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Newbie Question: Morbidly Obese, Short Rib to Waist Ratio

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  • Newbie Question: Morbidly Obese, Short Rib to Waist Ratio I'm taking a fantastic amount of blood tests to get to the heart of my obesity. Right now it's a lot of water weight. I'm 235 at 5 feet tall. Bust 42 (mostly back fat). waist 55, hip 52. Normal length arms, equal length thighs and lower legs. I don't huff and puff unless I'm hot. but I cant stand for more than 2 hours at a time, and I can't run. Perimenopausal. What aspect of T Tapp is best to start given my condition?

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    I would suggest the MORE workout. In addition to the excellent instructional and standing workout, there are also three short mini workouts, which are 10 minutes or less. One of those is a chair workout, which is wonderful for those times when you don't have the strength or stamina to do very many standing moves.

    The standing workout can also be split up into 3 moves at a time if necessary. MORE made up nearly half of my workouts as I lock my from a 22 womens to an 8!

    If you prefer digital, MORE 3 Chair Streaming is also an excellent workout:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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      Welcome to the forums! The Chair workouts are really great!


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        Thank you! Will do, and maybe ask questions for my sister in awhile.


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          By the way - do the exercises rebuild the ankle muscles? My weight makes my ankles pronate, so that I can't enjoy my Cellerciser rebounder.


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            Welcome! The Chair workouts are wonderful. I am not a trainer but have been T-Tapping for over a year. Yes, the T-Tapp Stance (the proper way of standing in T-Tapp) is what helps to work the ankles. When in T-Tapp stance you have your weight in your heels and the big toe is lifted and you are standing more on the outer edge of the foot so it really works the ankles as well. BlessedMama Trisch can explain it better.
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