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A-Ha Moment on Torso Twist!

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  • A-Ha Moment on Torso Twist!

    A-Ha Moment on Torso Twist!

    02-28-2008, 01:34 PM

    I've been fighting the respiratory crud that's going around, so my endurance is definitely down this week. I decided to split TWO into thirds for this week--and do it without the dvd so I could really, really focus on form. (Have to add, though, that I was still hearing Teresa loud and clear through it all! LOL!)

    Today was the last "third"--arms through the end. I know there was a discussion recently about Torso Twist. I, like others, have a problem keeping my balance on that one! I know to keep my feet hip width apart, not to use momentum, etc., but sometimes I just felt I was trying to keep from falling and not really benefitting as much as I'd like from this move!

    Today, slowing it down, and specifically thinking about form--and it probably helps that I wasn't quite as fatigued as usual by this point!--I realized some things.

    1) I was still using momentum--it's soooo easy to do it on this move! But slowing it down really helped me to control it more.

    2) Tummy tight! I've noticed lately that I can pull my tummy in more easily and hold it there--transverse abs getting stronger, yes! But by tightening that tummy, it helps me control the twist better so momentum doesn't carry me! It all works together!

    3) Since momentum wasn't running away with me [] I could actually place that back leg, really straighten it (toe-heel) and focus on pushing the front leg out to little toe.

    4) I definitely felt it more across the torso by controlling the twist!

    And btw, just because I split the TWO up doesn't mean I'm still not SORE!!! But it's a good sore!

    So if you're having trouble with this move, try it when you're not as fatigued (I'd do a PBS first to get things warmed up), slow it down, and see if you notice improvement. And keep working on those abs--they really help in SO many ways when they get stronger!

    Hope this helps others!


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