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  • Take lat contraction to the next level

    Originally posted by Lannette 04-06-2003, 11:21 PM

    Have you gotten to the point where you are comfortable with the idea of contracting the lats to help stabilize your shoulder to hip alignment and increase muscle involvement?

    Then how about moving on to the middle trapezius and rhomboids to involve more upper back muscle and prevent the ribs from poking forward?

    This isn't easy to feel at first but when you do get it you'll be amazed at how it will involve your upper back. Even your rear delts will be cooking.

    Stand in a good KLT stance with hands down and palms forward. Facing a mirror is best. Now allow your shoulders to relax. You'll probably notice that they roll slightly forward. Keep them relaxed but back and down and then try to pull your shoulder blades together.

    Don't allow your ribs to stick out and don't worry about your lats right now but just pull your shoulder blades in and toward each other. You'll know when you're successful because you'll see your shoulders being pulled back and open. When you get really good at it you'll also feel a sensation of isometric tension in the front of the shoulders and front of the armpit. (that infamous bra bulge area)

    Practice that few times and then add in the lat contraction. When you really perfect it you can actually set up a kind of muscular battle between the lower and middle of the trapezius by attempting to pull the shoulder blades down but countering the movement by pulling them together at the same time. Once you tighten the lats and tuck the glutes you'll have your whole back in a wonderful isometric contraction that will over time, chisel some amazing back cuts.