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Fabulous Arms 1 -- Terms and Shoulder Alignment

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  • Fabulous Arms 1 -- Terms and Shoulder Alignment

    Originally posted by Sherry 01-18-2004, 02:38 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I promised to start a comprehensive Fabulous Arms series after the first of the year. This is the beginning and will start with just the basics. I've posted much of what I originally intended for the first two threads (SA and PBS) recently due to other requests so this will be a repeat. All the same, it is important stuff for newbies.

    Getting results in terms of toning, tigthening and inch loss comes down to a few key principles:

    1. Body alignment
    2. Leverage isometrics linked to that alignment and full extension of the muscle
    3. Torque
    4. Pushing to your personal max

    I will repeat these key concepts or highlighting how they impact arm definition throughout the series. Remember, the focus on this thread is upper body so I won't be listing all form tips.

    Critical to all T-Tapp is body alignment literally from the toes to head. Focus, for just a minute, on the shoulders.

    Don't move anything except to raise your arm straight up. Notice the position of your arm relative to the ear. Is it in front of the ear, beside the ear or behind?

    Lower the arm and for those that are not behind the ear, lets see if we can get there.

    Face a mirror, feet hip width a part. You can assume the KLT/NBT stance or just softly bend the knees.

    Now, roll the shoulders back and down.

    Watch that mirror carefully because your entire posture and appearance of the neck through the shoulders is about to change.

    You can have your arms either hanging along the sides of your body with the palms facing your body ... or you can extend the arms at an angle with the palms facing the mirror. The latter looks like this:

    / O \

    Either way works. BUT fully extend the arms. Imagine there is a puppeteer with stings on your wrists and he is pulling your wrists down and out. REACH!

    Here comes the magic. Rotate the thumbs toward the back wall. Watch what happens to the rib cage. Watch what happens to the shoulder socket. Feel your shoulder blades slide down? Feel the lower traps and lats engage? Feel your spine get longer?

    Now raise your arm straight overhead. Where is it relative to your ear? I bet it is behind the ear or at least back further than before. Teresa says "arms behind the ears" ... this happens naturally when your shoulders are in proper anatomical position.

    Of course this is about Neurokinetic flow but it is also about using the muscular engagement that comes with shoulder alignment. Notice how the muscles feel. The objective is to keep the shoulders in this position and HOLD that engagement throughout the workout. When you work against actively engaged muscles ANYWHERE, the toning and trimming results come much faster.

    Now for everyday, all day long positioning, repeat the above. Get the shoulders in place and then relax the hands... relax the elbow joint ... and finally let the upper arm fall into place. The palms should naturally face the body so that the V between your thumb and first finger is facing the mirror. Barbie Doll hands ... that is how they look. Don't let the back of your hands face the front. This lets the shoulders roll forward.

    Maintaining SA takes practice. Try in once each hour during the day until it becomes more natural. Stop and reset your shoulders before each T-Tapp move. Definitely use this during any other type of workout.

    Why does it matter for fabulous arms? Oh my! You can't maximize isometrics or torque if your body is not aligned to start with.

    Remember, we'll be adding things to work on in this series so start now on keeping the shoulders back ... rotate the thumb to let the lats pull them down ... don't push them down from the traps!!!

    Mastering SA will literally change your appearance as well as getting you ready to have fabulous arms this summer!

    T-Tappin' best from Houston,Texas
    Sherry, T-Tapp Trainer