tapp with other fitness options that pique their interests.

    How about posting your results?

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor

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    12-28-2003, 11:17 AM

    Great to welcome a whole new set of Tappers to the forum.

    I have lost 13 inches, one size, and only 5 pounds since Sept 15 2003. I made a committment to do the BW+ at least three times a week, I walk 3 miles a week with DH (now it will be more since SATI tape), and I usually get in one full wo during the week. Sometimes I do more, sometimes less. I just rejoined HF to get into the habit of doing three long to see results faster.

    BTW, I have not changed my eating at all.


    TNT Tapper

    12-28-2003, 01:24 PM

    Great topic!

    I began ttapping in October 2001, based on the article in Woman's World. I really didn't believe it would work, but the thought of only having to workout 2X's per week was worth looking into! (Of course, the 2X's per week is when you get to 'maintenance'.)

    I had very little to lose (a size or two), but was slowly losing the battle of the bulge! I was 38 years old and I was getting wider and wider. I was a tight size 8, 5'7" and weighed about 140lbs. I knew it would get worse and worse as I aged. I felt frumpy and bumpy even though I had spent the prior two years doing Pilates 3X's per week.

    My 'success' was slow coming. I almost gave up a few times since I was not seeing the results that so many were seeing so quickly. I would have given up if not for this forum and for the wonderful trainers (especially Lannette who has been an angel to me!).

    It took me NINE months to really see some great changes. However, I was 'feeling' it long before this. My period, which was always so irregular I only got it 8X's per year, was now on time each and every month. My mood is more stable. I rarely get sick but when I do it last for less than half the time it used to. I have muscle definition like never before. I have much better balance and posture.

    Fast forward to today. I am still 5'7". I weigh around 125lbs, and wear a lose size 4. I don't know how many inches I lost (I really didn't measure since I knew this probably wouldn't work so why disappoint myslef). I do know that I lost over 3" in my hips and a couple off my waist.

    I feel great! My results surpassed my wildest dreams. I'll be 41 years old in a couple months and look and feel better than I did in my early 20's (and I was in shape back then!).

    I owe all of this to Teresa Tapp.

    Happy ttapping!


    12-28-2003, 01:58 PM


    I will contribute too!

    I felt like working out was getting harder and harder. I had been die hard with firm tapes and using free weights, but the only thing I got was bulkier and bulkeir due to my short stature. I didn't want this.

    I'd always wanted to make my muscle mass appear longer.

    Then Lannette, the trainer, discovered T-tapp. I was skeptical thinking, how can this work, but I decided to try it. I didn't do it correctly, I didn't do a bootcamp. I did it off and on for a summer, I didn't really loose, but at the same time I wasn't gaining.

    At this point I eneted my final year of college. The combination of sitting a lot and not always eating the best began to take it's toll, although I didn't gain a lot of weight, I didn't like the way I felt. I felt tired, and moody, and just gross. I craved excercise.

    Upon came graduation and I found out I had 3 months off before beginning my full time job. I wanted to workout to get my figure back and so I could wear my dress clothes comfortably.

    I began evaluating my options, and realized T-tapp did everything I want. I constistanly did it, and as a result have lost 2-3 clothing sizes, my menstral cycle is much more consistant, and I feel tons better.

    Now that I have t-tapp I will never have that desperate out of control feeling again. T-tapp has made me healthier, the supplmentation is excellent and it teaches you to eat the best food choices possible while occasionally enjoying a nice treat!

    I will be a lifer!


    12-28-2003, 04:17 PM


    Great idea for a thread! I've gone from a size 12 to a 4, exclusively by tapping, with an occassional walk. I do the full workout 2x per week, and do BWO+ about 3 times per week.

    Thanks - Jenny

    12-28-2003, 04:34 PM

    Well my MOST FAVORITE results are from when I was pregnant with No. 3 and T-Tapp TOTALLY eliminated my back pain I had had and the need for the dreaded belt I wore with my prior two pregnancies EVEN THOUGH I ALWAYS EXERCISED REGULARLY. I also did NOT suffer from Postpartum Depression as I did with No. 2 AT ALL. I mean I don't remember having the baby blues for more than an hour or two and I really attribute that to balancing my hormone levels naturally with T-Tapp.

    But as far as inches, I can't remember the total number but in approximately nine months I went from being about a 12/14 to a 4. In fact, Lauren and Jen from the office can probably tell you I was floored! I went to buy new jeans for fall as it seemed all my jeans were stretched out (they were 6s) and old anyway (from like the mid 1990s). So here it is, September 2001, and DD and I go to Kohls. I pick up a few pairs of 6s and kept thinking these were incredibly huge jeans, must be the cut. So I got a few different brands and threw in some 4s which seemed like they might fit. So here in the middle of the dressing room at Kohls I am on my cell phone calling Lauren, Jen and Casey going "Omigosh you guys I am trying on 4s and they aren't even tight!" that was and still is amazing to me. In fact I can put on my high school jeans, I can't sit in them LOL, but I can put them on and zip them up.

    T-Tapp Mommy Fitness Trainer

    12-28-2003, 05:40 PM

    Way to go everyone!

    I didn't mention size in my earlier post. I've gone from a very tight 14/16 to 10 and sometimes 8 on bottom.

