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It's not sciatica!!!!!

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  • It's not sciatica!!!!!

    Originally posted by kazy 02-08-2005, 11:38 PM

    I may have finally gotten to the root of my hip pain. I saw a nerve specialist today who did a nerve test to see if my sciatic nerve is compressed. It's not. I explained my pain is coming in a cut fashion from him to butt and then down a few inches into my upper thigh. IT'S NEVER SHOT DOWN the entire leg or even to the knee. He believes I've pulled the muscles that runs along this route called Pemosis or something like that (starts w/ P) and is exactly where my pain is. He explained it's not a muscles that is easily pulled or injured so I must've been really rotating my hips out and maybe over-doing it. This totally concurs w/ what I was doing at the time - T-TAPP AND WALKING (ala ttapp). So If I'm really trying to tuck hard and rotate from hips then guess what - I could've injured it that way. Thankfully he gave me some exercises and my chiro can now concentrate on that area.

    Let me stress that I don't think T-tapp caused this, it was my dedication to keeping correct form (and maybe doing something incorrectly?) that caused this. I'm so happy to have a possible end to this misery I've been feeling for close to 6 mos. now!