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Trap Dominant? Neck Killing You During or After a Workout?!

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  • Trap Dominant? Neck Killing You During or After a Workout?!

    Trap Dominant? Neck Killing You During or After a Workout?!

    09-26-2012, 03:10 PM

    I had a major revelation/a-ha/epiphany today!

    I did half of the workout with Teresa and Berei on the MORE 2 dvd. I noticed my old familiar trap dominance kicking in (new workout, trying to hold form, watch, listen, you know the routine!), and my neck was beginning to hurt.

    I paused the dvd.

    I knew I had to figure this out. Why was this happening? Hmmmm...

    I went back and redid a few moves, listening but watching Teresa so I could key in on what was going on with my body.

    Hopefully this can help someone else!

    As my arms go over my head, I always tend to pitch forward. That is one reason I like holding the squat on Plies! Too many times, we end up pushing the shoulders back or even tilting our ribs to get them "up" by using our traps vs. our lats. We're so focused on keeping up with Teresa, getting the arms behind the ears, not losing our tuck, etc etc etc and we don't realize those traps have taken over--again!

    So I tried a few moves with the dvd paused. The first three moves of Plies were what was killing my neck! I've gotten a lot better, especially this year, so I knew it was the mix of a new workout, concentrating, etc. Slowing it down, I really tuned into what muscles were working. I discovered I need to do three things when my arms go over my head to keep my traps balanced and not taking over!

    1. Push the knees out more! Especially in the plie squat, it's often tougher to keep that tuck/curl. Pushing the knees OUT as the arms come UP helps! (Teresa actually cues this, if I remember right--but it's easy to miss when you're new to it!).

    2. As the arms come up, the belly button MUST come more to the spine--which #1 will make easier to do! Think UP and back, not just back.

    3. Finally, as the arms go up over the head, behind the ears, as I was reaching away and up I didn't focus as much on my arms as I did on my lats.It was almost as if I were using my lats to bring my arms up over my head vs. my shoulders/arms. This is easier to do in the set-up move Teresa does for Plies--where she has you reach away and up to the shoulder, then on up behind the ears--try thinking of your lats bringing your arms up the rest of the way.

    I found I could keep my core, knees out, ribs up this way without killing my neck!

    Even on the clap pulls--I focused on my lats helping me move my arms to clap/pull back vs. just thinking about my arms or ribs up. (Clap-think-lats! Clap-think-lats!) I can't explain it, but although I was activated I felt freer movement--not momentum, but as if something frozen and not very pliable just clicked and movement was more fluid (but still controlled)!

    I hope these tips help my fellow trap dominant T-Tappers get the tension OUT of the neck so you can enjoy your workouts more! (And afterward! )

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