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Hard core fat busting for your inner core

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  • Hard core fat busting for your inner core

    Originally posted by Sherry 11-19-2004, 09:29 PM
    A funny thing happens on this T-Tapp journey -- the moves change! Now, that's no secret ... we've talked a lot about how T-Tapp grows with you and how it becomes even more intense as we grow stronger without adding more reps.

    But I suppose what I notice most is that how it feels inside changes over time. What a beginner can feel varies a lot from person to person depending on starting strength and other factors. And, what each person feels changes through the T-Tapp journey.

    So, what's my point? Well, there is a sequence of moves that isn't often talked about on the forum that I've come to be incredibly passionate about especially since I've had very little time lately for my normal workouts.

    In fact, I think this sequence is so powerful at working the abs, glutes, inner thighs and mid back muscles that I've started thinking of the sequence as hard core work. Sorry, just can't resist the pun! I also think it hits the transversus abs ... one of the most important inner core muscles.

    So here it is.

    1. Organs-In-Place for 20 followed by

    2. "Don't Flop-em" for 10 to 20 (aka Elevator Doors)

    3. Freight Elevator for 10 (lower your 'freight' down then up, knees together and open)

    4. Half Frogs for 8

    How to turn this sequence into a super fat blaster and toning set?

    1. OIP for 20
    Starting with OIP, flatten the abdominal wall as usual by pushing in and up. Remember, keep the belly soft when you dig in and push up. You tighten AFTER the digging. THen, before you start the little tucks, TIGHTEN the glutes as hard as possible. Feel the abs flatten and tighten even more? If not, that will come with time. But hold that tummy down and tighten the glutes throughout all the tucks.

    For more info on OIP, you can do a search with OIP in the subject.

    2. Elevator Doors

    Keep that tush in the air and keep squeezing the glutes for step 2 of the sequence - Don't Flop-em or Elevator Doors.

    Move your arms so that the elbows can press into the floor. Keep the tush tight!!!

    Squeeze the knees together and as you squeeze PUSH THOSE ELBOWS DOWN into the floor. If you are keeping the glutes tight, you should feel this in the tush, DEEP in the abs along and inside the hip / pelvic bone, the inner thighs, the hip pad area and lats. Oh yes, this is good stuff but you must push the elbows down and keep the glutes tight. I also find lifting the hips as high as I can intensifies the move substantially.

    3. Freight Elevators for 10

    Keep the tush (or your freight) TIGHT. Lower your freight down, lift it back up high, squeeze the knees and push the elbows down, then open only hip with. Once again, keep the tush tight!!!

    After the last one, lower your freight to the floor, hug the knees for little rocks and go into Half Frogs as usual. You'll like half frogs more because this move releases all the tightness from the earlier moves.

    My secret for half frogs is to make sure you spread the knees wide, wide, wide as a bullfrog's croak and keep the tush tight as you can. However, you won't be able to keep it as tight as in the earlier parts of this sequence.

    I think this group of moves can be done as much as you want without over training -- or as little as you want to support the rest of your agenda.

    I've become so sold on it because of how much I can now feel it working DEEP inside the inner most abs. But, I also know that I wouldn't have been able to feel that when first starting 4 years ago ... and maybe not 2 years ago. So, if you can't quite capture the feeling, go for the technical application of the form and trust that you will capture how it feels over time.

    This sequence is on HTF and other tapes but not in print (i.e., an article with photos). Although I've been doing it for 4 years, I've only come to appreciate how deep it is ... and how deep it goes in the abs ... over the past 4 to 6 months. We tend to focus on other things and forget this truly incredible sequence. The nice thing is that the form is easier to master than other hard core, inner core moves such as balance, TTTwist, TTN, etc. So, give this a try with a little more hummmppphhh!

    And remember, this is a great cheat move that can help you through the holidays with a smile when you know you are doing hard core for your inner core!

    "Retired" T-Tapp Trainer
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    03-27-2008, 04:14 PM

    Definitely! I've got it bookmarked, and I actually try to do these every night! WOWZA!

    And if you really want to torture yourself [], add 'em into Lani's Torso Trimmer:

    DD & PT one side
    OIP/Freight Elevators
    DD & PT other side
    OIP/Half frogs

    And I finish with the LadyBug move. Then I try to get up!

    Those freight elevators are killers--like all those "controlled" moves! You'll get to know your transverse abs well! No flopping around allowed!


    02-16-2009, 09:07 PM

    whats the difference between half frogs & elevator doors?

    02-17-2009, 08:02 AM


    Do you have the dvd in the back of the book? Elevator doors is just squeezing your legs shut and opening again (without the "lift of the tush" you do in Half Frogs). Then Freight Elevators, you don't open as widely, and you lower and raise the tush slightly (REALLY works the abs!)

    This is an awesome round for the tummy--it really works!

    04-10-2009, 08:58 AM

    Oh, yeah! I'm also adding that the elevator doors and freight elevators are the last several minutes or so of HTF. Of course, Teresa adds the 50 tucks to REALLY burn those hips and buns!!!! YOWZA!

    04-10-2009, 09:52 PM

    hard core series

    It seems to me that this is the same sequence that is on Tempo lower body? Am I right? I think it is a great segment and I'm sure I have tons of room for improvement on form! That is the great thing about the whole personal max thing. You don't have to do the moves perfect to get something out of them. You get something out of them at your level, and then progress to getting more and more out of them as you get stronger! So cool...