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    Originally posted by Sherry 10-30-2004, 01:21 AM

    Ok, here is a go at this. Maybe others will jump in and add to it. For one example to work, lie facing a mirror.

    As you know, DD consists of the following moves in sequence:

    1. Knee lift up for 24
    2. Knee to chest then little lifts up for 15
    3. Extend the working leg straight, bend in to chest and extend straight for 15
    3a. New move to be inserted here
    4. Little knee lifts at the end for 15

    At SH, Teresa added an additional move that is a variation on the straight leg concept. To be honest, I'm not sure if she did it before step 3 or after step 3 ... but I don't think that really matters in this particular move.

    So, lets call this step 3a and we'll put it after the straight leg part of the sequence.

    The leg on the floor is still bent at a 90 degree angle.

    At the end of the third move in DD, the working leg is straight, tush tight.

    The working leg then bends to 90 degrees again. From there, push the still flexed and torqued foot out straight from the knee so that the bottom of the foot is now facing the mirror.

    The top leg is now straight again but makes an L with the torso instead of extending straight in line with the body. Make sense?

    Bend the knee back to 90 degrees.

    Then return to the straight-in-line position with the body.

    Repeat for 15 and then finish with the usual little lifts at the end.

    Now for some misc reminders that apply all the way through DD....

    Like always in DD, the tush stays tight and the belly is in. The knee and ankle are level. Concentrate on lifting the knee ... not the heel.

    But here is the one part that frustrates me the most as an instructor. Teresa stresses this frequently but so many just don't do it. In clinics, I see people missing this very torso trimming point ALL THE TIME ... or doing it for 1 or 2 reps and then vamoos! It's gone!

    What is it?

    It is the hand pushing into the hip with the elbow pulling down to the floor.

    Why does it matter?

    With regard to alignment, there is a tendency to roll back on the hip on the floor and lose alignment. By pushing the hip forward, you keep the hips stacked.

    With regard to "leverage isometrics", when you push your hand into your hip, a lot of muscles kick in harder. Not just a little harder ... but a WHOLE LOT HARDER. Then, you work against those contractions. That is what, in part, Teresa means by leverage isometrics.

    So please take this one little part seriously and push in to the hip at least as you move toward the peak of each lift or extension. This is true not only in DD but any other time your hands are at the hips such as in PBS and Balance for example.

    Long ago, we started talking about pushing the thumbs in the thumbholes ... or the dimples above your tush but below the waistline. I think perhaps Lani coined that years ago - but I'm not entirely sure. But those dimples are there for a reason. Stick your thumbs in there and push, by golly! Pull the elbows to the center at the same time and you will have an entirely new move.

    But, don't just do that for one or two reps ... make it all reps!

    Sorry ... one of my soap boxes again.

    There are many other little tips surrounding DD and I'm assuming a basic knowledge of form in this post rather than trying to capture every little thing.

    Hopefully, this will be enough of a description to let you experiment with the added sequence.

    T-Tappin' best from Houston,Texas
    Sherry, T-Tapp Trainer