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Oh my, a new shape for short torso derrieres?

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  • Oh my, a new shape for short torso derrieres?

    Originally posted by Sherry 12-03-2002, 02:23 AM

    Is it my imagination? What IS THAT trailing behind ????

    Could it be a .... no, surely not!

    Not a short torso version of a ... heaven forbid ... bubble butt?

    Oh my, oh my!!!

    How did this new shape happen? Well, it has a whole lot to do with KLT, plies, and everything else in T Tapp. I had previously posted that I thought T Tapp would slightly reshape a short torso flattie but I have to now retract all those comments. I was hesitant thinking it was all my imagination until I talked with Stephanie today and she is seeing the very same things.

    While we will never have the 'bubble butt' of a long torso ... and no offense, we don't want that ... things are lifting and shaping well beyond all expectations.

    It is all about working against HARD isometric contractions in a way that is unique to T Tapp. Go for it, there is nothing to lose except incredible fat-burning muscle density and shape.

    T-Tappin' best from Texas,
    Sherry, Houston Instructor