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Some Physiological Questions Answered

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  • Some Physiological Questions Answered

    Question from Blondy1285 posted 07-22-2004, 11:22 AM

    Okay, here are some things that I've noticed and was wondering if they were normal and/or common:

    -I am an armpit sweater. That means that when I typically work out, I get that horribly attractive ring under my arpits and then some trickling under my breasts. However, with T-Tapp I sweat predominantly from my face and chest. I get that sweat "collar" on my shirt and I don't sweat as much from my armpits. What does this mean?

    -I completed 3 days of a B/R bootcamp and was fine. Day 4, however was another story. I felt really sluggish and wanted to sit the day out but I pushed on anyway. Day 5, I woke up and was surprised to realize that much of my muscle achiness had disappeared and my Day 5 WO was much easier. I know Teresa says that the physiological breakthrough is supposed to happen on Day 3. Is it possible mine came a day late? Am I doing something wrong?

    On a side note, I have gone up a bra cup size. No, I'm not going through puberty nor did I see a surgeon. My posture (which was already good, I assure you) has improved so much that I now spill out of my B Cups ad need Cs now. The B's were just fine when my shoulders weren't pressing back like they are now- amazing!

    ~Nina from New York~

    Answered by Teresa Tapp 07-22-2004, 12:02 PM

    Congratulations on such progress during your bootcamp! Regarding day 3 vs your day 4 being the "tough" breakthrough day...don't worry you didn't do anything wrong. The majority of people hit that curve upon the third day but some experience it on day 2 and some on day 4. It reveals that your body has a greater core density endurance factor to begin with, but isn't it amazing how much easier it is once you get through that physiological breakpoint? The human body as a machine never ceases to amaze me.

    Regarding your new "sweat zones"... this is a perfect example how the T-Tapp Workout is more comprehensive in lymphatic function than other workouts. Armpits contain the primary lymph node junctions for the upper body (groin for lower) but the entire chest area contains a major network of lymphatic vessels and nodes. That's why T-Tapp has been credited as promoting healthy breast tissue and why so many women have reported improvement with less lumps, bumps and cysts after doing T-Tapp for 30 - 45 days. The neck has a primary lymph zone along the clavical bones and the face often doesn't receive lymphatic drainage with other workouts since it is the furthest away from gravity. Remember your lymph system has no heart to pump like your circulatory system ...therefore, comprehensive, compound muscle movement with lymphatic pumping is important. For example: rebounding is excellent for lymphatic pumping but the face does not receive the same increase of lymph, circulation and neuro-kinetic transmission like when it receives T-Tapp in sequence.

    So congratulations again on having such balanced lymphatic's indication that you really went to your personal max while doing T-Tapp.

    Last of all, in regards to bra size. I've been told that T-Tapp delivers perkier pecs faster than weight training. I credit this to the compehensive, compound muscle movement which delivers full fiber activation for greater pectoral density...kinda like a build in bra. Gotta love those lats!

    best wishes, Teresa