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    Originally posted by monica213 01-19-2012, 10:33 AM
    Wow! week 3 already??!! (feel free to jump in and join us at any time!) Remember the guidelines and TRY to post daily as accountability is HUGE, but do not stress over it... if you miss a day or two then check in when you can.

    Remember our Motto:

    "The secret of getting fit is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming goals into small manageable goals, and then starting on the first one" - COMMIT to be Fit 2011
    1. COMMIT to 4 - 5 workouts a week of at least 20 minutes (If you have adrenal fatigue then 2 workouts a week of 20 or less minutes) Listen to YOUR body!
    2. COMMIT to staying well hydrated. Drink at least half of your bodies weight in ounces of water. Did you know that being dehydrated causes your body to produce stress hormones that actually STORE fat?)
    3. COMMIT to getting plenty of rest. Lack of sleep also produces the body to produce those same darn hormones that store fat.... it is a vicious cycle.
    4. COMMIT to reducing your stress - you got it... same stress hormones are released. Find time to do something you enjoy each day. e.g. meditation, salt water bath by candle light, laughing with your SO/kids... It is an easy task once you put your mind to it
    5. COMMIT to telling yourself each day what is GOOD about you, what do you love about YOU?? It is so easy for us to say what we dislike, but to find a DAILY like... for 30 days, is what I want.
    6. COMMIT to eating healthier - choose your WOE, I personally will be doing GM/MM because I see wonderful results from it. But anything that works for you is key. I want you to fuel your body well.
    7. COMMIT to dry skin brushing EVERY day! It is SO much good for your body! We will discuss it the first week.
    8. COMMIT to staying with us for the full month of January, join the weekly challenges, do your wo, encourage others! and answer every question each day honestly.
    The third week we will be doing SATI! (at least 3 for this week) if you have adrenal fatique try this at 2 reps, or continue to listen to your body and do what you can. SATI is a short workout, if you choose to do SITTM it is a FULL WORKOUTso adjust your other workouts accordingly. Find what works for you and your time. Our challenge of the week ~ OIP/hf followed by AL and DD mommies struggling with weak abs can do OIP/HF twice during the day. (some ideas are before your workout, after PBS, after your workout, before bed, while watching TV in the evening etc)

    Additional threads to read:

    Sneaking in T-Tapp through the day
    Staying Hydrated
    T-Tapp Acronyms
    Dry Skin Brushing
    If you have a question for me then post it in RED so I can see it easily! I would hate to miss one.

    Let's do week 3 even better than the rest! SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE FOLLOW THEIR PLAN - make you plan for the week and stick to it!

    From my "bag of goodies"

    General rules for a TWO Bootcamp

    Definition of a “full workout” is doing one of the following:
    • Both Instructional workouts back-to-back
    • Basic Workout Plus and Instructional 2 back-to-back
    • Beginner/Rehabilitation Workout
    To Tighten and Tone and/or lose one clothing size do a full workout:
    · 4 days in a row
    · Then every other day for 2-3 weeks
    · Then two days off between workouts for 2-3 weeks
    · Once or twice a week to maintain results

    To lose two clothing sizes do a full workout:
    · 7 days in a row
    · Then every other day for 3-4 weeks
    · Then two days off between workouts for another 3-4 weeks
    · Twice a week to maintain results

    To lose three clothing sizes do a full workout:
    · 10 days in a row
    · Then every other day for 4-5 weeks
    · Then two days off between workouts for another 4-5 weeks
    · Twice a week to maintain results

    To lose four or more clothing sizes do a full workout:
    · 14 days in a row
    · Then every other day for 4-5 weeks
    · Then two days off between workouts for 4-5 weeks
    · Twice a week to maintain results

    For Example: If you want to go from a size 18 to a size 10 you will go with the plan to lose four sizes. I know that 2 weeks straight working out sounds like a long time, but I've had customers lose a whole size in that time!

    On average our customers lose about a clothing size per month. Some lose faster and some slower because everyone is different. You should see some inch loss each week, so make sure you measure to monitor your results! You can continue with the every other day schedule until you achieve your desired goal.

    Additional Exercise Tips
    If you do the Primary Back Stretch on a daily basis (even off days) or before any physical activity, you will get better and faster results. This movement alone puts the body into alignment, strengthens the muscles around the spine, increases the metabolic rate 5-7%, increases neuro-kinetic flow (from the brain to the muscles and out to the extremities), stimulates the lymphatic system, and best of all... puts the body into fat burning mode in less than 10 minutes! The Primary Back Stretch is an excellent warm up for any workout.

    No time for a full workout? Don’t worry! Just do the 15-minute Basic Workout Plus and you will maintain your results. This is real easy to fit in during the holidays and even on vacations. Try to get back on track with your regular workout schedule as soon as you can.

    A smart exercise tip: It is actually better to do fewer repetitions with your best form, than it is to do as many as Teresa with bad form. Slower is better. Most newcomers have the impression that if they don't do all the repetitions they will not get the results - this is totally untrue. Everyone has his or her own personal max and each of us just has to push ourselves to that max. If you can only do 5 or 6 repetitions when Teresa is doing 8... that's fine! As long as you go to your potential and do the form correctly you will see the results, get stronger, and be able to progress to Teresa's level with time. It's a learning process in the beginning and its not easy, but trust me... the more effort you put in the better results you will see with inch loss and your overall health.

    You do not have to diet with T-Tapp to get results. That’s one of the many things I love about this program. Basically, with the T-Tapp program you should eat everything in moderation. Don’t worry about a super strict plan. Teresa believes that you don't have to cut any food completely out of your diet. She knows that people are going to eat their carbohydrates and she has designed a straightforward plan that is easy to incorporate as a part of a healthy life style. If you are interested in learning more email or call us to request a copy of the God Made/Man Made dietary plan by Teresa.
    Michelle Barbuto RN - Specializing in Physical Rehab Nursing
    (¯`*•.¸Master T-Tapp Trainer, Trainer Mentor,
    Mommy Fitness Trainer, Forum Moderator
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