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  • Balance Tip from Dantheman

    Originally posted by Dantheman

    Here is my TIP to maintaining TUCK during standing leg lift moves.

    After you are in the Proper T-Tapp position and before you begin the Leg Lift, Tuck again, pressing lower back and pulling in those ABs a bit tighter, bend the stationary knee a little deeper with applied KLT and shift body weight to this leg. Inhale Big and Exhale as you begin slowly lifting opposite leg up. READ your body to learn your Leg Max height before your Form (TUCK) is compromised or released. If you over extend and have compromised your Form then you have exceeded your MAX. So, reset and repeat the move to your Max level.

    Of course, you will apply ISOMETRIC Contractions using internal resistance using your ABs to RAISE that leg,,, RIGHT!