    I'm editing this post to add some health benefits. I have to be honest and say that I started T-Tapp to lose but the good news is that I received far more.

    I had plantar fasciitis when I started. This is a very painful condition impacting the nerves and tendons that run along the bottom of the feet. It hurt so much that I wasn't sure I could do T-Tapp in the beginning. Because of the KLT position, the critical muscles in the feet are rebuilt and I am thrilled to say there is no pain there today.

    I had injured my neck in the mid 80s and had chronic pain for years ... sometimes quite severe with limited mobility. I haven't totally regained mobility but it is close. The best part is that I rarely have pain in the neck or under the shoulder blades anymore. It does occasionally flare usually with high stress but I'll take that any day compared to the chronic pain before T-Tapp.

    Both of these points support the rehabilitative aspects of Teresa's incredible program.

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor

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      12-29-2003, 02:18 AM

      Great idea for a thread, Sherry!

      T-Tapp has totally changed my life. It has helped me go from a size 30 Women's to a size 12/14 Tall. I lost 12.5 inches in my initial 14 day bootcamp, and that was after having exercised with weights and cardio 5 - 6 days per week for the 9 months prior to starting T-Tapp!

      At 45, I now have the best-proportioned body of my life, and I continue to work on improving my shape and fitness. Since starting to Step Away the Inches (the T-Tapp indoor walking workout) in September, I've lost several more inches.

      The physical benefits of T-Tapp are amazing. I feel great; after years of chronic knee pain, my knees are pain-free; my energy levels are high; and my strength, endurance and flexibility continue to improve.

      The mental/emotional benefits of T-Tapp are as amazing as the physical ones. I'm happy to be alive and healthy. I am finally free of the fear that I will gain back the weight and inches I've lost. For the first time ever, I've maintained my weight/inch loss for almost 3 years. That freedom is priceless!

      T-Tapp Trainer, Washington DC/Baltimore Area

      12-29-2003, 11:13 AM

      Well, you can see the results in my pics, but I went from a 10/12 to a 6 in the first THREE MONTHS of tapping! That really blew me away. Not to mention also "losing" my migraines, monthly cramps & bum knee!! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> Gotta love it!!


      12-29-2003, 11:19 AM

      Well, I have not been able to do any measuring (or rather, I should say that, due to past craziness with numbers, I don't weigh or measure)...BUT I noticed clothes have been looser after doing the turning up the light thread and I went shopping and went down a size or two. (NO dieting, too.)
      This is promising, since I could see myself doing this workout for the rest of my life, and not having to add more hours and take away more food is wonderful!

      2-29-2003, 11:37 AM

      Hello Everyone

      My best friend Renee asked if I would post my Ttapp story here as well.

      After the birth of our first child, I thought everything was going to be perfectly fine. Having never had a baby before I was really uncertain about 'what should be happening' and 'what shouldn't be happening with my body'.
      All in all, labor was fine, our baby was healthy and I survived the whole ordeal with a smile on my face and thinking really, that it wasn't as bad/painful as I thought it was going to be.
      I started bleeding after birth which was 'completely normal' and so, I gave it no second thought. The bleeding lasted a month, then, two, and so on and so on ... I bled for 2 1/2 years!!!!! My Dr.'s kept putting me on one birth control pill, then another and another to try and regulate my cycle ... nothing worked!!! I was soooo tired ALL the time ... but, was unable to sleep at all. It was nothing to get maybe 8 or 10 hours of sleep in a 4 or 5 day period. I was having such a hard time functioning even with the most basic of tasks ... I was a MESS in every sense of the word. To this day, the first two and a half years of my first child's life is a blur. The feelings of guilt I have over that is terrible! I missed soooo much!
      Also, at the same time I learned that I had HSIL cells on my cervix ...which is a precursor to cancer ... here I was 28 years old and felt like I was literally falling apart and I had NO control ... I got surgery done on the HSIL cells and had them removed but, I was still bleeding and now, bleeding from the surgery as well. It was nothing to bleed 19 out of 31 days ... then, stop for 2 days then, bleed again for another 10, 12, 14 days ..... I was sooo drained ... to say the VERY least!!

      My best friend Renee put out a post for Teresa (as I think Renee was getting really concerned for me and frustrated at my Dr.'s here) and fate stepped in and she answered it. Renee told Teresa what was going on with me and Teresa extended an offer for me to call her in her office and we could talk. I was STUNNED! Teresa Tapp wanting to talk to me!!! I was just a mom and she wants to talk to me ... just me .... INCREDIBLE! So, I waited until she was in the office and we talked. You know the amazing thing ... she never forgets who you are ... and she is such a kind person. We talked for just over an hour I believe and I came away with sooooooooooo much knowledge about soooo many things. I hated to hang up the phone with her <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> I could have talked with her for much longer. I wrote down EVERYTHING she said and I did what she asked of me ... results ... you be the judge.

      *not too long after doing what she told me to do ... my cycles became more livable and more or less regular. After 2 1/2 years of modern medicine/Dr.s giving me this BC pill and that ... one talk with Teresa changed all that!

      *I did a 4 day b/c and went eod for about a week and re-measured ...results ...lost over 16 1/2 inches overall.

