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When you see a gain in the thighs

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  • When you see a gain in the thighs

    Originally posted by Michelle Barbuto

    When you see a gain in the thighs it is a result of a few things with form:

    1) not keeping shoulders in alignment with hips throughout the entire workout, but especially on Plies and Lunges

    2) relaxing the thigh muscles at the top and/or bottom of each Plie and Lunge

    3) not tucking butt enough throughout the entire workout and/or letting the butt go out on Plies

    Shoulder to Hip Alignment: This is the most important linear alignment issue for T-Tapp. You have to get this down in order to get results with the program. It's really very simple, stand up straight and roll your shoulders back. That's it! Sometimes easier said than done. You need to concentrate on doing this throughout the entire workout. For example, if you are doing the Plies and you lean slightly forward, the butt goes out, which causes you to inactivate the muscle attachments in the stomach, torso, and thighs. You start to create momentum and isotonic movement and you will create bulk. This is a big tendency for Short Torso and Combination body types, so if you're in this category you need to pay extra attention to shoulder linear alignment during the Plies (and each and every exercise) to spot check yourself. You can read more on this subject in Teresa's article Importance of Shoulder Rotation/Linear Alignment found in the Newsletter Archives (

    Plies: Form check to make sure you have your heels right underneath your armpits and feet are at a 45 degree angle; it is not necessary to have a greater angle like a ballet dancer. When you begin to squat you need to tuck your butt - a full pelvic tilt until you feel your hip ball attachments activate. Now, try to go down into the Plie Squat while twisting your knees out further and further until you reach the squatting position. You are still balancing on the outside edge of your foot with NO WEIGHT ON THE BIG TOES! Your goal is to get your knees 2 inches past the little toe - you may not be able to get there yet, but it's a matter of flexibility that will come with time. HOLD YOUR SQUAT! Now tighten the Latissimus dorsi muscles (the lats - sides of your body where your bra strap normally is) to keep your upper body isolated and increase overall fat burning. Once you are ready to do Plies, concentrate on going into a squat like described above and then when you are coming back up against gravity you are going to TUCK YOUR BUTT HARDER, (CURL YOUR CORE) and try to TWIST, TWIST, TWIST your knees out (if it helps try to twist from the hip ball joints) as you straighten your legs (to your best ability with strength and flexibility)...KEEP THE THIGH MUSCLES TIGHT THE ENTIRE TIME AND DO NOT REST THE MUSCLES AT THE TOP OF THE PLIE and then go back into your squat. This move will completely eliminate the inner thigh, outer thigh, hip and butt. The reason why you see the gain in the thighs is because you are probably not tucking the butt enough, the shoulders aren't in alignment, and you're relaxing the muscles at the top of the Plie. You just need to make sure that your muscles stay tight the whole time and you'll be able to reverse the bulk.

    Lunges - General: The same form tips on Plies apply to the Lunges. Make sure that you keep the thigh muscles tight the whole time. Common error is to release the muscles as you come all the way up on the lunge. This defeats the purpose and you can actually build bulk. In the lunges make sure you remember to push/roll out your knees and tighten butt when going down with gravity, but it is even MORE important to push/roll out knees and tuck more as you come up. The lunges are like one continuous movement; you don’t want to pause at the top or the bottom. Once again you want to keep the shoulder to hip alignment. Don’t lean into the lunge because it will put pressure on the knees. If you have a problem with leaning into it you can actually lean slightly away from the lunge.

    Front & Drop Lunges: Your back foot needs to be straight, no turnout. Your legs should be hip width apart; you’re not on a balance beam! Each time that you come up you need to lift your back heal so you are on the tippy toes. Apply the general lunge form for each of these lunges as well.

    These are the three main things that you should work on to correct the inch gain. If you have any other questions please let me know. Also, keep me posted on how the form tips worked for you.

    Originally posted by Michelle Barbuto
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    Michele, I swear my inner thighs have increased in inches. What’s up with that?


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      Michelle isn't on the forums much anymore, but I'm happy to help! Did you read through the tips? And what workout have you been using?

      A newer form tweak that Teresa is focusing on is shifting weight into the heels before pushing knees out. This helps stabilize the ankle and knee as well as activate the core and lats more. You can do the same in Plies.

      Do you go up and down on the Plies section?

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