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Rhuematoid artheritis (sp?)

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  • Rhuematoid artheritis (sp?)

    Originally posted by JulieS 04-14-2005, 11:24 AM

    Can ttapp help?

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    04-14-2005, 12:25 PM

    Hello Julie,

    How are you today? I would recommend T-Tapp More for you. This workout program will be helpful because it goes at a slower pace and has modifications to the exercises so that the user can easily adapt to them. Since you have severe rheumatoid in your hands this is probably the only T-Tapp workout you can do at this point. It still might be difficult for you to clasp your hands behind your back, but if you don't move the joints you are going to have more problems later on.

    Another thing I would recommend to you is Teresa's Finger Fitness seminar. This seminar talks about how T-Tapp helps the body help itself lessen inflammation and discomfort from Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel or Edema with muscle movement. With the Volume 2 package you will receive:

    - A free audio download of the completed Teleseminar
    - Access for a free online viewing of a related T-Tapp exercise routine
    - A special caller discount for a select T-Tapp product
    - A $10 discount on the next T-Tapp Teleseminar

    For more information and ordering this seminar please visit

    We have received a lot of emails and phone calls about success with this seminar from people that have rheumatoid and carpal tunnel.

    Additionally, since inflammation is a concern there are a few more things I want to recommend. Stay away from foods that create inflammation, like sugar and alcohol. You may also be sensitive to wheat, corn, milk/dairy products and beef. Use a food-symptom diary to find out and eliminate the foods that create or increase symptoms. You should try to eat as many alkaline foods as possible. There are many books about acid and alkaline foods, so you should do some reading on that topic. Some examples are fish, lemon, raw almonds and most fruit and vegetables.

    Teresa's Premium Blended Alfalfa is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help you get rid of excess water retention and is alkaline producing. This product is part of our CRT System for cellulite removal and skin tightening. This system would also be helpful to you in reducing inflammation and getting rid of toxins. The Premium Nutritional & Health Products section of the T-Tapp WebStore.

    CRT Skin Tightening System - T-Tapp's special body brushing pattern (available on VHS or DVD) along with premium nutritional support helps the body help itself inside and out. Not only does skin tighten and tone, control of cellulite becomes possible! This special pattern of body brushing also accelerates the body's ability to release toxins. Great for those with auto-immune disorders to promote healthy tissue with less inflammation. Special price $69.95 also includes two bonus exercises for cellulite "Awesome Legs" and "Jog Rocks" - as well as "The Truth About Cellulite" and "Yes You Can with T-Tapp" seminars (retail value $120!).

    If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. Thanks!

    T-Tapp Staff

    04-14-2005, 12:56 PM


    If you are looking for another all natural supplement Omega III is really good for arthritis. Just like we need to keep oil in our cars we also need to keep our body with oil. Omega III is a excellent source of the fish oil to keep our joints lubericated.


    04-14-2005, 02:20 PM

    If you have food allergies to seafood, you can also try flax seed oil which also is very high in omega's.


    10-22-2007, 12:02 AM

    Just wanted to add some good information that I found to this post in hopes that it might help those with arthritis.

    I have found that educating oneself about the human body and any particular problems, illnesses or diseases that you personally have or even have a family history of is very beneficial. It helps you to make the best decisions that you can about your health and gives you questions that you can ask your MD or other health care providers.

    Here is link on arthritis and exercise from the National Institutes of Health (I am not endorsing the product as I have no experience with it-just thought this looked like a good resource.):

    Here is some general information about arthritis-more
    fact sheets :

    You might consider the following resource: NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone in his book "7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity" teaches about ways to reduce inflammation. If you cannot afford to purchase it right now, you might use your local interlibrary loan system to try before you buy.

    Carol Heinrich, RN
    Tappin'since Oct. '05
    T-Tapp certified for Total Workout-pending ACE cert