      * I got my sleep patterns back on track and just started to feel soooo much better. I also was using a progesterone cream as well as discussed with Teresa and I believe the combo of both literally turned my body around.

      * Most importantly, with all the bleeding that I was doing ... kind of like a hormonal hemorage (sp), I never thought I would be able to have another baby. Well, low and behold much to our surprise ... I gave my husband a postive pregnancy test ... which shocked him as much me ... so, I believe, I owe a HUGE thank you for Teresa ... she not only helped me get back on track but, with her help and intervention ... we were able to have another baby ...who was born Jan. 31 last year. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

      I fell off the ttapp wagon due to many time restraints I have had BUT, I just learned the hard way that I NEED to take this time for myself and the quest for a better body and better health IS TTAPP! I am packing up ALL my other workout tapes for good, Jan. 1st ... I am on 'my personal'

      12-29-2003, 12:36 PM

      What a cool thread and it is SO inspiring to see all these awesome stories about real women with real results.

      Here is mine, a work in progress:
      I started last July as a size 20. I did a 14-day Bootcamp and lost 12.5 inches. I was hooked. I promptly lost 48 more inches in the next few months. I also lost my chronic back pain (from a teenage car accident, and from sitting hunched at a desk all day), and I was fitting into 14's. I had a flat stomach for the first time in a long time just by doing Organs in Place (OIP) every day.

      I was so impressed with T-Tapp that I told a journalist friend of mine and she promptly tried it and wrote an article about her success for the Miami New Times. You can read it in the articles section. (I was the 'out of shape' friend mentioned)

      I am a combo body with A+ blood, Dutch/English heritage, 5'11". I will never stop Tapping. I may have some more inches to lose to get to my size goal but T-Tapp makes me feel good in so many ways. I have never met more supportive, knowledgable women from Teresa all the way down the line. This WO is for women with busy lives. Who isn't, right? You miss a day or two (or a week) or can only fit in 15 minutes a day, no problem.

      I work full time and go to law school at night so I don't have as much time for Tapping as I would like. I basically do the Basic WO + almost everyday and an occassional full WO and I am still losing. If you work to your max, even though you may not ever 'look' like Teresa doing the WO, you will have results. In as little as 15 minutes a day. So, don't think you have to kill yourself by spending hours and hours a day at this. You don't.

      Word of advice-- throw your scale away! With T-Tapp, inches and sizes matter, not weight, because you are building muscle, which burns more calories, which means you get to eat more, which means, well, that is enough for me! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

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        12-29-2003, 03:31 PM

        This is sooo cool! I love cheering what T-Tapp has done for me!!!

        I stumbled across the T-Tapp website in the late winter of 2002. I had just had my first baby, and wanted very much to lose the baby weight, but could not go to the gym consistently. (Before and during pregnancy I had loved WO at the gym, but had never ben able to really get the body that I wanted. My thighs were always sooo big, no amount of lunges would make them smaller!) Anyway, after seriously debating whether or not it was worth the intial $80 investment, my DH and I decided to give it a go. He did a bit of reverse phychology on me, though, like "If we spend that much money, you had better really give it a chance to work. " (He's sooo great, I loved proving T-Tapp right!)
        So by the time my baby was six months old, I was wearing a size 5/6 pants----something I hadn't done since I was 14 years old!!! I had muscle definition in my arms, torso and thigh, my bottom was smaller and tighter, and I felt great!!!!! I loved the fact that I could do it whenever I got the chance (I'm a SAHM). Fitting in 15 minutes wassn't so hard!!!
        Now, I have baby #2 and am in the process of losing again. Due to life's craziness during pregnancy, I gained almost 45 pounds. So it is taking a little longer to lose. Plus, having two makes it more difficult to find the time. But if I can do it, so can you! My goal is to be back down to my 5/6's by June. Baby will then be 8 months old. I know that with T-Tapp, I have a secret weapon! (well, it's not so secret, as I will rave to anyone who cares to listen!!!)
        T-Tapp is a way of life--and I'm planning on sticking with it for the rest of mine!


        P.S. I have not done any formal eating plan, just trying to be healthier, but definately not very restrictive.

        12-29-2003, 04:20 PM

        I really do not know where to start with all the good things to say about ttapp! I evangelize about ttapp all the time! It is absolutely THE BEST exercise ever! I went from a tight 8-10, on my way to a 12, with rolls above my waist for the first time in my life! ( I was horrified...) That was in August 2003. I started with a 14 day bootcamp and then went to every other day. I still do Ttapp to Tempo about 2 to 3 times a week, but am at my goal. I can wear everyghing in my closet now, all my size 8's are loose. This weekend I tried on a pair of size 8 jeans and they were too big. The size 6 fit better! I have not been a size 6 since I was in my 20's before I had children. (I am 44 now and have had 3 children, 2 by c-section). My tummy is the flattest it has been in a long long time. The rolls around my waist are gone, I have beautiful muscles in my arms and legs, all with no weight training! My mind is sharper, my moods are more stable, I hardly ever get sick anymore. I dont' have tenison headaches anymore. My chronic knee pain and hip pain is gone (unless I pick up my 5 year old and hold him on my hip!)...

        I just love ttapp! I wish everyone on the planet would do ttapp. We would all be healthier, happier, and fit. What a Utopian vision.

