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I've got to tell someone - Diabetic no more!!!!

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  • I've got to tell someone - Diabetic no more!!!!

    Originally posted by LaBelleLouisianne 01-26-2002, 02:30 AM

    For those of you new to T-Tapp, I'm the one who last year at this time was diagnosed with diabetes and told I was going to die if I didn't do something about my bloodsugar soon. Oh, Dear Jesus, I had too much to live for. I was on maximum doses of diabetes meds and heart meds that was not controlling my bloodsugars that were 5X's above normal. I was told if I didn't do something soon, and very soon, I would die. I failed two EKG's and a treadmill stress test. How had my life gone so wrong, would God negotiate with me lying on a cardiac cath table??? How would I know. About 2 weeks after this wonderful news, I met Teresa - the rest is history.

    Three days short of 2 months after meeting Teresa and starting her program, I was able to discontinue all Heart medication, Diabetes medications and was restored to health - hey, it happened to me and I'm hardly able to believe it. T-tapp was working for me in a way I couldn't know possible and that even Teresa couldn't know. It was reversing my diabetes - could this be magic; was it even true?????? I believed it and knew in my heart - but still had trouble making others believe it.

    Today was such sweet revenge!!!! I'm a wicked, wicked woman because, I'm delighted that tonight I have scientists scratching their heads saying this is not supposed to happen, just not possible. GUESS WHAT!!!! it has, and it's happened to ME. Dear God, can this be true???

    I have converted from diabetes to "reactive Hypoglycemia" in less than one year with nothing more than T-Tapp. My doctor is quite the scientist and skeptic at this point and will not confirm it until he has the blood tests back, but allows that his initial impression is that I have converted. Girlfriends, IS LIFE GOOD OR WHAT????????

    I will keep you guys updated on the results of the blood tests.

    Oh, my God - I feel that I have been blessed by a guardian angel, and Teresa is her name. She didn't do it FOR me, but, she gave me the keys to unlock the doors to reclaiming my health and controlling my body and life.

    I cannot possibly repay Teresa. I can only honor her as the person who gave me the gift. If I can return the favor by having one diabetic benefit from my story I'll have fulfilled my purpose.

    Night before last, I told Teresa that my BEST TIME is NOW. I feel 35 (and I'm 54) I'm healthy again, I look 45, I have the energy I haven't had in years, my heart is well and I'm about to figure out how to live life WITHOUT DIABETES - Whuddayasay, Girls. Go Figure - is life something to embrace like a brother? - you bet your sweet ass. I'm so happy I'm about to burst.


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    12-07-2006, 12:57 AM

    I recently emailed Aimee for an update posting on this story after I saw her posting on the share and care section. I would really like to know if these wonderful changes were permanent or temporary. I have not heard back yet, but am hoping to soon. I have not had such drastic changes, and hoedowns do not lower my blood sugar very much. I'm overall very happy with improvements in my body since doing T-Tapp, and will certainly continue, but my blood sugars have sure not changed much at all.

    Aimee, if you do respond to this, I would specifically like to know how T-Tapp has continued to improve your health (or not), what your regimen is, and specifically what your daily blood sugars look like. I'm not trying to put you on the spot or anything, I'm just curious about the long-term effects of T-Tapp with diabetics.