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Fabulous Arms 1a -- More terms and hand positions

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  • Fabulous Arms 1a -- More terms and hand positions

    Originally posted by Sherry 01-18-2004, 02:53 AM

    Ok, a bit more on key terms.

    Leverage isometrics using full extension and full engagement ....

    A mouth full!

    You can feel the difference yourself.

    Hold your arm out to the side in a relaxed sort of way. Notice how the muscles feel.

    Now REACH far with your wrists ... a puppeteer is pulling your wrists as far away from your body as possible. Notice how the muscles now feel. Can you feel them contracting in a long way? They are already engaged quite a bit.

    Now for the final touch of engagement. There are three hand positions that will maximize engagement.

    They are:

    1. Mitten Hands
    2. Jazz hands
    3. Donut hands

    Keep the arm out, puppeteer pulling at the wrist. REACH AWAY! Feel the muscles kick in more and pull against the bone?

    Keep reaching ... form a jazz hand by spreading the fingers WIDE. Don't be wimpy with that jazz hand and make sure you are still reaching far. Elbow is locked for this experiment. JAZZ the fingers. Feel the muscles kick in slightly differently?

    Last hand position is donut hands and maybe the hardest to hold. Keep REACHING with the wrist. Now pinch the index and middle finger against the thumb. Don't release. Notice the muscle engagement.

    These are the hand positions we'll reference in subsequent threads.

    For most T-Tapp moves it is really simple to maximize the arms. You just apply the above concepts of REACHING AWAY and maximizing the engagement through hand positions. Try it with the arms in plies next time. Wowser! But more on that later.

    T-Tappin' best from Houston,Texas
    Sherry, T-Tapp Trainer