        I will never quit ttapping...


        12-29-2003, 05:09 PM

        The first time:
        I had just found weight watchers, and was squeezing into size 12s after about 3 weeks on the program. I was about 175 or so, having lost 9 pounds on WW. I found T-Tapp on a WW discussion board, and inquired about personal stories of inch and weight loss. I was inspired, and bought the workout. I lost 14 1/2 inches in 2 weeks, and overall, 36 inches, 30 lbs, and 4 dress sizes eating mostly on WW and doing T-Tapp every other day... the instructionals from March through June and the beginner rehab from July through December.

        In March of 2002, I got pregnant with Lily. I did very little T-Tapp from the time I found out till about 14 weeks. I did a 4 day bootcamp, and committed myself to at least 2 full workouts per week through week 32. I made that goal, and did a modified Basic Plus workout for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was in awesome shape, I lost inches in my arms and legs DURING pregnancy thanks to T-Tapp, had some great muscle cuts. I still gained 45 lbs, however, even without eating sugar or anything fried.

        After I had Lily, I started doing full workouts 3 weeks post partum. I lost a total of 45 lbs, 45 inches, and 4 dress sizes in 10 months. I had no regular workout schedule, trying for 20 minutes of floorwork several times a week, basic plus several times a week, and a full workout a few times a week. Just making sure I did some every day, no matter what time or for how long or if I had my workout shoes on at the time.

        Lily is a year old. I am more emotionally balanced than ever, my posture is awesome, my digestion is better than ever, and my immune system is rockin. It is such a kick to me that I look better, I feel better, and I am healthier after having 2 kids than I was the day I got married or before I had kids! There is no end to the benefits of T-Tapp.


        12-29-2003, 07:10 PM

        Welcome to all of you that are new and thinking about trying t-tapp!!!!

        I discovered t-tapp in August of 2002 when Teresa came to Cleveland. My MIL wanted to go to the seminar, and I went along for company. Well, she bought me the tapes in October of 2002. I didn't see fast results...I'm a slow loser, but my DH talked me into staying with the program even after I had gained about 7 pounds.
        I have lost since then about 35 pounds, over 25 inches, and 6% body fat. I started at a women's tight 18, and I am now a misses size 14 (sometimes a 12) at 5'7'. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm smaller than I've ever been in my life and I feel great!

        Try it, you'll be happy you did!

        12-30-2003, 01:07 AM

        I was seriously tapping and following WW last year and lost 17" and 11 pounds in 3 1/2 months.

        Unfortunately, I got busy and slacked off on my workouts and slowly gained back much of that since. I stated tapping seriously again in May 2003 and have managed to stick with it since because it really seems to help with muscle tone, general moodiness and to be honest, it's just too hard to start all over again! It's also rare for me to get sick since I started tapping.

        When I first got serious (9/02), I was wearing a 12. Got down to a 6 in 1/03 and climbed back up to a 10 where I'm hanging on for dear life. I keep up with the tapping because I know it works and I feel so much better once I've finished a workout.

        For me, I need to watch what I'm eating so I'm back on WW due to the portion control issues that WW addresses. Different things work for different people. I belong to Habit Formers and generally do a full workout 3 days and a short workout 3 days with one day off each week.

        I hope we "see" a lot of new faces around here! This is an excellent program with an amazing support system.

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          12-30-2003, 11:29 AM

          I have been T-Tapping for 3 years this March 24. I am in a very comfortable size 12 now from a size 16. I have lost about 54 inches and the nice thing I have been able to do is maintain the weight and inches lost. I never did go on a diet just watched what I ate. Drank lots of water and gave up the soda and chips.

          I feel great, I do not have the back and knee problems I was going to a chiropractor for.

          I just T-Tapp about 3 times a week now plus my walking 3 miles a day and throw in some extra aerobics.

          I just finished walking the Philadelphia Marathon (26.2 miles), November 23 in 5 hour and 54 minutes and could not have done that without being in the shape that T-Tapp has given me.

          I am 58 years old and am 5 feet 8 inches and now weight 155 pounds from 176 pounds when I started. I love the way I look and the way my clothes look on me.

          T-Tapp has made such a difference in my life.

          Happy T-Tapping

          ]01-02-2004, 02:51 AM

          I'm a newbie wanting to start T-tapp after reading the WW article. I'm very inspired after reading all your stories. I have about 80 lbs. to lose and I'm desperate to really do something about it.
          I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories. I congratulate all of you on your sucess!
          Cherub, I was wondering if you would post more specific details about Theresa's advice regarding your bleeding? Besides the progesterone cream, was it a matter of doing the system or was there more to it? I have similar problems and wondered if this might also help me.


          01-02-2004, 12:27 PM

          Hi Angelica

          I am feeding the baby right now but, will write you back as quickly as I can ok ...I have to grab my ttapp notes from my talk with Teresa as well ... hang in there ok. I will be back shortly ok <img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle>
          laughter and lollipops


          would you prefer me to email you or post???

          01-02-2004, 02:38 PM

          Hi Angelica

          I just found my notes from my conversation with Teresa ... we talked in March of 2002. Keep in mind I also had some abnormal pap results which ended up me having HSIL cells and had to have them removed so, some of this info. deals with Cancer and sugars etc. ok

          Here is the notes from our talk.

