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  • T-Tapp "killer" lunges

    Originally posted by Sherry 09-12-2004, 12:52 AM
    This week, I celebrate 4 years doing T-Tapp- and teaching about 3 1/2. Sometimes it is hard to believe because the time has gone by so quickly.

    All through this time, I've never stopped learning. There is always something new ... or old ... on which to focus more attention. Sometimes a new tape comes out and Teresa will say the same thing ... only slightly differently ... and bingo, I find I can go to an entirely new level with a particular move.

    This happened for me with the intermediate tape during lunges. It wasn't anything new ... it was more a new way of thinking through the move that took things so a new level.

    So, this post is about the BACK leg on front and drop lunges, the second and third lunge moves.

    Front lunges

    As you know, it is all in the back heel -- raising and lowering the back heel. The change for me was thinking more about pushing the heel to the back wall and down ... more than just lowering and raising.

    Give it a try. Step back but only about half as far as you do for the front lunge. Make sure both feet are straight ... especially make sure the back foot and heel are straight ... no turn out or turn in. Tuck the tush and squeeze the glutes ... shoulders back and down. Now, I'm assuming you are pushing that front knee out by turning the femur in the hip socket. The front leg can be another post down the road.

    For now start with the back heel up ... aligned with the foot. Tush tucked, think "push the back heel toward the back wall while pushing down". This is different than just lowering. Feel the muscles lengthen, stretch and engage along the front of the thigh?

    HOLD that engagement ... don't let the muscles release. Now raise the back heel as much as you can ... tucking, tucking, tucking all the time. If you are tucking, you should feel a thigh muscle torque as the back knee tries to turn out. Let the knee try to turn out but keep the hips absolutely square to the mirror and the back heel absolutely straight. At the top of the heel lift, tuck the tush harder and tighten more.

    Now, PUSH the back heel to the back wall and PUSH the heel down ... control ... go slow. Feel the incredible lengthening stretch and contraction through the thigh?

    Once you master thinking 'push heel back and down', wiggle down and do the complete move for 8 on each leg. Never release the engagement... just try to make it even more intense with each rep.

    Now for drop lunges. I have a confession. I hate drop lunges. I find them so incredibly hard when done with concentration. Soon, you may hate them too! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

    Step back as typical. Once again, this post is about the back leg ... I'm assuming your front knee is pushing out.

    Foot is straight? Hips are square to the mirror? Drop down by bending the back knee.

    Tuck the tush harder and squeeze the glutes more. Now, lift the heel until the back of the foot is vertical. Yep, straight up and down. That isn't new.

    Here is the new part for me in focus. Keep the heel absolutely vertical as you raise up. Oh my gosh. What incredible intensity this brings to the back leg. I can barely do four reps of drop lunges after doing killer front lunges as described above.

    Keep tucking all the way up and keep squeezing the glutes. By squeezing the glutes as much as possible, you automatically increase how much you engage both the thigh muscles ... and the abs.

    Add the arms to drop lunges and you have something ... well, it is darn hard!

    Four years down ... still learning ... still thinking through moves. T-Tapp is as much mental as physical. Sometimes the way we think through a move can make all the difference in execution.

    "Retired" T-Tapp Trainer

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    05-23-2012, 03:17 PM

    I switched to Total Workout Instructional 2 days ago and this morning when I did it, I used these tips during lunges. It absolutely shredded my thighs in the most delightful way and made me love lunges. You read correctly: I LOVE LUNGES NOW.