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Fabulous Arms 5 -- Tricep Curls

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  • Fabulous Arms 5 -- Tricep Curls

    Originally posted by Sherry 05-08-2004, 02:53 AM
    At long last, we come to my favorite T-Tapp move to shape entire arm. Like everything else in T-Tapp, maximizing results comes from linear alignment, working the full length of the muscle from insertion to insertion … all while working against isometric contractions. YES you can and YES it is so worth it!

    To learn the ‘ape-looking-tricep-curls’, I recommend using jazz hands for practice. This means you spread the fingers wide, wide wide.

    Assume the ‘ape’ stance as shown by Teresa in the videos. For once, you get to lean in to the move a bit. You may want to turn sideways to the mirror so that you can turn your head to the side to see what you are doing. Definitely avoid looking up in these moves as this can strain the neck.

    Not sure if your form is right? Watch the video with a friend and print this out. Let the friend give you on the spot feedback.

    Getting started with the tricep curls ……

    Basic T-Tapp stance, shoulders back and down. LATS FULLY ENGAGED.

    First, go to the upside down T and hold for a few seconds to feel the lats.

    From there, extend the arms to the side until the elbows and wrists are level with the shoulders – palms to the ceiling.

    Here comes a critical point. Rotate the arms until the palms are facing the floor. Check that again. Palms are facing the floor. This is important later to maximize the torque in the arms. A very common mistake is to over rotate and have the palms facing the back wall …..

    REACH FAR and jazz those fingers for now – PALMS TO THE FLOOR.

    Now, lean into the move while trying to hold the lat engagement.

    Keeping those fingers jazzed and palms facing the floor, bend the elbows until the middle fingers come in to the side seam. Literally touch the side seam with the tip of the middle finger. This will give you more control.

    Keeping touching the side seam and run your middle finger up the seam until your hands are directly under the armpit. Directly until is optimal but you may find you are slightly to the front of the armpit. Stop and try it again. Can you get directly under? If not, go to your max but keep working on this.

    Hands are curled directly under the armpit. Elbows are aligned with the shoulders … not in front of or behinds.

    Right there … torque or pull the elbows forward toward the mirror.

    Hold for 3 seconds to capture the feel.

    NOW don’t release the contraction or torque as you S L O W L Y extend the wrists away from the body until the elbows and wrists are level with the shoulders. REACH away with the wrists!

    Be sure to keep reaching away with the wrists as you once again bend at the elbow and run your middle finger up the side seam …..

    Palms are still facing the floor at the peak of the reach away. Don't over rotate which means the palms will face the back wall.

    The fourth part of the sequence is very similar to the above except for the downward push. When you reach down for that part, do so with energy and NO WIMPY ARMS!

    The second and fourth parts of the arm sequence are truly phenomenal sculpting moves. Would you like to try this with even just 1 pound weights? Oh my! Not me!

    "Retired" T-Tapp Trainer