          *ages 27-29 a hormonal change takes effect in people bio-chemically
          *if you want a birth control method .. use IUD without horomones (copper) NO MORE Birth Control Pills
          *** very important maintain sugar levels - avoid high glycemic foods - aim for low glycemic diet.
          *** PBS and HD's VERY important moves ... very key!
          High glycemic foods include ... oranges, pasta, grapes, carrots, no orange juice, rice cakes etc. list of all foods available on line.
          Do a 7-10 day food bootcamp ...can cheat every 3 days but, use alfalfa on cheat days - be prepared ... days 4 and 5 are REALLY hard!
          REALLY REALLY watch sugar - eat raw almonds or take alfalfa to nutralize sugar.
          **NO BREAKFAST CEREALS ... god made foods only! preservatives in the cereals etc. contain estrogen releasing chemicals.
          ** Paper and glass only in the microwave .. no heat with plastic or alumininum (think tv dinners etc)
          *Do a low glycemic diet
          *no soy or tofu
          *drink hormone free milk - eat free range chicken and beef
          ***EVERYDAY without fail ... do the brushing routine - take alfalfa as it stimulates the pituatary gland and stimulates HGH. Take 3 before bed and 2 in the morning. Take Calcium Pills BEFORE bed. Oseteo and nerve support a good one.
          Avoid Homo milk .. FYI- Europe won't drink it at all.
          ***PBS EVERY morning and EVERY bedtime
          ***HD's EVERY day at 1 pm and 3 pm
          Find a natural path Dr. in my area ...Canada has some of the best ones.
          *** Very key for me personally ... STRESS creates an acid environment ... Cancer LOVES sugar hates oxygen and an akaline state (alfalfa is the key)
          *Ttapp to tempo 3 times a week!
          Calcium and Mag. Teresa recommended a product to me called Natural Vitality and the ratio of mag. to cal. is 3 X's vs. the nerve and osteo support. PLUS it is a powder you simply mix with warm water once fizz settles you drink it .. no big pills like the country life brand.

          Teresa also mentioned ... cut back on my coffee big time and drink tea instead. Coffee is an estrogen producing stimulant which is something I Don't need, where tea is not. Tea helps in digestion - coffee disturbs it and all teas are good even with caffeine. For those who love coffee - better to drink it before a meal or in between instead of after.

          Concentrate on keeping your body akaline ..sugar and meats are soooo acidic.
          ***Teresa said "within 6 weeks" I should be completely back to normal!

          If you are going through the same things I did, I know 'exactly' how you are feeling right now. I really found the keys were this *take time for yourself like fresh air or long baths and relax (pamper yourself) * cut out the coffee and eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies (god made and low glycemic which isn't always easy ... you can do a search on the ttapp boards as well for GM/MM recipes which are a big help), DO the brushing, DO the Hoe Downs (very important) and do the tempo tape 3 X's a week. If you can do get some alfalfa as that "really' helped me soo much. Look into some progesterone cream .. if you live in Canada it will be almost impossible to find it! If you are in the US it will be much easier to find.

          I really have learned that if there is one person to put your faith in and a workout that works ... it is Teresa and Ttapp. You will never find anyone who gives so much of herself and cares about people and her workout WORKS. But, the trick is, you "have" to do it.

          Teresa is an incredibly knowledgable person don't hesitate to call the office as well and talk to her and ttapp has the nicest staffers in the world as well ... not to mention, all the trainers and people in the forum.

          If you need anymore help, please, please, please feel free to post and I will help in anyway I can. There is light at the end of the tunnel

          01-02-2004, 04:31 PM

          After having 2 children, I lost 22 inches in less than 6 months! (I did change my eating to NT which is also a big part.) I have a ways to go, but am down to 1 htf wo, one B/R, and 1 20 min. pilates (but am going to switch that one to SATI) a week. This isn't much but I am still losing every week!


          01-03-2004, 02:00 AM

          Thank you for your detailed posting on your conversation with Theresa. Wow, there's a lot of information here and I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day. By the way, congratulations on your baby! I'm printing your post so I can read more carefully and absorb the info. Just a little info about me: I have been on the South Beach Diet off and on (more off than on) for a couple months. I just started it again on Monday and have been feeling much better this week. I have seen a lot of reserch out there that connects sugar and insulin to my problems...not sure if I mentioned I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago? Anyway, this just confirms what I've been hearing more and more - I really have to get off sugar! Honestly, that is my biggest problem, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I used to eat several candy bars every day without thinking about it plus ice cream and cookies and whatever else. It's awful and that's the biggest reason I'm where I'm at right now. Well, that's all in the past and lately I have really been watching my sugar and carbs, etc. I stick to fresh veggies and salads, chicken breast, beans, eggs. I didn't know about the milk but it's no big deal for me to do without, except for my Uncle Sam's cereal!
          Anyway, I just ordered the T-Tapp Total System and I believe the PBS and HD and the brushing sytem are included so I will start as soon as I receive. I've been practicing the HD and I think I almost got it. I decided using the videos would help me get started because I'm so uncoordinated.
          Anyway, I will read your e-mail and do my best to follow absorb and follow the info.
          Thank you again for your help! And sorry about the long, off-topic discussion.

