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    Originally posted by Michelle Barbuto 06-24-2007, 11:39 AM

    OK now that I have your attention, when you do your workout today, notice how many times you are looking down and your chin and eyes are aimed at the floor (or at your feet, I see this often). Once you look down you compromise shoulder hip alignment and NK flow.

    So the challenge is during your workout - when you are upright (or while you are walking - with T-Tapp technique of course), keep your chin parallel to the ground and eyes directly ahead, pull the chin back and into alignment with the spine (no forward head posture)Feel the muscles at the base of the neck activate. Keep the pathways of NK flow completely open. See how it challenges your balance more too.

    Keep me posted.

    Michelle Barbuto RN - Specializing in Physical Rehab Nursing
    (¯`*•.¸Master T-Tapp Trainer, Trainer Mentor,
    Mommy Fitness Trainer, Forum Moderator