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Fabulous Arms 6 - A new / old tip

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  • Fabulous Arms 6 - A new / old tip

    Originally posted by Sherry 04-20-2005, 01:37 AM

    Actually, to be honest, I don't recall where I left off on the Fabulous Arms tips so maybe this is #5 or maybe #6.

    I was doing Tempo Intermediate today and I heard Teresa say something that I'm absolutely sure was not on that workout before. Couldn't have been ... I would have surely heard it because I really like arm work and enjoy teaching it even more.

    Actually, it is a very subtle cue and I've been executing it anyway and probably many of you have too. All the same, I haven't actively thought about it in this way so it seems worth while to elevate it for all the hard-core form tippers in T-Tapp land.

    This relates to the "ape" moves where you roll the shoulders forward, palms facing the floor. The tip is the same for both of these sequences so lets use the first as an example.

    So the move works like this:

    Shoulders roll forward but tush stays tucked ... knees out

    Palms face the floor ... or they will at the peak of the move

    Hands come in to the body and follow the side seam all the way up until they curl under the armpits. This is very important ... hands must be under the armpits as much as possible versus out in front of the pecs.

    The elbows torque forward and lift up. Right there, at the peak of the lift up, hold that torque and then fully extend the arms.

    Again, this is a very subtle cue to make sure you are extending the arms at the peak of the elbow lift but it sure can make a difference in getting fabulous arms this summer!

    T-Tappin' best from Houston,Texas
    Sherry, T-Tapp Trainer