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Are upper body changes Eluding you? a thought

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  • Are upper body changes Eluding you? a thought

    Originally posted by Lannette 09-17-2002, 12:02 PM

    Well a bunch of thoughts actually. I never have a single thought. hee hee

    I get quite a few emails asking me if I lift weights or use weight-training tapes. I no longer do with any regularity though I admit that a couple of times a year I’ll do one session just to check out my strength and at these times I’m always pleasantly surprised.

    At any rate I did a blitz this weekend and noticed that I’m really feeling T-Tapp upper body moves more than ever and I actually think that my upper body is responding to them in a slightly different but good way than it was before.

    I’ve also been pondering how people who like a more muscular look can best get it by using T-Tapp. I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s a matter of the body needing to seek muscle balance before it can begin to show the results we so look for.

    It is so very common for people (depending upon their activities of daily living) to develop shortened range of motion in our chest and shoulder areas as we age. When we were little and climbing trees and doing cartwheels and hanging on the jungle gym and monkey bars our activities kept these areas strong and flexible but think of how many of life’s activities call for a forward lean which puts these muscles in a shortened position.

    Also, I think we’re seeing this more and more at a younger age because kids don’t necessarily get out and hang on the monkey bars these days and computers and video games encourage them to slump forward. Heck computers encourage us to do the same thing.

    Weight training form also encourages us to keep our weights, and thus our arms in front of our ears which again invites shortening. I was terribly short in this area when I started T-Tapping. So short in fact that I didn’t get the cardio pump from plies that I get now because my range of motion wasn’t good enough to get my heartrate up.

    So if you are trying to build a nicely muscled but still feminine upper body with T-Tapp and aren’t yet seeing really outstanding changes consider the fact that your body may be going through a phase where your upper body musculature is becoming more flexible and balanced. Once that transformation occurs you, like me may see even better results in less time. Warning: You’ll also groan a lot more during your workouts!

    If you are weight training and using T-Tapp for cross training purposes be sure not to overlook the importance of upper body linear alignment. The increased range of motion it affords will actually boost your results from your weight training and also give you better cuts and a more feminine upper body line.

    Here’s a couple simple diagnostic “tests” you can use to track your upper body range of motion. Stand in good basic KLT stance, in front of a full body mirror or better yet have a friend watch you. Raise your arms straight in front of you, shoulder width apart, with palms facing one another. Now lift your arms straight up and attempt to put them behind your ears without bending your elbows. If you can’t do it your shoulder range of motion is shortened. Work on always straightening those arms to your max and pushing them behind your ears when you lift them overhead in the workout. (You can also do this test seated, legs extended straight front in linear alignment.)

    Second test, stand again in good basic KLT stance in front of a mirror or have a friend check you. Hands first hanging down with palms forward. Now bend elbows until your forearms are parallel to the floor with palms up thumbs sticking out to sides. From the shoulder rotate your thumbs out to the sides as if you are trying to get them to touch behind your back. Can you get them all the way straight to the sides so that viewed from the side they don’t stick out to the front at all? If the answer is no then once again you need to concentrate on that upper body linear alignment as well as keeping your chest open with shoulders back and down during your workouts and life activities.

    Last thought (I promise!) When you do PBS arm pumps do you rotate your shoulders back and down before and as you straighten those arms behind you? This simple move can help open up your chest so effectively which in turn will boost the changes you see.

    Just thought I'd share my rambling thoughts with you on this Tuesday morning. Whatever that's worth.

    Ok I lied, I just had another thought. (This thinking can be dangerous!) I think that this muscle rebalancing can also translate to a lag in our lower bodys or even torsos too. I know that my bum hip had to regain range of motion before I could properly feel lunges on that side.

    Ok now honest I'll push send before I have a chance to do anymore thinking.

    T-Tapp Trainer NH

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    Can anyone recommend T-Tapp workouts that emphasize upper body. I have some major bingo wings to get rid of-lol

    Dolly, really all of them! The keys to helping those arms are full-fiber activation and ribs up! It's so easy to drop the ribs, especially with a concentrated effort on arms moves (like doing Tempo Arms).
    For the full fiber activation, think to really r-e-a-c-h through the elbows and wrists and to move as if through very thick mud. For example, Reach Scoops--you reach UP, pull that belly to spine, be sure your ribs are up and reach away as if someone is pushing against your arms. I love it in clinics and private sessions when I actually put my hand on everyone's arms to help them feel this and usually their eyes get bigger and I hear "Ooohhhhh!!!" If you have a hubby or kid handy, have them provide a little resistance for you. You should feel it in your abs and lats as well!

    Teresa has said that ribs up is a key to inch loss in the arms, abs and thighs! Michelle likes to say "Breastbone to ceiling" and I also add the visual of a string pulling your head nice and tall to the ceiling. So it's not a "push your shoulders back", military style, but more of a graceful model. Teresa also taught us to tap the breastbone several times, then press up on the breastbone. The tapping helps with neurokinetic awareness and then when you push up (gently!) you should feel your ribs go up and your shoulders shift back naturally. I also feel a release in trap tension!

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