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  • Teeth Whitening Question Answered

    Question from Playful Pixie 07-09-2004, 09:05 PM

    Hello All!

    DH mentioned the other day that my teeth were looking rather yellow...EEK! Does anyone have suggestions on natural teeth whitening solutions??!!! I've never smoked (outside of teenage years) but I did drink coffee for awhile...Any suggestions greatly appreciated, must be flouride free!


    Answered by Teresa Tapp 07-17-2004, 04:30 PM

    Hi Everyone...

    Thought I'd chime in to give a little bit more understanding about carbopol.

    Initially WhiteBrite was the ONLY teeth whitening product with this ingredient which IMO made it superior to other whitening products because it prevents gum sensitivity. Why? Because it causes the Hydrogen Peroxide to stick to the enamel, not the gums.

    Yes, I am familiar with the Crest Whitening strips and they do seem to create significant whitening but they do cause gum sensitivity. Why? Even though they've added Carbopol you'll notice that it is a variable, thus the Carbopol 956 classification and they've also added Sodium Hydroxide which actually counteracts the carbopol's ability to only stick to the enamel. Sodium is salt and thus "breaks apart" or "breaks through" molecular structure. For example: did you realize that if you put a balloon filled with fresh water into a basin of salt water, the salt water will penetrate through the latex and mix with the fresh water? Same thing with the Sodium Hydroxide...interesting that the saccharin is a sodium derivative too.

    That's why even though WhiteBrite contains more Hydrogen Peroxide (the actual teeth whitening ingredient) than the Crest Strips (notice that Purified Water and Glycerin are the first two ingredients in Crest Strips vs. WhiteBrite having Hydrogen Peroxide as first ingredient)- it doesn't cause gum or teeth sensitivity no matter how much you use.

    In reference to being "natural"...carbopol is not phyto derivitative - it is a laboratory created product...however, it is interesting to note that WhiteBrite was created for me over 20 years ago by an Austrian homeopathic chemist. Not only was it created for the models to offset nicotine, wine and coffee/tea stains but it was also created for optimal gum health. Yes, it was created to help oxidize buccal membranes within the mouth and prevent bleeding gums. White Brite helps create healthy gum tissue as well as kill germs (great for cold season). I've never really gone into such detail about this product because my primary focus is rehabilitative, functional fitness with the T-Tapp workouts but in reading everyone's concerns I thought I'd explain WhiteBrite a bit more. I NEVER put my recommendation or name on a product I don't believe in AND any product I recommend must deliver results both inside and out.

    Last of all, it's ok if you don't want to use WhiteBrite ... just do NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide direct on your teeth because it WILL damage your enamel!

    Best wishes to all, Teresa

    Another Question from Manon Gazaille 07-26-2004, 04:28 PM

    Hi Teresa, hi everyone,

    Forgive my probably silly question, but what is the format of White Brite?!? Is it a toothpaste, something you apply with a brush (like Colgate's whitener), strips?!? The reason why I'm asking is because I got the whitener from the dentists' office with the trays and the whole nine-yards but I just can't sleep with that stuff in my mouth ... It makes me gag to no end! Plus, the sensitivity is to my teeth is quite bad!

    Canadian Trainer in Training

    Answered by Teresa Tapp 07-26-2004, 04:35 PM

    Hi Manon...

    WhiteBrite has got to be the easiest way to whiten teeth. Just spray, brush and spit. No need to rinse.

    I suggest using it after brushing teeth to get max use of product but I have to admit, many times I just use WhiteBrite to brush sans toothpaste (especially when I travel and I'm not so sure of the water). I like to use mid afternoon sans toothpaste. It's amazing how WhiteBrite can even dampen appetite..guess it's the combo of brushing and the mint flavor. I once had a homeopathic physician tell me how important it was to brush our gums for overall healthy immune system, not just for healthy teeth.

    Hope to see you at the Safety Harbor Retreat! By the way, we're going to have the T-Tapp Workouts translated/voiced over in french by a professional interpreter from France....and she's going to be at the retreat. Maybe Francois can come this year too for our ever expanding French T-Tappers.

    Last of all, in regards to teeth sensitivity....WhiteBrite does not make your teeth or gums sensitive at all. Good stuff.