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Is T-Tapp Aerobic Exercise? You BETCHA!

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  • Is T-Tapp Aerobic Exercise? You BETCHA!

    Originally posted by Lani 08-28-2005, 04:46 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    For those wondering about the aerobic training capabilities of the T-Tapp Total Workout, I'm popping in to share my personal experience from this morning to give you some information AND motivation incentive as well!

    I decided to run a laboratory experiment of my own, using a heartrate monitor and the Total WO sequence. I programmed my device to send an alarm sound if I dropped below the mid or went above the high-end ranges of my aerobic training heart rate (I chose 75% to 85% as my range).

    By the time I was into the second rep of the first plies, I was into this range. I stayed right in there throughout, with only a couple of adjustments, right through lawnmowers. The adjustments I made were to eliminate longer water breaks, put some hoe downs in the middle of the arm segment, and I saved runner's stretch and long hold of ankle-palm=pull until the end so that I could keep continuous aerobic training going.

    Actually, there were a few times when my heartrate exceeded the 85%; this demonstrates the power of having MULTIPLE (with T-Tapp it is at least 5-7 at once) muscles working simultaneously. The workload is spread out so you have an entirely different sense of intensity than you might have with, say, running in place.

    It is very important to remember that, from an aerobic training perspective, heart rate alone is not an accurate measure. You can stand in one place and squeeze all your muscles isometrically and raise the heart rate enormously as the heart increases its demand for oxygen, and not be getting "aerobic", or with oxygen! Aerobic training is characterized by the heartrate IN ADDITION to rhythmic movement of the large muscles in the body, particularly in the legs. With T-Tapp, you can accomplish this.

    Remember that aerobic training trains your body to become better at burning fat during exercise and develops your body's abilities to release fatty acids for fuel; this is one of the primary benefits of aerobic exercise, along with development of strength of the cardiovascular system.

    Just a piece of info and observation from the lanilab!

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