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A GOOD Foundation Is a MUST!

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  • A GOOD Foundation Is a MUST!

    A GOOD Foundation Is a MUST!

    01-02-2011, 04:13 PM

    So today during the sermon, the pastor says something that was really good, and then I thought how it applies to T-Tapp.....

    I must be preparing to be a trainer. Or I'm just so permeated with T-Tapp that it is a part of everything I do/think/say! Or BOTH!

    He was quoting someone who told him that a good foundation that is twice as big can support a building FOUR TIMES its size!

    No, I am NOT saying we will get FOUR TIMES as big if we have a good foundation!

    I thought, though, of the foundation of good eating habits and comprehensive muscle activation and movement that T-Tapp gives us. Lymphatic pumping. And not to mention all the other wonderful health things we learn on the forums!

    As we build this foundation, remember that when an actual foundation is being prepared, you don't see a lot of "progress". Just a hole in the ground, everyone doing something in there, but nothing pretty yet. Not even a building above the ground to show for all that work!

    However--when the building DOES start, it usually goes up fairly quickly (especially in relation to putting in a good foundation!) and then you see it and WOW! You didn't know it could be so GRAND!

    I believe it is the same with our bodies. As we are building a foundation of good health, not much may show on the outside. Especially for the efforts we put in. But if the builders just quit because there's no actual building to be seen--it's not going to build itself. Over time the foundation will just crumble away from the elements and it will be a gaping hole.

    That is a VERY good reason to keep on with consistency! I've used the analogy before of taking care of faulty wiring before doing the siding and landscaping. No one will notice how beautiful your landscaping is when your house burns down.

    You can "skimp" on Instructionals, you can cheat way more than you should in eating, you can be sporadic with your workouts, or you can even OVERdo it with your workouts trying to get the shell of the building up.

    But the foundation is an absolute must. Time will show whether you put the right amount of effort into the foundation to keep the building standing.

    Thankfully, our bodies are more resilient than a big office building or house! Even when we blow it, we can get back to consistency in these areas and continue healing.

    If you've messed up your metabolism (and just among people I know personally, we ALL have!), it will take time to rebuild that foundation. It can be discouraging when we want to see what the building will look like!

    But hang in there. If you stay true to the blueprint, the building you build will not only be magnificent, it will be strong and better able to withstand pressures (of life) because you built it on a strong foundation.

    Mindful, nutritious, balanced eating + mindful movement with T-Tapp = a stronger body, a stronger immune system, better stamina, better self-image and yes, a toned body!

    AND, as a bonus, the best support system on the face of this planet to help you get there! Full of caring people!

    What more can you want?!

    Let's get building that foundation and help each other out on this journey!

    I can't wait to see the beautiful buildings that will go up!

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