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            01-03-2004, 12:26 PM

            Hi Angelica

            You are very welcome <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle> I know it is a lot of information but, it really does work. That is so great that you ordered the system ... it really doesn't look like the moves would do all that much but, once you start doing them and concentrating on form ..whew ... just goes to prove, you should never judge a book by it's cover LOL

            I am into day 3 of a 4 day bootcamp and BOY, am I sore! It isn't a bad sore though but, a good sore LOL.

            Sugar ... I remember with my conversation with Teresa that SUGAR is a huge issue on many levels. I know, me personally, sugar is an issue and I really need to cut it out again. My problem is EVERYTHING seems to have sugar in it and I really need to keep A LOT of raw almonds here. Stress is also another HUGE thing for me. My husband and I own our own business, I run an office here, am a SAHM and I am trying to start another business and renovate a house! I am stressed out more times than I am not! LOL This year I am TRYING to make time for myself ... time to unwind and just learn to appreciate myself. It has taken a long time to realize that if I am not running at my best then, I can't offer the best of myself to anything or anyone. Wisdom does come with age apparently LOL ha ha.

            Again, feel free to keep in touch via the forum and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are all here to root you on and help!

            If you don't mind me asking what is PCOS? It just doesn't sound familiar to me.

            Take care and hope we talk soon

            Laughter and Lollipops (sugar free ones ha ha)

            01-03-2004, 08:04 PM

            Hi Cherub
            Yeah, I'm a little sore also and I've only been doing a couple of the moves. Like you say, it's a good sore. I measured myself this morning so I have a good frame of reference
            I know what you mean...both sugar and stress are also a problem for me. Can't imagine how you deal with it all...sounds like you have a very busy and hectic life. I shouldn't complain...I do have a full-time stressful job but I have no children. I have a wonderful husband who pitches in on housework all the time and doesn't mind cooking the occasional dinner. He also doesn't mind all the super-quick dinners I end up making for us each day. I find I have little energy to deal with cooking or housework after a day of work. I hope losing weight and becoming more fit will help with that. Still, my life seems simple in comparison!!
            PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is characterised by multiple but benign cysts in the ovaries. The problems range from irregular periods, infertility, excessive hair growth (facial, etc.) and thinning hair. The latest research shows that there is a strong connection between insulin resistance and the problems of PCOS.
            I would love to keep in touch.
            Good luck with your bootcamp!
            Talk to you soon.

            01-03-2004, 10:02 PM

            Hi Angelica

            Great to hear from you again and thank you for the clarification on PCOS.

            I am glad to hear that you too are feeling a bit sore, means we are doing something right I guess ha ha ha. It is hard to explain being sore but, a good sore isn't it My friend always looks at me like I am crazy ... she always says "how can sore be a good sore". She won't try ttapp though. I just don't think she is 'ready to yet'.

            I would love to keep in touch as well. Keep up the great work and let me know when you get your tapes ... maybe we can do a boot camp together ...

            Have to run for now

            04-02-2004, 06:24 PM

            Today is my two week benchmark. Looking forward to Houston Clinic on 5-1-04. Thanks for all the posts. Don't have a lot of weight or inches to lose so it was helpful to read that the closer to the goal the more challenging it might be to see results. Did Instructional #1 for 10 days, Basic + for 4 & started Inst. #2 this morning right after Basic +. One thing I've noticed: as my spine & ligaments have de-compressed from years of over-working out, a knee injury last May & day-to-day issues, the sense of balance that's missing in the body mirrors the internal imbalances, not just the physical lymph stuff, but emotional & psychological holding patterns that I've been stuck in. What a revealing week. Some of those patterns have also begun to loosen up, some relationships have just disappeared because they weren't going to ever be balanced & a sense of freedom within new boundaries is exhilarating.

            04-02-2004, 09:11 PM

            I have been Tapping for 7 weeks now. I lost 20" the first week and my grand total now is 40" 2 dress sizes and 3 pant sizes gone! Went from being a 24 top and 26 bottom to total size 20. I'm working on getting to a size 18 this month. No dietary changes, though I tend to eat lower carb/good whole grains, and no soda and tons of water already. I have my ice cream and Do 2 sets of HDs after <img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle> , I just only get it on the weekends. More and more people are noticing which is extra encouraging and I'm fitting clothes I haven't worn in a while [or ever]!

            Davette in DE
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              love to paint
              04-02-2004, 10:46 PM

              Davette -
              have you been doing just BWO+ or the total WO? How many times a week? Those are great results in such a short period! I have to make it through a boot camp yet. Something always happens when I start when then I never make it 4 days straight! Drives me crazy! Like right now I have a sinus infection but I am going to suffer through the workout anyhow because this would be day 3 otherwise I have to start all over again!
              Anyhow, I am interested in your routine if you don't mind! And anyone else's for that matter. I think specific routine helps us new people understand what we should be doing when and how often! Thanks!

              Amber Shaw

              Air Angel
              04-03-2004, 01:00 PM

              Hi Ya!!!!

