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  • OIP question for Sherry

    Question from Humyra 03-26-2003, 02:03 AM

    Hi Sherry,

    I waws reading in one of your OIP posts that the key to OIP is to aim at flattening your stomach wall. HOwever, other posts that I have read say that u shld keep your stomach walls relaxed while pushing organs in. I am a little confused about this. I just cant figure out how to do OIP.

    Also, I am doing a DD bootcamp and am loving it I am on Day 8 but I think in the past two days I have really improved my form compared day 1 to question is should I increase my bootcamp or do those days still count in the bootcamp.


    Answered by Sherry 03-26-2003, 02:12 AM

    Hi Humrya,

    I hope I can help with the confusion but I must confess that I haven't read the other posts you mention. I am SO BUSY with work just now that my time on the forum is much more limited. I hope things open up more soon.

    Actually, I think both statements are right. You want to relax the abs as you 'dig in' and push up to the center. Then, you TIGHTEN under the fingers for the first part of OIP which is just a tighten/release contraction.

    You relax again as you push up from just above the bladder to the center. I prefer a 'two-stage' lift that T sometimes teaches in person. Start with your left hand just above the bladder. Dig in, push up. Stay relaxed. Then with your right hand, dig in just below the resulting bulge which for most is 1 to 2 inches below the belly button ... and push in and up again. NOW TIGHTEN HARD. Try to imagine pulling the pelvic bones just above the thight together. Try to imagine a big, adult size ice cream scoop starting at the pelvic bone and scooping up toward the belly button. Tighten that hard and then begin the pelvic tilts.

    Oh yes. This is good stuff but it takes practice and concentration. Don't give up ... it is so worth the effort.

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor
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    From Sherry 03-26-2003, 02:15 AM

    Closing thoughts ...

    Relax to dig and scoop -- drop the belly button through the floor and well into the basement.

    ONLY THEN, tighten and begin the pelvic tilts.

    YES -- incredibly powerful move!

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor