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I have several DVDs, but do not know where to restart...

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  • I have several DVDs, but do not know where to restart...

    Hi. I bought T-Tapp DVDs many years ago, but a whole lot of life has happened since then. I have major fatigue issues, much worse than before. I need to know which of what i have is actually easier for a 60 year old body which cannot handle much of anything. Any help is appreciated.

    I have the Total Workout and Instructional #2 Beginner/Rehab. I could do most of the latter one back then.
    Step Away the Inches in which i could never finish, nor go Teresa’s speed.
    Ladybug Workout which was mostly okay back then, but i cannot get on the floor right now.
    Healthy Menopause Management which I tried, but do not remember how it went. That was when i stopped all together.

    Thanks for suggestions.

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    Hi there, fatigue and life around menopause is what we know here.

    You have quite a bit of DVD already... With the Total Package, there should be a disc says Instructional 1 and Basic Plus, the instruction is probably around 22 mins and the Basic Plus is 15 mins. Start from there and make sure you use a mirror and do the instructionals slow and smooth.

    You can do the movements very slow but maintain the correct posture and feel the muscles activated (in use). In general, there is 5-12 muscles groups being activated in each elements of T-Tapp movements, make sure you count the muscles is being in used. If you don't feel it, you are not using it.

    The chronic fatigue is likely related to elimination issue, please make sure you eat enough vegetables and have enough liquid (and sleep) and movement. Try to do at least 10 mins worth of T-Tapp daily even if you cannot finish the whole DVD.

    Healthy Hormone Menopause Management is actually the best DVD for fatigue. Stay with the instructional again, and do some everyday... I think there is the Form Tip section that is like the instructional, do that more often, even just 1 or 2 repetition. Do not ever skim the shakeouts and kickouts, those help eliminate the lactic acid and help getting rid of inflammation and the soreness after exercise. You can feel better after the workout than before the workout.

    I am not sure what and why you stopped all together, but keep a check list of 10 mins a day, and you can do more, but do the minimum daily. You will find yourself being able to do 15 mins then 20 mins and eventually 45 mins and your fatigue during the day becomes a story in the past.

    Nobody had to adhere to Teresa's speed or perfect posture, you just have to do better than your own form from yesterday to get the T-Tapp benefits. You can skip reps when fatigue or just call it quits after you finish the transitional shakeout or kickout, you will still reap benefits.

    Berei did not start T-Tapp until she was in her mid 70's. 60 year old is very young still.

    We will talk about floor and stepping workout after you get to the point that you are consistent and feeling good. Just because you have the DVD, it does not mean you have to do it all. I have all the DVDs, but I am only using one at a time.
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      Thank you so much. This gives me a place to start. :-)
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        I second starting with Healthy Hormones! You can even do just 3 moves daily to start with. The goal is to find your "sweet spot", where you feel good but don't crash. You might find the tips in this blog post helpful:

        Diving in with Healthy Hormones
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