              Well, I'm not to my goal yet, but I'm getting closer. I started T-Tapp on 1/7/04. The first few weeks I did was from the Women's World article. Sence than I've lost a total of 17 1/2 inches from all over!!!!

              I've had a few great health inprovements too. I haven't been very sick since staring T-Tapp. My thyroid gland is less swollen. It is sometimes not swollen at all now. And since I am now taking Armour thyroid meds, the nodules in my gland is shrinking!!!!!!

              So that's my story as of yet. With this program I know I will get to my goal!!!!! I figure that's something worth smiling again!!!!!


              Life is about having fun, learning, and enjoying every minute!!! Do what ever makes you the happiest!!! My hugs to you,


              04-03-2004, 01:11 PM

              I started out with Ins.1 then went 2 BW+. there was a week & a half when I did nothing as I also had a bad sinus/upper respiratory infection. Most of that was lost the first 3 weeks. Now I am at a stall so I am reorganizing my game plan [with th help if my T-Tapp Sis!] I'm working on Inst.2 now.



              04-03-2004, 02:21 PM

              Hi, I've been tapping since mid-Jan. 04. I didn't measure, but I'm down from a size 12 to 10. I can feel my 10s getting looser in the thighs now too. I started with the basics, doing BWPlus a lot in the begining with instructionals on days I could do more time. I tapped almost every day, even if it was just :15. I now can do the Tempo tape (40mins) every other day, and I do the BWPlus when I don't have time. I've noticed a huge difference in strength. The lunges were the hardest for me in the beginning and now I can do them! I stand taller in everyday life. I'm so looking forward to Lani's San Diego clinic in MAY~ and learning more about this fabulous Ttapp program~!


              05-05-2004, 12:47 AM

              Hi. I'm new (I just stumbled across and ordered the system today) and I'm wondering how realistic the "drop a dress size in 2 weeks" is... It caught my attention, but I'm still a little skeptical. I've been working out at the gym up to 10 times a week -- for the last 2 years! -- and I can't get to where I want. I'm healthy and fit, but 40 and with a little 'pouch' in my belly that will not go away. After talking with a few girlfriends recently, I'm even considering liposuction. ARGH! This is not healthy! So I found this site and figured it was worth a shot... I hope in a month I can write stories like the ones I am reading here.

              Wish me luck, or more patience!


              05-05-2004, 02:02 PM

              I was less sore than I expected after the Clinic in Houston, my knee improved turning out from the hips more than just KLT from the knees, my posture is so much better no the computer; my neck cracked into position after two years, without going to the chiropractor. Using CRT has toned up cellulite, am using way less vitamin/herb supplements for energy & hormone balancing (a big win!).

              05-05-2004, 02:47 PM

              Hey Ladies
              I found out about T-tapp in 2001 (October I think). Teresa did a clinic in my area in December 2001 that I attended. I found the workout very exhausting, but it delivered real results! However, at the time I was also mentally and physcially on the diet/excercise merry-go-round. While I saw results, I simply couldn't pull myself away from that vicious cycle of dieting (counting points), hard excercise and deprivation. Now, almost 3 years later I am back. After trying every excercise and nutrition program out there, I know this one works. This time around though I am practicing incredible patience with myself...finally being kind to myself. I understand AND accept that this process of rebuilding my life/mind/body IS going to take time.

              I began doing T-tapp again about three or four weeks ago. I am doing Mini-Max #5 (from 3 years ago) plus hoe-downs throughout the day. I do this workout (Basic Plus) about 5 days a week. In the last week I have added the arm sequence from the BWO and a small sequence from HTF (every other day -- so 2-3x a week). I follow GM/MM pretty well, however, there are days when I'm not diligent about it. I am skin brushing at least once a day, sometimes twice. Amazing thing is that with as little as I feel I'm doing, I am seeing great results! My clothes aren't as tight, especially my jeans! People at work are saying to me that "something is different about you." One of my co-workers said, "Something is going on with some kind of toning or something, your body looks different." My husband said, "Your stomach looks different, it's going down." <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle> My period just recently came and went. I had NO breast tenderness or crazy food cravings. I attribute that to all the hoe-downs I've been doing. I just feel incredible and can say that I'm finally at peace with a way of eating and moving my body that makes me feel good in every way possible! I am also getting ready to meet with a trainer in my area to work on form and I'm so excited! So, more great results are sure to come!
              I'll keep posting my progress !


              05-22-2004, 09:37 AM

              I've been doing BW+ and SATI for a month. I'm down 15 inches, haven't lost a pound, but I'm down from a tight 12 to a snug 10. I've lost 2 inches off my lower abdomen and an inch off each thigh and an inch off of each calf. I've hated my calves since high school.

              I'm also brushing, and seeing the lumps smooth out. The best part of brushing is how invigorated I feel. Even without a workout I feel energized.

              I work two jobs and generally have less than thirty minute to exercise. I'm going on vacation in June, and I'm already working out with the cassette so I can visualize the exercises correctly.

              I've done, pilates, oxycise, weights and aerobics and T-tapp has given me the best results in the shortest period of time.

