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  • Press Ball Joint?

    Originally posted by BlessedMama 10-30-2013, 07:10 AM

    I don't know exactly where in the workout today this really got to me, but she often says, "Press Ball Joint"

    I am not sure that I"m doing that. Have I asked this before? I can feel my last three toes and I know I have lifted my big toe, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm to do to actually "press ball joint" or to not press it because somewhere today she said to not press ball joint (that might have been Broom 2, which I did at the end of my workout).

    Is there a DVD that really talks about this? I'm just not confident that I'm doing this.


    In LadyBug she really focuses on it a lot. You are pressing the ball joint but still lifting (or no weight on) the big toe. I have in my notes from this year's Retreat what pressing BBJ does and what staying off BBJ does. I'll try to find that and post later today.
    And there are times you don't want to. Really, in this Retreat, she had us NOT press it. Which really threw me for a loop with all my LadyBug practice! I was doing it mainly to protect my knee, too. Well, shifting weight into the heels does the same thing!

    I'll find it in my notes later today!

    Okay, here is what I have:

    Jazz toes, Press BBJ: calorie burning, drop glucose, gets rid knee pudge and "cankles", more nerve transmission to legs

    w/o pressing BBJ, shift weight into heels: more core and draining lymph in middle, more nerve transmission to core

    I have some more somewhere in my notes, but those were the basic principles and differences.

    I will say that when I shift weight into my heels, it automatically causes me to engage core, get ribs up and get knees out almost without thinking about it! Kind of a "cheat tip"! But not really as we still need to be mindful!

    How do you know that you are pressing the ball joint?

    You are purposefully pressing it. I mean, when your feet are on the floor, your BBJ is obviously touching the floor. But when we shift weight to outside edge of the foot, sometimes the area of the BBJ will lift a tiny bit. Not necessarily off the floor, just no weight bearing there. When you are pressing the BBJ, the weight will shift to the middle, and that's where you think "No Big Toe" so you don't pronate the knees inward. Often when a T-Tapper is stronger/hyperflexive in the knee we will say press BBJ to give stability there (and twist out from the hip). BUT, we DON'T want someone who doesn't have the knee muscle/tendon strength to do that in the beginning because they could hurt their knee. AND they're not developing the knee strength.

    Shifting weight into the heels automatically helps you get knees out without "pushing" and without twisting out from the hip. Then and only then you can think to twist out from the knees. You're not really twisting the knees hard, you are in the heels and rotating knees outward.

    I know the second part isn't what you are asking, but I don't want someone saying you can twist out from the femur/thighbone and pressing BBJ from the start--and that's why. If you're pressing BBJ and then try to push knees out, you almost automatically rotate out with the leg. Weight in the heels does it as well, but for me, it's less invasive.