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How to measure when you don't have a partner

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  • How to measure when you don't have a partner

    Everyone, I need to measure but don't have a partner that can help. How do I accomplish that?
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    I just do it myself. I do not measure in TTapp stance, as I feel this is not accurate to actual loss if I am engaging everything.

    I look in a mirror for above breast, breast, waist and hips to make sure I am not pulling too tight. I just wrap the tape around the back and gather the ends in the front so I can see the measurement. Arms, I put my arm up like goal post and lay tape on top of bicep, grab the one end and use my thumb to hold one end and other fingers to hold top tape down.

    This probably doesn't make sense, but I don't ever measure with a partner.
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      I usually do it myself, even though I have a partner.
      I use scotch tape to hold one end of the tape in place (for example, on my arms when it's hard to hold the tape), then I pinch the tape by the number where the tape measure ends align... take the tape measure off of my arm, and can easily see where I'm pinching the number. Hope this helps and makes sense.