              I plan on T-tapping for life.
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                06-16-2004, 04:00 AM

                I was so glad to hear about someone else t-tapping who has plantar fasciitis. I was diagnosed with it in April although it has been bothering me for many years. I only attended my fourth T-Tapp class today, and sometimes my foot really hurts afterwards because of having to stay on the outside edge of your foot while knees are bent. I'm assuming it will get better as I get stronger. I have been doing stretches of the foot before I get out of bed each morning, as well as using orthotics in my shoes, both as prescribed by my doctor, and it seemed to be helping a little. However, now that I'm T-Tapping, it's bothering me more. Any suggestions?


                06-16-2004, 03:38 PM

                32 to 26 since February.


                06-16-2004, 05:05 PM

                I'm on my 3rd week, YES I SAID WEEK, of T-tapping. I measured 2 days after my second week and was so surprised. Your gonna have to hear my story first before the results LOL.

                I'd tried every diet pill and shake made by man. (Well the ones I could afford that is!) I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in '96 and have been fighting with the weight ever since. I know many women fight Thyroid disease, but the majority can regulate it with the correct dosage of medication. My Thyroid is regualted completely artificially, because it had to be removed. Therefore I can fight my weight and my chemistry was still winning.

                Up until 3 weeks ago.

                A great friend of mine told me about T-Tapp (thanks Stela) and I started to dig into it. Then as I read others results I delved head first in. My results are as of last Monday 6/7/04, after 2 weeks of T-Tapping I lost .5in in arms, .5in in bust, 3in in waist (YEEHAW), 1 1/2in in butt flubber (no not really butt flubber that was not nice!) and I gained .75 in my legs. And I know the leg gain is muscle!! I'm not worried!! I haven't stepped on a scale in 3 weeks, and that is quite an accomplishment for me who was tied to it with a hankie for tears in one hand and a frozen mini-snickers in the other not understanding why my weight wouldn't budge!! Like I said I'm just a beginner, but WOW my result ROCK!! I'm noticing the so called "Fat shift" already and my brushing is still in the beginning phase, but I have never had results this fast before. I'm on the right track finally. No pills or shakes and this FEELS RIGHT! Thanks so much for posting all you've done. The articles are true and I firmly believe that this works I am living proof.

                Thanks so much for reading my rambling's and for this forum. I know my results were small compared to some, but I have never seen results this fast on anything that I've tried in the past. (Including the starvation diet, that was a bad one!!)

                So many blessings for the day and thanks again.


                08-08-2004, 07:15 AM

                Hello Everyone-
                Just thought I would add my results - started Tues with the instructional video and the CRT; I lost 1.5 lbs as of yest (Sat) 1.5 inches in lower abs, 1 inch in each thigh and 1 inch in each calf - total of 5.5 inches!!! I started Oxycising in early April and lost about 11 lbs and went from a tight size 16 to a very loose size 14 but I see T-Tapp as a way to really develop and fine-tune my body! I really feel that this is an answered prayer and as a nurse I have already told several patients about T-Tapp.
                BTW- I bought a size 12 dress on the clearance rack for $7 in mid-May - this morning it is LOOSE!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
                I am such AHAPPYDEB!

                02-13-2005, 01:40 AM


                Here's my success story in the middle of happening. I want to lose a few more dress sizes but I'm pleased as punch with the results I've gotten. These results are all from T-Tapp and mostly the B/R and Total Tempo, both are simply the total workout. I've also done half workouts and the treadmill. I didn't measure when I started but I know from my pant size that I had a 36+ inch waist and now its 31 inches.

                T-Tapp works if you work it. I'm a believer and will never abandon my tapping again.

                Kathy Evans


                02-14-2005, 01:49 AM

                Hi all,

                I was going to do the T-Tapp challenge starting on 1/4/05 but just couldn't get into the groove of working out. I've had the B/R tape since 2000 but the leg/balance sequence would do me in. I spent two weeks in January just doing legs/balance to get familiar with it. Then on 1/25/05 I started the 14 day "Bootcamp" and lost 5.7 inches in one week! I lost another 3 inches by the end of the 14 days. In the past week (bootcamp ended on Monday, 2/7... did BWO+ on Wed and Friday plus B/R yesterday (Sat)...) I have lost another .5 inches on my chest and .5 inches on my waist. My size 16 Old Navy jeans and pants were tight and now I'm in to my size 14 ON jeans (zipped up if I lie down on the bed! LOL!) My belt is too loose and my size 16 jeans are beginning to slide down on my hips. So, in three weeks, just under 10 inches! No change on the scale but I don't care what that has to say anyway!

                Great job to everyone else. Tanya

                03-20-2005, 03:33 PM

                I'm just a regular person, t-tapping my way into smaller sizes.

                I don't diet.

                I just do the total workout every other day and on my off days, a shorter one such as Basic Plus or the Magic Trio (PBS, TTT, and HDs). And one full day off a week.

                And I'm losing inches. I'm in smaller clothes. I still eat what I want to, no restricting for Ginger.

                Let's see, I have more energy, and my back hurts no more.

                Works for me!

                ~~gingerbread [:X][:X][:X]

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                  11-04-2009, 06:16 PM

                  I love T-tapp,and so far I lost 50 inches my weight was 149.8 now 128.5 and wear size 4.
                  I workout 4 or 5 time a week .
                  two times a week I do basic plus Tempo and three time a week total workout Tempo or Lady bug Standing and floor.

                  Rebeca T.