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  • *Basic* Focus Monday

    Originally posted by Michelle Barbuto 08-07-2006, 10:08 AM

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Today (well and for every T-Tapp workout) I want you to focus on the Basic T-Tapp stance to help maximize your workout for better results. I want you to set up the basic stance before each movement, and recheck it often during your workout.

    The Basic stance is:

    1. Feet hip width apart with toes forward (Make very certain they are hip width apart and not shoulder width apart!)

    2. Bend your knees deep, until you cannot see your toes. Another way to gauge this is to go up to a wall put your toes at the base and bend your knees until they touch the wall. In my monthly class I have used a yard stick to hold up against the toes to get everyone to bend deeper [}], someone threatened to break it!!... [:0]<waving madly at Jess!>

    3. Tuck your butt and tighten your gluteal muscles. You really want to focus on pressing the lower back flat when tucking, no kidney bean.

    4. Lift your ribs, use your lats to bring your shoulders back and down, now lock the lats! Remember to check this often!

    5. Knees to little toe. If you have been T-Tapping for a while, and are rolling over on your ankles, please email me for a form tweak. )

    And there you have it! Really focusing on this stance before each movement will help reduce the chance of form errors. I also highly suggest using a mirror to watch linear alignment. Some major areas I see that a mirror will help is:

    Not achieving a flat backon PBS, Box, Pull the weeds..., losing shoulder/hip alignment on plies, dropping elbows in the chest press/chest press combo on plies, not squaring the shoulders on Reach/Scoop, leaning into Jazz Twist, not maintaining shoulder/elbow alignment on TTT, and not bringing knee up toward shoulder on Hoe Downs, and losing shoulder hip alignment on hoedowns.

    Let me know how focusing on the Basic Stance helps your workout!

    Michelle Barbuto
    Senior T-Tapp Trainer