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  • foot pain

    Hi! I've been doing the Basic Workout for about 3 weeks, really trying to get my form right. When I turn my knees out to toes, my weight is on the outer edge of each foot and painful by the end. I'm wearing good cross trainers and my feet are straight ahead shoulder width. Anyone else doing this?

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    That does happen at first. One thing you can do to help equalize the weight distribution is to shift weight into the heels before you push kneez out. Also if you can check to see if you are rolling out on the ankle, that may also be contributing to the foot pain. You can stabilize the ankle by lightly pressing the ball joint of the foot but not shifting weight to the big toe.
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      Thank you BlessedMama for taking the time to share these tips. Will definitely work on this. Love your name!


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      Thank you, very helpful