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Weight Doesn't Matter--Repeat After Me!

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  • Weight Doesn't Matter--Repeat After Me!

    Weight Doesn't Matter--Repeat After Me!

    09-26-2009, 10:47 PM

    Okay recruits (veterans and newbies!)! You need to repeat this mantra right after "Yes, You CAN!" and "Bend it, Tuck it, Lift it!"

    Weight doesn't matter.

    Did you get that? Let's try it again.

    Weight doesn't matter.

    Hmm...I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!! (A la "Sergeant Carter"! )


    There! That was better!

    And if you still are waffling, thinking that piece of machinery invented to torture women is your friend...... (*Boooooo! Hissssss!*)

    Here are some threads to help you reshape the way you think! (copied from another thread where I shared them---but we need to get the word OUT! )

    Losing Inches and Gaining Weight...Really?

    For Anyone Who Needs PROOF to Ignore the Scale

    Results of T-Tapp that You Can't Measure
    --I've since lost 51 more inches--and gained a few pounds!!!!

    There used to be a thread with this pic but the link didn't work--here's a pic of 5# fat vs. 5# muscle!

    5 lbs Fat vs 5 lbs Muscle

    This is the one that sealed it for me! 210 pounds and in a size 10! So who cares what I weigh?

    Whatever Happened To....(second post down)

    And yet one more! (Which I recently bumped up--about Heather Petrie!)

    Did You Read THIS?!

    My favorite! Brook and Ally's Scale Toss!

    Just in! Michelle's info on where "weight gain" comes from when we start T-Tapp! A MUST READ!

    {link broken---but we're looking for it!}

    Still not convinced?!

    Here's our Faboo Michelle, sharing her stats! (7th reply in the first post)

    Muscle/Weight Question

    UPDATE! Read what Kara found out!

    Weight Isn't Really A Good Refection of What's Going On....

    Okay recruits! Your assignment:

    Repeat this 5 times every morning. Then 5 times every time someone asks you what you weigh. Or how many "pounds" you've lost.

    And tell others the freeing good news!


    Dis-MISSED! *salute*

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