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One More Time--RIBS UP!

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  • One More Time--RIBS UP!

    One More Time--RIBS UP!

    03-23-2011, 05:41 PM

    I just posted about this on my blog. We hear it all the time, read it all the time (especially Michelle's Curl the Core tips! ), and we honestly try to do it all the time.....

    But just like those guys getting all the plates starts to wobble (knees are straightening) and we fix that, then another one starts to wobble (oops! knees aren't pointing to little toe!), and on and on it goes!

    However, this one tip is so's like the other end of the curl the core "sandwich"!

    You bend those knees deep to get a good tuck/curl. But the other end of that is the ribs lifted--breastbone to ceiling. Tighten the lats a bit to hold it there.

    Did you know that affects inch loss in the tummy?

    And the thighs?

    And the arms?!

    Getting that shoulder/hip alignment is so important, I suggest you get in front of a mirror and try it!

    A good way to see that you dropped those ribs is watch your bosom--I noticed right away that when mine fell a bit--yep! I was dropping the ribs!

    This is important not only in your workout times, but also throughout the day--walking, driving, standing, sitting (especially while sitting at the computer reading on the forums! )

    If you think about it, what you are doing the rest of the day could be sabotaging your inch-loss goals, because you are collapsing your ribs!

    It IS hard at first---and even at second! LOL! Seriously, we are retraining the muscles, and we need to not just get slouchy or give up because it's "too hard". In the "olden days", posture was harped on in health class even! Now it's "old-fashioned" or something....and we have a national epidemic of adults and children alike who have pronated shoulders, pouched out tummies, walking like ducks and developing knee and hip problems....a lot of which could be "fixed" by one small tip--

    RIBS UP!

    Let me tell you since seeing my own "collapsing of the ribs" and losing my curled core in my video to Michelle, I've tried to focus more on it. 2 classes a week, plus 1 with my dds, then maybe 1-2 workouts a week on my own. Just from that alone and OIP nightly, my muffin is diminishing! I am doing NO floorwork, other than occasionally HFs and Elevators added to my OIP!

    Keep an eye on those ribs this week in your workouts. Think about the "two ends of the sandwich"--knees bent deep and KLT to get a good tuck/curl, ribs up to complete it and get shoulders and hips in alignment, and see if you might not notice some good things come out of it!

    Ribs UP!

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